Troubleshooting iPad Casino Sites and Apps – 6 Quick Tips

Tired of casino games that crash, web pages that freeze, and account login issues? Help is here. No, we won’t tell you to keep joining new casinos until you find a perfect one. There’s no perfect gaming site.

6 Quick Tips to Troubleshoot iPad Casino Sites and Apps

Sometimes you’ll forget your password and you can’t blame the casino for your mistake. On other occasions, a game could crash and you’ll need help from customer service. All, the same, below are 7 tips to help troubleshoot common errors at iPad casino sites and apps.

1. Account Login Issues

There are several reasons why you might experience account login issues. It could be a simple error like inputting the wrong password. Or it could be a major threat—your account getting hacked.

In many cases, account login errors on iPad casino sites are things you can fix. Start by confirming your password. If it’s correct and you can’t login, clear the site’s cookies and cache through your mobile browser.

Alternatively, log in through your Google account. It’s an option given on many casino sites. Another trick is to reset your password. Enter a new passcode and log into your account. Unless there’s a major issue, you should access your casino account. You can also use the Password manager to remember the passwords of all your accounts.

2. Error 403 – Request Blocked

This is a common error these days, mainly because casinos are actively geo-fencing their websites. To expound more, they block access to their website if you live outside of a jurisdiction where they serve.

An excellent example is William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Casimba Casino. These operators provide their games to players in the UK, Ireland, and a few more countries. And to ensure only allowed customers to access their sites; they enforce geo-restrictions.

Error 403 - Request Blocked

What should you do when you experience Error 403? If you have no account at the casino, look for a website that accepts players from your country. If you live in the UK but get error 403 on a British casino, check if your VPN is turned on.

Change the location of your VPN to a server in the UK and you’ll get access to your favorite casino. In case you’re wondering, has an updated list of the best iPad casino sites in 2020.  All the casinos welcome you with bonuses. But take time to compare their games and ratings and choose the most suitable platform for you.

3. Bonus-Related Errors

It feels like theft. A casino woos you with an amazing welcome bonus. It asks you to deposit money in exchange for a 100% matched reward and you do it. But after you top up your account, you get no signs of a bonus.

What should you do? Check if a bonus code is required or whether you need to activate the incentive manually. Enter the required code; visit the promotions sector for bonus activation or message customer service for the same. If the problem persists, report to the customer help department.

Another common bonus error relates to meeting wagering requirements unsuccessfully. Let’s say you need to roll over a €50 bonus 20 times to turn your €1500 winnings into cash. Then you spend the required amount (€1000) but you still can’t withdraw your wins.

All american 100 game is a wonderful variation of Jacks. There are no bonus related errors in this game. This game is very popular and can be played with bets from $/€0.10 to $/€62.50

The first place to visit should be the bonus policies’ web page. Read the terms and conditions again to verify you followed every step. For example, did you follow game weighting requirements? Maybe you spent some of your money on Keno and it contributes zero percent.

If you followed all required terms; contact customer service for clarification. They should help you determine what went wrong.

4. Payment Delays

Payments are a sensitive topic on casino forums. And that’s because they’re a common source of many people’s bad experiences with casino sites. But before you panic and accuse an iPad casino of scamming you, follow the right channels to troubleshoot your problems.

For starters, check that the casino received your KYC verification documents and approved them. If KYC verification is a pending issue, then you must wait until the process is over before you get your money.

On the other hand, read the website’s payout policies once more. When does an operator process cashouts? What’s the maximum you can withdraw in a day? In many cases, you can discover more about a casino’s payout process by reading its policies.

If your withdrawal request delays longer than a casino promised, however, you might need to take advanced steps. For example, complain about your delayed payment on a casino forum. Most casinos will reach back to “save face.” But in doing so, they will process your money.

5. iPad Casino App Crashes Often

So, your favorite iOS casino app is suddenly misbehaving? Check if it’s time to update it. Old apps slow down, freeze, and crash regularly. Some casinos even force you to update your app by denying you access to an older version of an app. In light of that information, your only option is to update the app.

If you use the latest app version, then the problem could be the app design or your phone. Start by checking online reviews to discover a fellow player’s experiences with the same app. If there are no complaints, assess your iPad for outdated software or viruses.

Alternatively, switch to the casino’s mobile website. It’s what everyone uses these days. And that means more and more casinos are spending most of their resources on reliable mobile sites rather than apps.

6. This Site Can’t Be Reached Error

Everyone has come across this error message – this site can’t be reached. How can you troubleshoot it? Check your Internet transmission. The error often appears when you don’t have an Internet connection.

This Site Can’t Be Reached

So, after you configure your WiFi router or mobile data settings, the website will load web pages accordingly. Unfortunately, the error could also be caused by problems you can’t immediately fix.

Precisely, improper DNS configuration by a casino site owner can also invoke the same error message. In that case, your only option is to wait a few hours for the site to fix the problem. You could also contact them through email so that they fix the issue faster.