5 Best Useful Android Mobile Apps of All Time

While the average mobile users might stick to the basics, some people like to try out new things. There are Android Mobile Apps within and outside the Play Store that can make your life more comfortable. Some of these fulfill general needs while others many provide something of a luxury. Without further ado, here is a look into the 5 most useful Android Mobile Apps.

Best Useful Android Mobile Apps

5 Most Useful Android Mobile Apps of All Time

1. 1Weather

If you are interested in knowing the weather forecast of your city, then this app is among the best ones out there. It has a beautiful and simple design, which makes it easy for anyone to understand the weather. It has many interesting statistics, including the forecast of up to 12 weeks and a radar. You can also set the app with customizable settings. It is also great to get storm notifications ahead of time.

2. Waze

Waze is among the top navigation apps of all time. It has many amazing features that no one else can offer. You can sign up quickly in the application and get real-time directions. The other drivers that use the app give real-time updates that can be crucial in avoiding traffic.

You can also update the app by informing them about the accident or roadblock. You can also check people going in your direction, and either drive your car or ride with someone else with the amazing carpool feature.

3. mSpy

The mSpy is an extraordinary app made for parents. The application helps a parent make sure their kids can remain safe in this modern world.

There are predators and criminals all over the internet, which is why the parents can monitor the activity of their on social media and messaging applications. It can also be instrumental in tracking the GPS location, in making sure the child is safe at home, school, or wherever they are supposed to be. You can check how to track a phone using mSpy online.

The app also has a beneficial call blocking feature, it can be used to block anyone who might be bothering.

4. Bouncer

In terms of security, Bouncer offers very unique features. The app can be used to grant permission to applications, but only temporarily. It’s a great way to try out the features of any app without allowing it permanent access. For instance, you allow Snapchat to access your location, and Bouncer will disable it after you leave Snapchat.

5. CamScanner

To quickly scan documents with a mobile, CamScanner offers the best options. You can use the app to properly scan any paper, and get access to the most fantastic cropping features. You can then convert it to PDF, JPG, or simply store within the app itself.

You can send the files through emails, or any messaging application, or also save it on your mobile. It offers most of the features for free while there are some paid exclusive ones. But you can comfortably live on the free side without ever need to pay the price, unless you’re planning to heavily use it. It saves the money of buying a scanner, and the time required to use one.

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Summing Up

That’s it, this list gives you the best Android Apps in a number of distinct categories, but if you feel we’ve missed something, feel free to connect us.