How To Get Download ‘Twitch on Samsung TV’ Through The Various Methods

Twitch, the live streaming platform that started primarily as a gaming service, has now branched out into various forms of entertainment. Samsung Smart TV owners looking to watch Twitch streams on a larger screen can benefit from this guide.

We’ll explore the steps to get Twitch on your Samsung TV, learn about the platform’s founder, the benefits of Twitch on your TV, safety considerations, and the cost of accessing the service.

From signing up for an account to downloading, activating, and casting Twitch, this article provides a detailed walkthrough. We’ll also touch upon accessing Twitch via Samsung’s Gaming Hub and address concerns about the app’s availability on Samsung TVs.

Twitch on Samsung TV

How to Get Twitch on Samsung TV

Step-by-Step Installation

Getting Twitch on your Samsung Smart TV is relatively straightforward:

  1. Go to the Samsung App Store: Use your TV’s remote to navigate to the app store.
  2. Search for Twitch: Utilize the search function to find the Twitch app.
  3. Download and Install: Select the Twitch app from the search results and install it on your TV.

If the Twitch app is not available in the app store due to regional restrictions or other reasons, you can also use alternative methods such as casting from a mobile device or using a streaming stick or box that supports Twitch.

How to Sign Up for a Twitch Account

Creating Your Viewer or Streamer Profile

  1. Visit Twitch Website: Go to the Twitch official website from any web browser.
  2. Sign-Up Button: Click on the “Sign Up” button usually located at the top-right corner.
  3. Provide Details: Fill in the necessary details such as username, password, email, and date of birth.
  4. Verification: Verify your email address to complete the sign-up process and start exploring Twitch.

How to Download Twitch on Samsung Smart TV

  1. Samsung App Store: Press the ‘Home’ button on your Samsung Smart TV remote and select ‘Apps’.
  2. Search for Twitch: Utilize the search bar to find the Twitch app.
  3. Install: Select ‘Install’ to download the Twitch app onto your smart TV.

How to Activate Twitch on Samsung Smart TV

Getting Started with Streaming

  1. Open the Twitch App: Launch the Twitch app on your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Get Activation Code: Note the activation code that appears on your TV screen.
  3. Activate via Website: On a computer or mobile device, visit the Twitch activation page, enter the code, and follow the prompts to activate your account on the TV.

How to Cast Twitch on Samsung Smart TV

Sharing Content from Your Devices

For Android:

  1. Same Wi-Fi Network: Ensure your Android device and Samsung Smart TV are on the same network.
  2. Open Twitch App: Launch the Twitch app on your Android device.
  3. Cast Icon: Tap the Cast icon, then select your Samsung Smart TV from the list of devices.

For iOS:

  1. AirPlay Compatibility: Check if your Samsung TV supports AirPlay.
  2. Use Twitch App: Open the Twitch app on your iOS device.
  3. AirPlay Icon: Tap the AirPlay icon and choose your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Access Twitch on Samsung Gaming Hub

Exploring Integrated Gaming Features

  1. Gaming Hub: Navigate to the Samsung Gaming Hub on your smart TV’s interface.
  2. Find Twitch: Search within the Gaming Hub for Twitch.
  3. Log In and Stream: Log in to your Twitch account to view live streams and gaming content.

Did Samsung TV Remove the Twitch App?

There have been instances where the Twitch app was removed from the Samsung App Store, likely due to updates or licensing issues. If you can’t find Twitch in the App Store:

  • Check for Updates: Ensure your TV’s software is up-to-date.
  • Alternative Methods: Use casting or a streaming device if the app is not directly available.

Who is the Founder of Twitch?

Twitch was originally part of, founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. It was later spun off as a separate entity specifically focusing on gaming and then expanded into broader content categories.

Benefits of Twitch on Samsung TV

  • Bigger Screen Experience: Enjoy watching streams on a larger and more immersive screen than a computer or mobile device.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Take advantage of Samsung TV’s high-resolution displays for crisp and clear streaming.
  • Convenient Access: Easily browse and watch your favorite streams from the comfort of your couch with your TV remote.

Is Twitch on Samsung TV Safe?

Twitch is a reputable service, and the app on Samsung TV is developed to meet the safety and security standards set by Samsung for its smart TV platform. Therefore, streaming Twitch on a Samsung TV is generally considered safe.

Is Twitch on Samsung TV Free?

Watching Twitch does not require a subscription fee, and you can view most content for free. However, there are premium features available for purchase, such as subscribing to specific channels or buying Bits to cheer on streamers, which are optional.


Twitch offers Samsung Smart TV users an excellent way to enjoy live streaming content, from gaming to music and more, directly on their televisions. With easy installation, numerous benefits like a bigger viewing experience, and the assurance of safety, Twitch is an accessible option for entertainment that fits a variety of interests.

Additionally, its core services are available at no extra cost, making it an attractive platform for free, quality entertainment on your Samsung TV.

Whether through direct download, casting, or the Gaming Hub, accessing Twitch on your Samsung TV is possible and enhances your streaming experience.

Although there have been instances of the app being removed from the store, alternative methods ensure you can still enjoy Twitch content on your Samsung Smart TV.