How Local Electricians Can Handle The Holiday Season Rush

The holiday season is the celebratory time when homeowners and business owners want to illuminate their spaces. Did you know that the sales of string lights in October 2020 surged 194% from the previous year’s figures?

That’s probably because most people were forced to celebrate the season at home during the pandemic. However, there’s no slowing down in sales even when the pandemic is gone. People don’t just buy lights to decorate their homes and Business locations.

They also need someone to install them. Not surprisingly, the holiday season tends to be the busiest time of the year for electrical contractors. If you are an electrician, expect to be flooded with installation calls.

How Local Electricians Can Handle The Holiday Season Rush

Electrical safety is another reason you may get busy during the seasonal celebrations. According to statistics, 150 Home fires per year start with decorative lighting. That means you should definitely buckle up for a surge in calls when celebrations are in full swing.

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Besides commitment and dedication to your trade, here are a few tips to ensure that you are ready to handle the holiday season rush.

Expand Your Team

Manpower is crucial to handle the extra workload in the festive season. Shortages are impeding when team members ask for leaves or rotational shifts during the holidays. Consider expanding your team to meet the demand during this time of the year.

You may hire temporary workers or bring in permanent members to grow your business. While hiring electricians, avoid cutting corners because you cannot risk bringing in unqualified people.

Verify their credentials, perform background checks, and ask for references. Even as a local electrical contractor, you should have a streamlined hiring and onboarding process. Safety is paramount for contractors, and reckless hiring can compromise it.

Ensure Efficient Scheduling

Surveys show that December is a leading month for fires in the US. Electrical hazards can contribute to the risk. Most property owners call electricians to double-check their systems to be on the safe side.

As a contractor, you may get multiple calls asking you to send professionals during weekends and emergencies. You may struggle to keep pace, no matter how many people you have on board.

Efficient scheduling and time management can be your savior. Create a well-organized calendar to allocate sufficient time for each job and prioritize urgent tasks.

Keep some room for emergency calls that cannot wait. Utilizing scheduling Software is a great idea as it can help you allocate resources, track appointments, and avoid overbooking.

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Invest in Top Quality Tools

The speed and quality of work also depend on the quality of tools you use for your electrical projects. They also determine safety and accuracy in installations and repairs.

Local electricians can look for a comprehensive Tools list to upgrade their equipment before the holiday season is in full swing. Consider it an investment to enhance the quality of your services and boost your reputation.

Workiz notes that while electrician tools have not changed over the years, they have evolved significantly to enable quick, safe, and efficient services.

For example, an insulated screwdriver is far safer than a regular one. A multi-functional tester can help you do more with less. Quality tools can make it easy to manage the surge of orders.

How Local Electricians Can Handle The Holiday Season Rush

Prioritize Communication and Customer Service

Communication is the key to running a service-based business effectively, and electrical services are no exception. Clients expect you to be around when they need you in emergencies like sudden device failures and wiring snags.

Clear and transparent communication establishes trust and fosters long-term relationships. Maintain open lines of communication, keeping clients informed about job progress, realistic timelines, and potential delays.

Excellent customer service with 24/7 emergency support can take you the extra mile. You may earn loyal clients during the holidays, ready to stay with you for the long haul and recommend your business to others.

This word-of-mouth marketing pays off even after the holiday season ends.

Encourage Preventive Maintenance

Another wise move is to encourage your existing clients to invest in preventive maintenance. Besides reducing the risk of electrical issues for your client, this measure can save you from the holiday rush.

Explain the significance of scheduling routine inspections and addressing minor problems beforehand to your clients. You can even offer special maintenance package deals in the pre-holiday month.

That’s a great way to boost your revenues and prevent last-minute emergency calls amid the seasonal celebrations. Your team will have fewer urgent appointments to attend and can spend more time with their families.

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Wrapping Up

The holiday season rush is an integral part of the holidays for local electricians. You may struggle to handle the surge due to staff shortages, inefficient scheduling, outdated Tools, and unexpected calls.

Following these simple steps can help you overcome these challenges and deliver the best services regardless of the sudden surge in appointments.