Why You Should Focus on Enhancing the Relationship with Your Husband

If you have a man in your life, then you are looking for a long-term relationship. While it’s a blessing, the relationship needs some work put into it. Otherwise, boredom and endless arguments will arise.

At times, you don’t know what your husband is up to. A conversation can fulfill what you need to understand, but at times, it’s never enough. If you have reached such a point, it implies that you are looking for ways to know your man better.

Why You Should Focus on Enhancing the Relationship with Your Husband

While there are many ways to do that, the best one is prying on their phone. We use it to communicate all the time. That means it can tell you more about what your husband is not talking about.

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Part 1: Using Spyic App on Your Husband’s Phone

Trying to know more about your husband is not wrong. However, it would help if you were wary of the methods you use. If he finds out that you are secretly monitoring the phone, the relationship may head south.

So, what’s next? First, let’s learn about the Spyic solution. It’s a spying application that can show you the activities on the phone without it. That sounds fun, but you need to follow a few requirements and steps to succeed.

If it can tell you about a targeted phone, you can use it on your husband’s device. That way, you will know his every move without alerting him in any way. Since the app does not tell its presence, you may be wondering how it will maintain the silence.

Spyic applies to both Android and iOS devices. If your husband is using either, you are sorted out, but the setup will be different. In both phone platforms, the solution uses stealth mode to hide after acquiring it.

Spyic App

That is how it’s never detectable. Further, you don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking tricks to continue. Your husband’s phone will not need an alteration in any way before using Spyic. His phone will remain as it was before, during, and after the setup.

Before using the app, you need an account on the main website. After that, in Android, install Spyic on his phone once. For iOS, you will use the iCloud credentials in your account after creating it.

That means for the iPhone, you will not need the download or installation procedures. Once you have completed the acquisition process, you can leave his phone to him. For you, what you need to know about your husband and the relationship status will be in your account.

Now, you may already have a few reasons why you want to enhance the relationship. Here are some that you can think about as Spyic delivers the solutions.

Part 2: Why Focus on Enhancing the Relationship with Spyic?

You Don’t Know Where He Goes

The morning routine may depict that he leaves for work. It’s, however, not always the case since your husband can have other intentions. To know where he is, Spyic can detect his real-time location via the phone.

It uses the GPS or the connected Wi-Fi to tell the exact location and all the previously visited places. You will get the coordinates and the timestamps too. If you want to know when he arrives or leaves certain areas, there is the Geofencing option.

It allows you to set up perimeters on wanted areas and an email to alert you when he crosses the line. With Spyic, you can learn how to find someone’s location using their cell phone number too. There is the SIM Card option that will tell you about the SIM in use.

The feature will also go ahead to detect the location. If there is a SIM swap, you will also get an alert via email.

Who is Your Husband Talking To?

That’s another question you need an answer to, but again, you are not sure. For Spyic, it will get you all the call log information and the saved contacts. Under the latter, you will get every number stored on his phone.

In the call log, Spyic will tell you everything about the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You will also see the involved contacts, timestamps, and call durations. With that, you will know when it’s time to confront after seeing an odd number.

What is in His Social Media Accounts?

We cannot avoid social media, now that the internet is everywhere and affordable. That means your husband has a few hidden posts from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, among others. To know about them all, Spyic has the social media category.

Under it, there is all manner of social apps featured there. You can click on each depending on what he uses to reveal the details.

Those are just a few reasons why you should work on your relationship. As you have seen, Spyic can save you by revealing a lot of details about your husband. To know about the rest, please visit the main website.

You can log in anywhere to view the phone’s activities since the control panel in your account works with all browsers. To start using Spyic on his phone, here are the steps you need.

Part 3: How to Use the Spyic On Your Husband’s Phone


  1. For Android, it should have OS version 4.0 and above. Get the phone to install Spyic once.
  2. In iOS, Spyic works with iOS 7.0 or later. Use the iCloud ID.
  3. Internet connection
  4. A working email address.

Steps to Use Spyic

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the Spyic website and then choose your husband’s phone OS. Proceed to select the plan that suits you and then wait for the confirmation email.

spyic sign up

Step 2: When the email arrives, it will have everything you need. Use the sent guidelines to proceed with the steps below.

Step 3: In Android, use the link sent via email to install Spyic once on the phone. Activate the stealth mode and then finish up the installation.

spyic installation finish

Step 4: For iOS, log into your account and verify your husband’s iCloud credentials. Next, choose the phone he uses and wait for the Spyic and iCloud synchronization.

verify icloud id guide

Step 5: When you get back to your account, there will be a dashboard with the phone’s summary. What you need are the features on the left menu.

spyic dashboard

Use links in the menu to see what your husband is up to.

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If your marriage is on the rocks and you need to save it, you have a solution. Spyic will be a silent spy for you, and it will always let you know everything in real-time. Once you have the information you need, you will know what to focus on in the rescue name.

It would be best if you talked about what you feel at some point. It’s the only way to know your full status and whether you are both committed to seeing a fruitful relationship.