How to Access Steam Screenshot Folder on PC {Tutorial}

Accessing or Finding the Steam Screenshot Folder on PC can be a little tough for some users. Steam is one of the most preferred gaming platforms all over the world. It contains amazing features that gamers get to use. May it be, various options of game genres or downloading any of the game and of course opportunity to have a trial game even before its release, these all features contribute a lot in making steam as one of the best gaming platforms.

Also, the ongoing trends of posting everything on social media fascinates the game office to post about their progress and achievements of the viral games. And so does the steam provides its users to take a screenshot of the ongoing games. So that they can share those on Facebook on their steam profiles.

Access Steam Screenshot Folder

The screenshots get accumulated in a steam screenshot folder, making it further easy for the users to upload and post directly from the folder’s location. But recently, many complaints of Steam users have been registered as they were unable to find their Steam Screenshots Folder.

How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder?

If you are facing problems in finding the screenshot folder then, stay tuned with us till the end, as we have come up with two ways by which you can get access to your Steam screenshot folder and then you can share those pictures with your friends.

Solution 1 – Screenshot Manager

The quickest way of taking screenshots in in-game is by using the default of F12 key, but where to find that very picture, is now what we will talk about. The first way is using the Screenshot Manager, and then with the help of your Steam client, you can get access to all the saved pictures.

Firstly, open your Steam window and click on View → Screenshots (On the upper left corner). Now, use the screenshot manager to upload the desired pictures, or you can delete it depending on your wish. You can also get the screenshots directly to your hard drive by clicking on Show on Disk button.

Solution 2 – Accessing The Screenshot Folder Manually

We recommend you to check your “Local Disk C” on the computer. Basically, every user has his own screenshot folders where all the screenshots taken in the game for any activity gets saved. You can open your C drive by:

C:\program files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<yourSteamId>\760\remote\<app-ID>\Screenshots

Accessing The Screenshot Folder Manually

How To Find Your Steam ID?

Using the above methods, you can access the pictures of all screenshots taken in-game. Now, its time to disclose the method which you can use to get access to the pictures when you don’t know your steam ID.

Step 1: Open your Steam.exe.

Step 2: Then, click on View and choose Settings.

How To Find Your Steam ID


Step 3: After that, go to Interface where you will find a box stating “Display Steam URL Address When Available“. Then, check it and click on OK to save changes.

Display Steam URL Address When Available

Step 4: Now, go to your Steam profile and click on your profile.

Step 5: The number at the end of the URL is your steam ID. Now, with the help of your ID, choose any of the above methods to get access to your saved pictures.

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That’s it. And now you will have whole access to the Steam Screenshot Folder. Consequently, you can select any of the pictures and publish them on your Steam profile. Hopefully, this article helped you to stay in track with the ongoing trend of sharing and publishing your gaming progress with your friends.