How Artificial Intelligence is Making Gaming Safer

Artificial intelligence is certainly the buzzword of the moment. It’s been portrayed in both a great and awful light, with lawyers getting in trouble for using it at hearings, to the huge steps it’s taking in making the world of gaming safer for people.

There are hundreds of applications for AI, but keeping people safer ought to always be a top priority. Thankfully there are numerous gaming companies that are cleverly applying the strengths of AI to their safety concerns.

This not only keeps gamers safer, but it improves the success of the companies that use it, and reduces their costs too. So, if you’re interested in finding out about some of the ways in which AI is making online gaming more safe and secure for players, then you’ve come to the right place.

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Gaming Safer

Fraud Detection

At PokerStars Ontario the use of AI helps to keep players safe from fraudsters and hackers. Understandably, gaming accounts are a prime target for unscrupulous people, as they could hold a considerable amount of money.

Thankfully, the teams at these gaming companies are fighting back by using artificial intelligence. Before the days of AI, it was up to humans to scan for unusual behavior on accounts, trying to spot if somebody was making unusually large withdrawals, placing very large bets, or playing in a way that wasn’t typical of their usual style.

This was time-consuming, but necessary, as it helped to spot fraudulent activity and put a stop to it before it could escalate. However, with the invention of AI, it became possible to hand this task over to artificial intelligence that could perform it more accurately, and far more quickly than any human ever could.

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AI has been absolutely irreplaceable in helping to spot and eliminate fraudulent activity on gaming accounts, making a safer iGaming world than ever before for both players and companies.

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Gaming Safer

Monitoring Hate Speech

Many of us enjoy playing online games, but it can put a real downer on things when we encounter hateful language. Trolls have infiltrated every corner of the Internet and live to spread misery, but the gaming industry is fighting back.

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Using artificial intelligence has helped to speed up the process of finding and removing hate speech from internet gaming sites. Minecraft is a game that successfully uses AI crawlers to detect speech patterns that align with hate speech and reprimand the players who are posting, or saying these things.

AI is far quicker than humans at detecting this speech, meaning that more of it can be caught, but not only this, there also isn’t the same mental toll on AI as there is on humans.

Humans who work in monitoring gaming sites can be exposed to distressing language hundreds of times each day, making this a difficult job for people to undertake for a long time.

So, not only is AI making the gaming world a safer place for gamers, but it’s also making it possible for humans to move out of jobs that they are likely to find distressing.