4 Best Overclocking Software in 2022

Technology has taken over the traditional methods of doing our work. Be it purchasing items online, streaming videos, attending online class, etc. We are bound by technology.

Having a good internet connection and system is the foremost requirement that everyone wants. But we must be aware of the fact that constant use of PC affects the performance and efficiency of the system.

We need to update the hardware once in a while, to ensure the smooth running of the system. But upgrading the hardware every time the system gets hanged costs a lot.

Many alternative methods help us to enhance the performance of the system. One such method is overclocking.

It refers to improving the performance of the system by increasing the clock speed of PC components like CPU, RAM etc. There is many software that are designed in a similar way to improve the efficiency of PC by increasing the speed.

4 Best Overclocking Software

The four best overclocking software are listed below:

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is an overclocking software that is designed to improve the performance of the system by overclocking the GPU.

This software not only overclocks MSI GPUs but is also compatible with GPUs from EVGA and even Nvidia.

This is the best and the most popular overclocking software when it comes to overclocking GPUs. It is Windows-based software.

2. AMD Overdrive

AMD Overdrive is designed to overclock PC components like CPUs from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) which speeds up the processing.

This software is the best software when it comes to overclocking CPUs. However, the software does not support all types of CPUs due to hardware limitations.

3. AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master is the overclocking software that is specially designed for the processors from the AMD Ryzen series. This software overclocks the Ryzen CPU with the highest efficiency possible.

This software is quite recent and may contain bugs. But since produced and designed by the Ryzen series it is highly efficient and compatible.

4. SetFSB

SetFSB is not actually an overclocking software but it is a tool that helps in adjusting the system’s FSB (Front Side Bus) speed. Front side bus speed corresponds to the ratio of processor speed.

Most of the processors work at a speed higher than the FSB speed. For e.g.: Pentium 4 processor runs at 2.4 GHz has an FSB speed of 400MHz.Their ratio is 6:1. Overall, this software is used to enhance the performance of the processor.


So far, we have discussed some of the widely used overclocking software which plays a vital role when it comes to the system’s speed.

We are living in a world where everyone is in a hurry. Everyone wants to finish their works as soon as possible. System getting hanged every time puts our work on halt.

This looks highly unprofessional when giving a presentation in front of the superiors. Hence, with the advancement of technology, new methods have been created which helped in overcoming these limitations.

Overclocking helped in solving speed-related problems in the system and came up as a good alternative for a hardware update. We should take good care of our computer system to ensure smooth running.