How To ‘MGMPlus.Com Activate’ Getting a Free Trial, Watching MGM Plus on Amazon Prime, And More

WelCome to the cinematic world of MGMPlus, a unique platform offering access to a vast library of classic movies, groundbreaking originals, and contemporary favorites.

This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know, including activating MGMPlus at www.MGMPlus.Com/Activate, using promo and coupon codes, getting a free trial, watching MGMPlus on Amazon Prime, watching MGMPlus on your TV, and accessing customer service.

MGMPlus.Com Activate

Are you eager to access premium content from MGM Studios but aren’t sure how to go about it? is an online streaming service that brings a variety of movies, shows, and exclusive content right to your devices.

But how does MGM+ work, and can you get it on YouTube TV? Are there freeplay and reward features? Here’s a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions.

What is MGMPlus.Com? is a streaming platform developed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, more commonly known as MGM Studios. It offers an extensive library of movies, shows, documentaries, and original content produced by MGM.

Subscribers can access their favorite titles anytime, anywhere, and across a variety of devices. aims to provide a one-stop-shop for high-quality entertainment that spans multiple genres and age groups.

How to Activate MGMPlus

Activating MGMPlus is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Activation Page: Go to www.MGMPlus.Com/Activate.
  2. Enter Your Activation Code: When you open the MGMPlus app on your device, you will be given an activation code. Enter this code on the website.
  3. Log in to Your Account: If prompted, sign in to your MGMPlus account.
  4. Enjoy MGMPlus: Once the activation process is Complete, you can start enjoying MGMPlus content on your device.

How to Use Promo and Coupon Codes

MGMPlus occasionally offers promotional and coupon codes for discounted subscriptions. To use these codes:

  1. Select a Subscription Plan: Choose the plan you wish to purchase.
  2. Enter the Code: During the checkout process, you’ll see an option to enter a promo code or coupon. Enter your code here.
  3. Confirm Your Purchase: Complete the purchase process, and your discount should be applied.

How to Get a Free Trial of MGMPlus

MGMPlus periodically offers free trials to new users. To start a free trial:

  1. Visit the MGMPlus Website: Go to www.MGMPlus.Com.
  2. Choose a Plan: Select the plan you want to try.
  3. Start Your Free Trial: If a free trial is available, you’ll see an option to start the trial during the signup process. Follow the prompts to start your trial.

Watching MGMPlus on Amazon Prime

MGMPlus is available as an add-on subscription for Amazon Prime members. To watch MGMPlus on Amazon Prime:

  1. Log in to Your Amazon Account: Go to and sign in.
  2. Go to Prime Video Channels: Look for the “Prime Video Channels” section.
  3. Find MGMPlus: Search for MGMPlus in the list of channels.
  4. Start Your Subscription: Follow the prompts to subscribe to MGMPlus and start watching.

How to Watch MGMPlus on Your TV

To watch MGMPlus on your TV, you need a Compatible streaming device. Here’s how:

  1. Download the MGMPlus App: On your device’s app store, search for and download the MGMPlus app.
  2. Open the App and Activate: Open the app and follow the prompts to Activate MGMPlus, as outlined above.
  3. Start Watching: Once Activated, you can navigate the app and start watching MGMPlus content on your TV.

Is MGM+ Available on YouTube TV?

As of my last update in September 2021, MGM+ had not been added to YouTube TV’s roster of available channels or add-ons. However, the streaming landscape is continually evolving, and deals between companies happen all the time. Therefore, it’s advisable to check YouTube TV’s official website or MGM’s site for the most current information.

How do I Activate Freeplay at MGM?

Activating freeplay at MGM, generally related to MGM’s casino and gaming operations, often involves signing into your account via the MGM app or website. Once signed in, navigate to the ‘Promotions’ or ‘Rewards’ section to find options for activating freeplay.

The specific steps may differ depending on the platform and current promotions, so it’s best to consult the FAQs or customer service for detailed information.

Is MGM Plus Free with Cable?

As of 2021, there wasn’t a standard offering for MGM+ to be available for free with a cable subscription. However, certain cable providers sometimes offer promotions or bundles where MGM+ might be included at a discounted rate or even for free for a limited time. It’s advisable to check with your cable provider for current offers.

Is MGM Rewards Free?

Yes, MGM Rewards is typically a free program that aims to reward loyal customers. It usually covers MGM’s range of services, including entertainment, hospitality, and gaming.

Members can accumulate points through various activities, like watching content on MGM+, staying at MGM hotels, or playing at MGM casinos. These points can then be redeemed for a wide range of perks.

How do I Verify My MGM App ID?

To verify your MGM App ID, you’ll likely need to go through a multi-step process that involves email and possibly phone number verification. After signing up for an MGM account, a verification link or code is usually sent to your registered email.

Clicking the link or entering the code verifies your identity. Additional steps may involve confirming your mobile number by receiving and entering a code sent via SMS.

What is MGM Rewards Activation?

MGM Rewards activation is the process of enabling your MGM Rewards account to start earning and redeeming points. This usually involves logging into your account and navigating to the Rewards section, where you’ll find an ‘Activate’ or ‘Join Now’ button. Once activated, you can begin earning points immediately through eligible activities.

MGMPlus Customer Service

If you encounter any issues or have any queries regarding MGMPlus, you can reach out to their customer service. Contact details can be found on the ‘Help’ or ‘Contact Us’ page on their website. They can assist with activation issues, technical problems, billing inquiries, and more.

Conclusion offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for accessing MGM’s wide array of premium content. While not directly available on YouTube TV as of my last update, it offers its separate range of features and benefits, including compatibility with various devices.

Though not generally free with cable, MGM does offer a rewards program to enhance customer engagement and provide perks across its range of services.

MGMPlus offers a diverse range of entertainment options, from iconic films to innovative original programming.

With the information provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to Activate your MGMPlus subscription, navigate the platform, and make the most of your cinematic experience. Dive into the world of MGMPlus today and explore the wonders of film and television.