Best “Scheduling Software” Available in 2023

The greatest return on investment (ROI) is realized when the length of the sales cycle is shortened through the use of scheduling apps. Nonetheless, they alleviate the stress of completing tedious administrative procedures for your own sake.

These are three features to look for in an excellent appointment scheduling app: As a result, you should need to send fewer emails to arrange fewer meetings. It needs to work with your calendar. Appointment reminders should be sent automatically.

By letting customers set appointments around their own schedules, scheduling tools can help you close more deals in less time. Furthermore, it facilitates appointments with you by reducing the number of emails exchanged between you and your contacts.

Many of these apps also integrate with your calendar to ensure that you and your customer never miss an important appointment. Are you prepared to check out some of the top apps for making and keeping appointments? We’ll talk about paid and free meeting scheduling tools below. Come on, we need to get started.

Scheduling Software

Best Scheduling Software Available in 2023

Here is the list of some of the best scheduling software in 2023.

1. Calendly

Business owners all across the world have relied on Calendly, the industry leader in scheduling tools, for years. The free plan includes a wealth of helpful extras, such as a web portal and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

You may also set up an endless number of private meetings with this feature. Notification of events happens automatically, however text alerts are a premium feature. Calendly allows you to choose from a variety of conferencing options, including Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom.

For even more streamlined processes, you may connect Calendly to other apps like Slack and Intercom. If paid annually, the Professional plan costs $12 per seat, per month, while the Basic plan costs $8 per person, per month.

As you progress through the platform’s tiers, more features, such as group event scheduling, confirmation page links, and metrics and reporting, become available to you.

As an added bonus, the number of calendar connections per user is doubled in the Essentials plan and tripled in the Professional plan, offering you a wider range of options when scheduling meetings.

2. Appointy

Four different packages are available on Appointy. A free plan exists, which allows you to add events to your Google Calendar. It is compatible with Square Payments and Point of Sale systems, allowing for instantaneous transaction processing.

Appointy is unique among free scheduling tools in that it supports more than a thousand Zapier connectors, enabling you to streamline your processes in as many ways as possible. Appointy has 4 different pricing tiers available.

Clients on the free plan get automated appointment reminders, but you can only schedule 100 appointments per month. If you have a lot going on in your life, the Growth plan is worth the extra $19.99 per month (billed annually) to provide you peace of mind.

For faster problem solving, it includes real-time chat and email support. With a maximum of 2,000 appointments each day, it’s clearly overkill.

3. Doodle

Doodle is a popular appointment-setting tool amongst businesses in the hiring and freelancing sectors as well as the education and nonprofit sectors. Although while it lacks a free tier, it provides affordable premium plans with features like unlimited meetings and booking pages, as well as calendar syncing, group polling, and video conferencing.

There is a free trial period of 14 days before you’re required to choose a premium plan. Beginning with a single user on the Pro plan, you can host an unlimited number of booking pages, group polls, and one-on-one meetings.

Personalized branding is an option. The system is compatible with popular video conferencing services including Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom. The first month’s payment is only $6.95 per subscriber.

4. Baluu

Users may easily streamline their booking process with the help of Baluu’s easy booking, scheduling, and appointment features. Your availability can be displayed in a convenient calendar format on a website you establish in minutes.

Customers can make a reservation right then and there, and payments can be made on the spot. Users who need to accept in-person group bookings for activities will benefit greatly from Baluu.

Yoga instructors, sports trainers, health clubs, etc. Via Baluu, visitors to your site can schedule a personal meeting on a custom-made webpage, or you can incorporate appointment schedules and calendars into your existing site.

With Baluu, you can take payments and accept all major credit cards for scheduled appointments (Visa, Mastercard, Google & Apple pay, etc.). Help with scheduling in-person meetings and gatherings. You can sell everything from appointment slots and class enrollments to actual physical goods.


Many business owners find scheduling to be a time-consuming chore. Scheduling meetings, sending confirmations, and rescheduling appointments with several individuals can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. We can avoid that.

The most effective appointment scheduling applications take over most of the preparation work so that you can simply show up and do your thing. Ten of the most downloaded applications were analyzed to see which seven would make the cut for the top scheduling apps of 2023.