How To Get Download ‘CNN on Kodi’ And Activate It

Kodi, the renowned open-source media player, offers a versatile platform for streaming content from various sources, including news channels like CNN.

For news aficionados seeking real-time updates and comprehensive coverage, accessing CNN through Kodi can be a valuable setup. Explore how to download, activate, and enable CNN on Kodi, discuss its benefits, safety, and whether it’s free.

However, users may sometimes face issues with the CNN Kodi addon not working correctly. This could be due to various reasons such as outdated addons, incompatible versions of Kodi, or disrupted services.

CNN on Kodi

This article explores alternative addons for streaming news on Kodi and addresses common problems with the CNN Kodi addon.

How to Get CNN on Kodi

Installation Guide

Getting CNN on Kodi requires adding the right add-on:

  1. Launch Kodi: Open your Kodi application on your device.
  2. Add-on Browser: Navigate to the ‘Add-ons’ section from the main menu.
  3. Install from Repository: Choose the ‘Install from repository’ option.

Choosing the Right Repository

Ensure you select a repository that hosts the CNN add-on, which might require prior research as repositories can vary in content.

How to Download CNN on Kodi

Step-by-Step Downloading

To download the CNN add-on:

  1. Access Repository: Find and access the repository containing the CNN add-on.
  2. Select CNN Add-on: Browse through the add-ons list and select the CNN add-on.
  3. Install: Click on ‘Install’ and wait for the confirmation notification.

How to Activate CNN on Kodi

Upon installation, you might need to:

  1. Open CNN Add-on: Navigate to the ‘My add-ons’ tab and launch CNN.
  2. Activation Code: Some add-ons may prompt you for an activation code.
  3. Activate Online: Visit the activation link provided, enter the code, and complete the process.

How Do I Enable TV on Kodi?

To enable live TV functionality on Kodi:

  1. PVR Clients: Ensure you have a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) client add-on installed.
  2. Configure: Set up the PVR client with the correct details of your TV service provider.

Is CNN on Kodi Still Works?

CNN on Kodi should work as long as the add-on is up to date and from a reliable repository. Regular updates are crucial for continued functionality.

Alternatives for CNN Kodi Addon

If the CNN addon for Kodi is not functioning or if you’re looking for diversity in news sources, consider the following alternatives:

  1. BBC iPlayer WWW: For users in the UK, this addon offers a range of BBC news content.
  2. Fox News: Access live and recorded news from the Fox News channel.
  3. Al Jazeera: This addon provides international news with a focus on Middle Eastern events.
  4. Sky News: Stream Sky News live for another perspective on global news.
  5. Pluto TV: Offers various channels, including news, and has a dedicated CNN channel.

Each of these addons can be found within Kodi’s official repository or reputable third-party repositories. Always ensure you use legitimate sources to avoid security risks.

Why CNN Addon Is Not Working on Kodi

Identifying Common Issues

There are multiple reasons why the CNN addon might stop working on Kodi. Here’s what to look for:

  • Outdated Addon: If the addon has not been updated to be compatible with the latest version of Kodi, it may fail to function.
  • Expired Repository: Sometimes the repository hosting the CNN addon may no longer be maintained.
  • Georestrictions: CNN content might be geographically restricted and may require a VPN to access.
  • Corrupted Installation: The addon files might be corrupted. Reinstallation could resolve this issue.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few steps to troubleshoot the CNN Kodi addon:

  1. Check for Updates: Ensure both Kodi and the CNN addon are updated to their latest versions.
  2. Clear Cache: Sometimes, clearing the addon’s cache can resolve loading issues.
  3. Reinstall Addon: Remove the CNN addon and its repository, then reinstall from a trusted source.
  4. VPN Service: If geoblocking is an issue, using a VPN might provide a solution.

Who Is the Founder of CNN and Kodi?

CNN was founded by media mogul Ted Turner, while Kodi was created by the XBMC Foundation, which evolved from the Xbox Media Center (XBMC) originally developed for the Xbox console.

Benefits of CNN on Kodi

  • Convenience: Stream CNN alongside your favorite content on one platform.
  • Customization: Tailor your news viewing experience with various add-ons.
  • Accessibility: Watch CNN from any device that supports Kodi.

Is CNN on Kodi Safe?

Safety with Kodi add-ons largely depends on the source. Use reputable repositories to ensure a secure streaming experience.

Is CNN on Kodi Free?

While Kodi and many of its add-ons are free, accessing CNN content may require a subscription or cable provider login, depending on the add-on’s source.


Accessing CNN through Kodi can be a simple and customizable way to keep up with the news. With the correct add-on, users can enjoy CNN’s extensive news coverage safely and conveniently. While not inherently free, the cost is often offset by the wealth of content and accessibility provided by the Kodi platform.

While the CNN Kodi addon is a popular choice for many users, encountering issues with its functionality can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are multiple alternative news addons for Kodi that can provide reliable news streaming.

By understanding the common problems and how to troubleshoot them, users can enhance their Kodi experience and stay informed with the latest news.