Most Efficient Practice Tests to Prepare for Microsoft 70-741 Exam

Microsoft stands out when it comes to solving real-world problems using data processing technologies in numerous sectors where networking is crucial. Moreover, aiming to minimize expenses and produce effective software, the company has created a widely-known IT certifying line to equip its professionals with the appropriate skills. Within the qualifying route stands MCSA: Windows Server 2016 badge.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

With it in mind, professionals in the IT industry hugely rely on Microsoft in validating their skills and knowledge. To help them, Microsoft has recently activated a new role-based certification track to meet up the utmost demands of the dynamic technology field.

Some of the already launched role-based certifications, instead of previous technology-centered ones include the following:

  • Microsoft Certified AzureFundamentals
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

Surely, earning any Microsoft exam requires aspiring candidates to pass a series of certification exams where their skills are assessed through a series of tasks in various technical domains. In order to understand how Microsoft validates a professional’s expertise, let’s dive into the 70-741 test.

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Microsoft 70-741 Exam Overview

So, this 70-741 assessment validates the skills that revolve around networking concepts in Windows Server 2016. It equips professionals with hands-on capacities and knowledge to design, configure, and support Windows Server 2016 in the networking environment.


In addition, the 70-741 test represents the second part of a triple-assessment route to win the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. This means that the exam is not the only one required to get certified. The other two include:

  • 70-740: Storage, Installation, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
  • 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016

Since Microsoft 70-741 is the center of this article, it prudent to highlight its key topics that form its basis which include:

  • Implementing Domain Name System (DNS)
  • DHCP and IPAM implementation
  • Implementation of Remote Access and Network Connectivity Solutions
  • Implementing Distributed and Core Network Solutions
  • Implementation of Advanced Network Infrastructure

To sum up, Microsoft 70-741 is a 2-hour exam developed to assess applicants with 40-60 multiple-choice items extracted from the above distinct exam topics. Every candidate who is interested in sitting for this assessment is required to pay a registration fee of $165.

How Should You Prepare with Vendor-Based Tools?

Passing any certification exam is never easy as contenders should define a well-elaborated way to make their preparation efficient, and put a lot of effort into it. So, to pass the Microsoft 70-741 test with flying colors here is the surefire way.

Firstly, many candidates fail to manage their own time in preparing for exams. This way, Microsoft exams traditionally brainstorm their candidates by proposing them a number of issues relating to real-world challenges. Therefore, you have to take enough time to learn and practice every concept concerning Windows Server2016 and, so, find an optimal variant for each main exam question.

Secondly, it is always necessary to follow the key aspects which the instructor puts across. Like in the Microsoft tutor-led video course, where a coach advises candidates to perform all the Windows Server configuration tasks, in order to get a clear overview of what they are expected to know and do. For sure, this is an efficient way to prepare because it is always easy to remember the concepts you practice than those reads.

Finally, applicants should ensure to have joined a focused discussion group. It is full of candidates who are preparing for the 70-741 exam. This group will help you get other resources to broaden the understanding of Windows Server 2016.

In addition, candidates in the Microsoft discussion group will share various techniques and tricks of passing the test to finally become skilled and so, tackle required tasks with the easiest and less time-consuming method.

Practice Tests at Exam-Labs

Besides, take note of the Exam-Labs website. With it, you will gauge own readiness by taking practice tests, like accurate and verified files inside excellent 70-741 Premium Bundle that are completely in line with the exam objectives. Alternatively, taste dumps uploaded by users who wish to share their experience with you for free! This 3-in-1 learning kit is the way to determine whether you have grasped all the key concepts to pass the exam or not. It also enriches contenders with a training course and a study guide.

The next efficient tip is a secret to your success! Here is the VCE Exam Simulator created to guarantee candidates’ practical preparation in a way that recreates the real exam environment. Accordingly, you will feel completely confident in your test choices by managing your own time well with this simulation tool. And more, printing own scoresheet will also assist you in addressing real exam obstacles. It also helps you by realizing your weak points needing enhancement.

Perspective Employment Opportunities

Let’s look now at interesting proposals that you might get once you obtain this valid MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge:

  • System Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Support Specialist

Professionals certified with the credential are able to earn an average annual basic salary of $74,000, and more, as, the salary research website reports.

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This way, Microsoft certifications open multiple doors to you. As a result, many companies recognizing this vendor as a leader when it comes to IT technology.

Computer network specialists or administrators are thus highly advised to pass 70-741 exam with the efficient practice tests. There are more tools shared in this article and enjoy the upcoming career prospects.

So, all the best in gaining excellent MCSA: Windows Server 2016!