10 Best Digital Signage Software {Free & Paid}

It should be noted that there are a number of options on the table when it comes to free digital signage software. In this article, we have discussed at length, the top 10 free digital signage software available. Moreover, scroll down to get to know about them in detail!


What is Open Source Software?

First of all, it is developed and supported by the open-source community, and you need to download the software and install it on your servers to use it. It is a premier choice for information technology enthusiasts.

10 Best Digital Signage Software

1. Concerto

Started at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 2008, Concerto is a student-based project to create a modern system to make announcements or distribute or spread information across campus, without making use of campus e-mails or paper posters.

The best part is that it is still an active and open source. A software company of RPI now markets the commercial version of Concerto.

2. Vodigi

Equipped with all the features necessary to promote and advertise your products and services, Vodigi is a free, open-source and interactive digital signage software solution. It ceases to develop after 2014.

3. Open Splash

Designed to get playlist data and media files from a server, Open Splash is open-source software. It supports video walls and dynamic content and screen zones with overlapping and depth order. Moreover, it is built to be driven or operated by any network-based content management system (CMS).

It should be noted, that Open Splash is a project driven by Montreal’s Ayuda Media Systems, which markets a full static and dynamic solution for out of home media companies. However, it does not have a CMS and therefore, it is not a complete signage solution out of the box.

4. Screenly

Built around the Raspberry Pi micro-PC, Screenly is a commercial digital signage platform that comes with a pair of free options. Although Screenly has a limited free license, the Screenly Open Source Edition (OSE) makes up for it. It is maintained by the software firm – WireLoad and backed by the user community. It is free. All you need is a Raspberry Pi and your television to operate it.

5. Rise Vision

With around 10,000 accounts in 128 countries, Rise Vision has been into digital signage since 1992. It offers free as well as paid plans both. The CMS is feature-rich and offers a number of templates and releases new content every week to keep your displays updated.

6. Digital Recall

Marketed by a Melbourne and Australia-based firm, the Digital Recall is a free software signage application for Windows operating system. It works on the business model that a percentage of users would require more functionality, which could be purchased as one-time licenses. Moreover, the company now owns a commercial cloud storage version too!

7. DisplayOp

This signage management software has three editions. The limitation of the free edition is that it has limits on scheduling and management and can only be used on a single player and one screen basis. Hence, the management of network and displays is not up to the mark.

8. doPublicity

Firstly, it has a number of versions, including a free one with certain limits on its functionality and none of the templates that come with paid versions. Furthermore, it is a Fremont and California-based firm and has been into digital signage for many years now. Lastly, it appears to be SaaS-based.

9. MediaSignage

MediaSignage is a Los Angeles- based company and has been into digital signage for years now. It markets a solution that begins free but becomes expensive as more polished functionalities add to its bucket. The cloud-based version has free software and allows users to enjoy around 90% of the features of the paid version. However, there is a storage issue in the free version.

10. Mvix

With 45,000 installed systems across 29 countries, this cloud-hosted software belongs to Washington, the DC area. Also, there are no subscription fees. Furthermore, Mvix sells signage players for a one-time, upfront cost with the web-based software. Furthermore, it has no limits set on users, cloud-storage, playlists, and schedules.

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Summing Up

Lastly, this was the list of the ten best digital signage software available. Hopefully, this article proves to be helpful for all readers.