Could Not Create A Preboot Volume For APFS Install

Error message “Could not build a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install” appears when a Mac user attempts to reinstall macOS High Sierra after erasing their previous version for a variety of reasons, such as an upgrade or something similar.

Reinstalling High Sierra may fail if you receive the message “Could not create a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install.” This error affects both the installation and any data stored on the volume. Your macOS data is unavailable throughout the reinstallation process.

Could Not Create A Preboot Volume For APFS Install

To begin, let’s examine what’s causing the installation of High Sierra to fail and how to resolve this problem.

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We Don’t Know What’s Wrong.

There is a problem with APFS’s ability to recognise the required Pre-Boot volume, as indicated by the error message, “Could not build a preboot volume for APFS install”.

You Must Fix the Error “Could Not Create a Pre-Boot Volume for APFS Install” Before you can install High Sierra Without Errors.

The error can be fixed by following the steps outlined below. However, deleting the Mac disc is the only way to avoid losing your data in any of these scenarios.

  • Removing the volume and installing macOS from scratch
  • Enter the internet recovery mode without delay.

For What Reason can’t MacOS Build a Pre-Boot Disc for APFS Installation?

When the Apple File System fails to synchronise with the Pre-Boot volume, the installation medium, the Pre-Boot System will not be able to install macOS Big Surr, High Sierra (Pre-Boot Execution Environment). Block Non-Synchronization is the result of this.

As a result, an error message appears saying “Could not create a Pre-Boot drive for APFS install” when attempting to reinstall macOS High Sierra. The data on your Mac disc is corrupted as a result of this problem. All of the volume’s data has been deleted or rendered inaccessible.

Removal of the Volume Reinstalling the Latest Version of MacOS

The “Could not create a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install” error may be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the volume.

  1. Enter “recovery mode,” if necessary: Keep hitting CMD+R while your Mac is restarting until the Apple logo appears.
  2. The utility menu will be visible following the appearance of the logo. In all drives on Mac, select disc utility to access specific volumes. The internal drive can then be erased by selecting it and clicking the erase button. Close the utility after you’ve deleted it.
  3. Assuming you’ve completed Step 2, continue on to Step 3. Users can choose from one of two choices. To reinstall High Sierra, use one of the two methods.
  4. After reopening Disk Utility, pick the internal disc that is typically referred to as and format it as “Mac OS Extended.” Reinstalling macOS is then possible.
  5. Alternatively, you can shut down your Mac, then restart it by holding down the Option/ALT/Command R keys to enter Internet Recovery mode. Disk Utility is the tool of choice. Macintosh HD should be the name of the drive if it is found. Otherwise, create a disc and format it as “Mac OS Extended”. Exit Disk Utility and click Reinstall macOS after you’ve done this.

You can reinstall macOS by destroying the APFS system, which is creating the issue, by wiping the drive. If the first approach doesn’t work, move on to the second.

Enter the Internet Recovery Mode immediately (Online Software Solution by Mac)

Press the CMD+R+ALT option while your Mac OS is rebooting to enter Internet recovery mode.

Enter the utilities menu by selecting Wi-Fi. To revert your Mac back to its factory settings, select “Reinstall macOS” from the Apple menu. Go to the Apple Store and update your operating system if High Sierra is still required.

Recover The Following Data was Lost as a Result of the APFS Error:

When you delete a volume from your computer’s hard drive, all of your Mac OS data is also lost. The error “Could not create a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install” can be fixed using either of the above methods. It’s important to note that the re-installation process wipes out any data on your Mac hard disc that wasn’t previously backed up in the cloud or on a separate storage device.

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On “Could not create a pre-boot disc for APFS install,” this article provides the answer and the suitable data recovery methods for inexperienced Mac users. However, make a copy of your data before you begin the process of reinstalling macOS.