Google Play Music Can’t Establish a Secure Connection

When trying to add new songs to their Google Play Music collection, most customers receive the “can’t establish a secure connection” error message. The issue is browser-agnostic.

This problem usually occurs while transferring music from a CD to your Google Play library. An internal application server problem and the use of a third-party antivirus programme are also to blame for the disruption.

No need to panic if you keep running into the same problem. With the right troubleshooting techniques, the issue can be fixed quickly. Examine the solutions detailed below to see how they apply to this issue for maximum effectiveness.

Google Play Music Can't Establish a Secure Connection


Problems with Uploading Music to Google Play and not being able to Make a Secure Connection? Try These Fixes!

We’ve done extensive research to uncover and outline a variety of approaches you can take to fix the “can’t establish a secure connection Google Play Music” issue.

Method 1: Disable All Antivirus Programs

As was noted up top, this is primarily a result of using an external antivirus programme. In order to turn off the antivirus programme, please refer to the instructions provided below.

  • To begin, launch the antivirus programme by double-clicking its icon in the system tray. Please proceed to the section titled “Location” now.
  • Then, select the anti-virus protection and either activate or deactivate it. You may now quickly and easily turn off the antivirus software using the toggle switch.

Turn off your antivirus software and then try uploading the music to your Google Play Music collection to see if you still get an error notice.

Method 2: Use Music Manager to Try and Upload Music

If this is a recurring problem, uploading music files with the Music Manager may assist. The Music Manager app typically includes Google Play music. In any case, it’s a breeze to get it onto your gadget via download.

It’s as simple as entering your login information to access your account. It will now mechanically search for the audio file.

After that, launch the Music Manager by clicking on the Music Player button. After that, select Upload from the menu bar, and then add a folder by clicking the Add button.

Now go to the directory where you save your music. Upon completion of the upload, please forward the music files to the Music Library.

After taking these steps, the error message should no longer appear.

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Method 3: Transfer Audio Files Using a Modified App

However, most users have stated that they are still unable to fix the issue despite attempting to implement the solutions provided above. To get around this error warning, download the Google Play Music Desktop Player (abbreviated GPMDP).

You should start by getting the most recent version of the GPMDP. Once the download is complete, you may move on to installing it.

After that, log in to your account using your user ID and password.

The “Add your Music” option will become available once you log in and navigate to the Music Library from the menu on the right.

After you do this, you should no longer encounter any malfunctions.

Final Words

The procedures have been laid out for you, so hopefully you’ve read them thoroughly. Try each of these solutions one at a time to see if you can finally get rid of the “Google Play Music couldn’t create a secure connection” message.