10 Best ‘Driver Update Software’ For Windows 10, 8, 7

Auto Driver update Software is a really needy thing as technology is progressing day-by-day rapidly and updates for almost all your software, apps drives are being released regularly.

But it can be tough to keep track of all new updates, especially updates for your Computer’s software and driver. If you want your computer to function healthily, you must keep your drivers up to date and make sure they work correctly.

10 Best Driver Update Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

The driver plays an integral part in the proper functioning of your computer system. Distorted display, incompatibility with printer or a lag in playing any audio/video might be signs of an outdated driver.

You can update your driver manually anytime but doing that can turn out to be quite inconvenient, especially for people who not so good with technology. So to ease your trouble, you can install a driver updater to your computer.

Updating your computer drivers manually can be a tedious task. That’s where Driver Update Software comes into play, promising an easier and more efficient way to keep your computer’s hardware running smoothly.

But how safe are these programs, and do you need to shell out cash for them? This SEO-optimized article aims to answer all these questions, offering an in-depth look at what Driver Update Software is, its benefits, its safety concerns, and whether free options are available.

What is Driver Update Software?

Driver Update Software is specialized software designed to scan your computer for outdated or missing drivers and automatically download and install the appropriate versions.

These drivers serve as the intermediary between your computer’s operating system and its hardware components.

10 Best Driver Update Software for Windows 10, 8, 7 {Free and Paid}

Finding the driver updater best suited for your Windows computer can be a tough job. Therefore to help you, here is the Top 10 suggestion for auto Driver Update Software available for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Along with their names, we have also given a brief description and listed a few of the key features/tools that Driver Updater software have to offer.

1. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver updater can work its magic not only on the hardware components but also on the peripherals. It possesses a range of database of drivers to estimate around 1.2 million. You can scan your computer for outdated drivers with its built-in scanner.

This software can automatically search through every corner of your computer and sort out problematic divers. It also helps you to fix issues caused by faulty or outdated driver systems. You can also backup or restore components that are essential or liable to risks with just one-click.

You can update all the components of your computer very effectively at one go such as your keyboard, motherboard, network cards, monitors, modems etc. You can also set a timer on schedule to automatically update the system without being a bother.

This software makes sure you keep your computer system in its shape. Smart Driver Care can take care of all of your trouble related to old driver and enhances the performance of your PC if you find the latest updates for your drivers and updates them all without any effort from your side.

Smart Driver Care is a smart and advanced driver updater that has proven to update driver fast and efficiently.


  • Easy To Set up
  • Startup Manager
  • Updates Outdated drivers
  • Complete Web Protection
  • Scans Registry Editors
  • Back-up


  • The software doesn’t have any helpful tutorials.

2. WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip is a very useful Driver Update Software that updates and manages your PC’s drivers and makes sure to keep your computer in top condition. It is a speedy and convenient way to make sure that your Windows drivers are up to date and runs smoothly without hassle.

WinZip protects your Windows system from accidental crashes and also gets the most compatible drivers for your PC. It has all the tools and features that you might look for in a Driver Updater.

It runs an automatic scan on your PC as soon as you install it and gives you a top-notch analysis on the condition of your device drivers. The interface is fundamental, with easy to understand options and features. It is suited for all types of Windows system users irrespective of their technical skill level.


  • Fast and Easy-to-use.
  • Back-up Manager.
  • Effective Scanning system.
  • Installs Genuine Drivers.
  • Scheduled Periodic Scans.
  • Compatible With Latest OS and Devices.


  • The software has a few unavoidable pop-up and nag ads, which are annoying.

3. Smart Driver Updater

Smart Driver Updater is a smart driver updater with all the latest features and tools. It is considered as a very compatible driver utility tool as it offers a vast variety of database of drivers. You can find around 1.2 million of the database, including hardware, software, peripherals, etc.

This software is not free of cost, but after installation, you get a free scan to determine whether this update is suitable for your PC or not. Smart driver updater helps you fix any driver-related issues and make sure your computer runs smoothly.

It keeps track ok on the latest updates available for the drivers and informs you about any needed updates suited for your Windows PC. Smart driver updater can show you the source and current version of each driver so that you can keep track of all the drivers present in your computer.

This professional software offers many latest features such as Startup Manager, System Monitor, Cache Cleaner, etc. to keep your computer in clean and healthy condition.


  • Intuitive Interface.
  • Scheduled Automatic Scanning.
  • Improves Overall Performance of the PC.
  • Back-up in One Click.
  • Extensive Settings.
  • Reports Computer’s Overall Health.
  • Updates From Database.


  • The software is too simple with lack of help guide or tutorial to use the software. The pricing information is not available in the official website.

4. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a very well known Windows Drive updater tool that enables the user to keep a check on outdated, faulty or missing drivers and install latest updates in just one click. This software works best with an internet connection.

Without the internet connection, the results on a scan conducted by Driver Booster might not be so accurate. Drive Booster offers two versions- free and paid. The features offered on the free version of the software are fundamental but useful and does terrific work. You can scan and update outdated drivers easily with just one click.

The paid version offers a more extensive variety of features and tools like scan, repair, auto-download, etc. It also allows you to back-up your driver updates and solves any other issues related to a faulty driver.


  • Compatible With All Versions of Windows.
  • Very Light (19.3 MB Only).
  • Exclusion List.
  • Back-up And Restore Option.
  • Extensive Settings and Database.
  • One-Click Scan and Update.
  • Very Safe Updates.
  • Numerous Customization Options.
  • Stylish And Modern Interface.


  • It lacks an original equipment manufacturer source guarantee for driver downloads.

5. Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is a robust driver updating software with powerful features and tools. It can be used for both personal or small scale and commercial settings. This is an effective solution for keeping track of your driving conditions and updating them with the lasted versions timely.

Driver Reviver helps you to update drivers like Audio Cards, Scanners, Monitors, MFP device, and many more. If you are experiencing a lag in your systems or your computer slammed with error messages because of failing or outdated drivers, Driver Reviver might be your best choice for a quick and effective revival.

It is very user-friendly and has a standardized interface that possesses powerful tools to control and manage your Windows system efficiency to perform smoothly. Both beginners and professionals can use it.


  • Fast Scanning Process.
  • Noticeable Boost In Performance.
  • Simple And Easy-to-understand Interface.
  • Exclusion Option.
  • Performs Better Compared To Most Tools.
  • Supports All Latest Versions Of Windows OS.
  • List Issue In Need of Immediate Care.
  • Bloatware And Malware Free.


  • You can’t uninstall drivers from within the program.

6. Driver Genius

Driver Genius is the safest tool made by Driver-soft to make sure you have a current driver system and a smooth running Windows system. You can pry out all the system details about your hardware and software using this application and list all the out-dated, missing or faulty drivers that restrict your PC to run smoothly.

Driver Genius makes sure to install and back up previous versions of the driver so that you can restore them any time you want.


  • 60-Day Free Trial Period.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Toolkit With Multiple Features.
  • Large Database.
  • User-friendly Interface.


  • It isn’t intuitive to use and didn’t detect many drivers.
  • Missing Priority Game Component Update Feature.
  • No Offline download feature.
  • Limited driver database size.

7. Driver Easy

Driver Easy keeps up to its name; it is straightforward to use driver updater for scanning and downloading updates for all your Windows drivers. It takes a little time to scan out the faulty and outdated drivers but other than that this software works excellently.

You can also backup your driver updates so that you can restore them in time of need or even uninstall them. It is a powerful automated driver updating tools that suited for the use of both novice and professional users. It has a simple, modern and colourful interface that also offers a one-click update all driver option or you can also update the drivers individually one at a time.

Driver Easy also lets you schedule automatic scans and updates like most other updater software. This Driver Update Software has one of the most powerful driver updater tools that you can use with maximum easiness.


  • Relatively Lightweight.
  • Noticeable boost in performance.
  • Only installs Certified drivers.
  • One-click Scan and Update.
  • Supported on all Versions of Windows OS.


  • It offers no guarantee of original manufacturer-sourced drivers.
  • Free trial version sucks.
  • Not cheap.

8. AVG Driver Updater

It is one of the best automatic driver update software out in the market. This well-designed software let you solve the simple problem related to your driver instantly and very effectively like printer problems, connectivity issues, driver crashes, lagging applications, etc.

After installation, it immediately scans out the outdated drivers and presents you the best ways to fix them and make sure your Windows PC runs without further complications. Your computer’s performance level increases with every scan.


  • Simple and Classic Interface.
  • More than 127,000+ Database.
  • Automatic Scanning.
  • Backup And Restore Option.
  • Scheduled Autoscan.


  • A bit expensive compared to rivals.
  • No additional features and options.
  • Not available for mobile platforms or the Mac OS.

9. Advanced Driver Updater (Free)

The Advanced Driver Updater is great free. This advanced software is considered as one of the greatest choices for updating faulty or outdated drivers present in your Windows PC. It possesses all the features and tools present in any ideal software.

It has a ‘one-click’; option to fix all driver-related bugs in one go. It also has a very intuitive dashboard and tools that automatically detects outdated drivers and updates it to the most compatible version suited to your PC.

This software is different and unique from others because it lets you backup your computer is drivers regularly so that you can restore any unwanted changes made at any time.


  • One-Click Fix.
  • Scheduled Updates and Scanning.
  • Supports Almost all Types of Drivers.
  • Always-up-to-data Database.
  • Compatible With Almost All The Latest Versions of Windows.
  • Automatic Scanning.
  • User-friendly.


  • It doesn’t say whether it uses only OEM driver sources.
  • the interface looks outdated.

10. Free Driver Scout (Free)

Free Driver Scout is another driver updating software available to you for free that helps you scan your computer’s timely for detecting outdated and faulty drivers. This application also enables you to install updates automatically to revive the proper functioning of your Windows computer.

This software offers a one-click solution to scan, detect and fix old and damaged drivers. This software is ideal for beginners because off is accessible to features and tools. Free Driver Scout has several tools to fix the various problems errors found in your driver.

It also offers a wide variety of advanced database of latest updates of drivers for both software and hardware devices. You can also show back up your updates and restore them if needed.


  • Supports A Wide Range Of Device Drivers.
  • Multi-lingual Support.
  • Back-up And Restore Option.
  • Exclusion Option.


  • It has adware in the installer.
  • It doesn’t find as many outdated drivers as similar driver software does.
  • Tries to install multiple unrelated programs during setup if you are not going to stop them.

Benefits of Driver Update Software


The most obvious benefit is the convenience of automating a task that would otherwise require manual intervention. You don’t have to spend time searching for drivers on various manufacturers’ websites.

Better Performance

Updated drivers often bring performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features that can make your hardware perform better.

System Stability

Outdated or incorrect drivers can lead to system instability, including crashes and freezes. Driver Update Software helps you avoid these issues by keeping drivers up-to-date.


Time is money, and automating the driver update process can save a lot of time, especially for IT professionals and others who manage multiple systems.

Is Driver Update Software Safe?

While Driver Update Software promises a more straightforward way to update your drivers, not all programs are created equal:

Trusted Providers

Stick with well-known and well-reviewed solutions from trusted providers. These are more likely to be safe and effective.

Malware Risks

Some malicious software disguises itself as driver update utilities. Always download from a trusted source and perform a virus scan if you’re unsure.

Incorrect Updates

In some cases, automatic updates may install the wrong driver, causing system instability. Trusted solutions usually have backup options to revert any changes.

Do Your Research

Always read reviews and maybe even consult forums to ensure you are downloading a legitimate and effective driver update tool.

Is PC Driver Updater Free?

While some Driver Update Software options are free, many free versions come with limitations:

Limited Features

Free versions often have restricted functionality, such as only identifying outdated drivers but not downloading them.

Upselling Tactics

Free versions may bombard you with ads and prompts to upgrade to the full version.

Full Versions

For complete features, you may have to purchase the full version. Pricing models vary, with some providers offering one-time fees and others charging annual subscriptions.

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With Technology progressing so fast we ought to keep up with the latest Driver Updates and releases, or we might lag in work. Getting the best-suited drivers for your Windows computer and keeping track on the latest updates is tough on its own.

Driver Updaters Software are the best solution to any driver-related issues, and on the plus side, most of them work automatically, so you don’t have to put in much effort.

Go through the above list and give all the 10 Driver Update Software a try for sure. Hope you can find the best fit for your Windows System computer and have a healthy and smooth running PC.

Driver Update Software can be a real asset in maintaining the health and performance of your computer system. However, not all driver updaters are created equal, so it’s important to select one from a trusted provider.

While free versions exist, they often come with limitations and may try to upsell you to a paid plan. By doing your due diligence, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of having up-to-date drivers without any of the hassles or risks.

Feel free to share this comprehensive guide with anyone struggling to maintain their computer’s drivers. Keeping drivers updated is crucial for system stability and performance, and a reliable Driver Update Software can make this task a breeze.