10 Best ‘Password Manager’ To Secure Your Online Accounts

You must be aware of the number of cybercrimes increasing day by day and to be protected from getting attacked by unauthorized users or advertisers; most people use VPNs, APNs, Anti-virus, and other things. However, people tend to avoid the fact that other than protecting our devices, we must protect our passwords also with Best Password Manager.

With the upgrading technology, people are getting used to doing things online rather than doing them manually from bank transfer to paying in a small street shop, buying stuff online, making payments of the various bill almost everything is now available online.

As the number of things we could do online are increasing, with that number of applications we can also increase which means different Ids and different passwords for each different website whether its social media are connecting app or bank payments app.

Of course, on average an individual won’t be able to remember all his/her passwords of every application. Therefore, most of us either use the same password for the maximum number of apps or websites or we use a simple & easy password such as our date of birth or our pet name or email Id, etc.

Which is very easy to hack and make us as the victim of cyber-crime. That is why we need to protect our passwords also, and for this, we need a decent password manager. So, today, we are about to share some best password managers you can use to protect your passwords safely.

In today’s digital age, the concept of passwords has become ubiquitous. From social media accounts to online banking, everything is password-protected. As such, it’s no surprise that password management has emerged as a crucial facet of cybersecurity.

In this SEO-optimized guide, we will cover the essentials of what a password manager is, how to view your passwords, syncing your passwords with Chrome, online password saving options, the benefits of using a password manager, and whether password managers are safe to use.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a software application designed to store, manage, and secure your passwords. It serves as a digital vault, holding a variety of passwords and locking them behind one master password.

How Do I See My Passwords?

If you are using a password manager, you can usually see your stored passwords by:

  1. Logging into the Password Manager: Open the application and enter your master password.
  2. Accessing the Vault: Navigate to the section where passwords are stored.
  3. View Password: Depending on the software, there may be an option to ‘reveal’ or ‘view’ the stored password.

How Do I Sync My Passwords with Chrome?

Syncing your passwords with Chrome involves integrating your password manager with the browser. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download Extension: Most reputable password managers offer browser extensions.
  2. Install and Log In: After installing, you’ll need to log in using your master password.
  3. Enable Sync: Once logged in, go to settings and enable syncing with Chrome.

How Can I Save My Password Online?

Saving passwords online can be done in multiple ways:

  1. Cloud-Based Password Managers: These store your passwords on a secure cloud server.
  2. Browser-Based Storage: Browsers like Chrome and Firefox offer to save your passwords, but this is generally less secure than a dedicated password manager.

What Does a Password Manager Do?

Before we take a look at the list of best password managers, first, understand the meaning and functionality of a Password Manager. “Password Manager protects your password, like any password of any application or website by hiding all your passwords.

A password manager suggests strong passwords and keeps them safe so, whenever you log into any of your favorite sites, “Password Manager” insects the correlated password automatically.

You just have to install Password Manager and then like in Banks you generate a strong password for the vault and all the money kept in each locker will be safe with their password.

Similarly, you have to create a strong and master password for the vault, and the rest of your passwords will stay safe, protected inside the vaults folder along with the related Id of each different site.

Top 10 Best Password Managers 2013

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top Password Manager:

1. RoboForm

RoboForm is one of the best Password Manager, and it is available for Mac, Android, Microsoft Windows & iOS. It is perfect for those who want a good, simple & secure password manager that allows you to sync your passwords on different platforms such as laptop, mobile & desktop, or tab, etc. and you only need to pay $19.95 for one year.

RoboForm - Best Password Manager

Here is a list of features RoboForm provides:

1. You can store a number of logins, even in its free version.

2. If you decide to buy it, you get family subscriptions also offers for up to 5 users.

3. Provides you with excellent browsing integration.

4. Has a strong password generator, which suggests to you what special characters you should use to create a strong password and makes sure you don’t use the same character in different passwords.

5. It gives you the ability to easy & instant logins in case of an emergency.

6. Easy password synchronization at different platforms and cloud backup.

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2. KeePass Password Safe

Some of you might find this password manager a little old or dated, but I would suggest trying KeePass as Password Manager on your device at least. KeePass Password Safe offers a lot of features you must take a look at. It is an easily customizable password manager application.

KeePass Password Safe - Best Password Manager

Let’s take a look at KeePass Password Safe’s features:

1. KeePass Password Safe is an open-source password manager which provides easy & instant inspection of any possible code weaknesses.

2. You can easily customize the tons of options it offers.

3. Can be installed using USB ports which means you can run KeePass on your device from another device using USB without actually installing it on your PC.

4. It provides you with multiple users support and an expandable feature set with various downloadable plugins.

5. Its secured password generator helps you in creating suitable logins, especially for those annoying sites which always want passwords in very specific forms.

3. Blur

It comes in both versions, i.e., free and paid; the latter one comes with a basic price of $39 per year. You can count Blur as one of the best password managers because of its wide variety of online features you might not find in any other single product in the past.

Blur - Best Password Manager

Blur can be installed on every platform such as Mac, Windows, iOS & Android.

Let’s take a look at a number of features Blur provides:

1. A most important feature of Blur is its digital wallet concept that allows & helps you to communicate on one hand while protecting your identity simultaneously, the other hand.

2. It saves you from online payment crimes by allowing you to create a one-use credit card number, which helps you to mask your real digits.

3. It provides you with two storage files one is local, and another one is the cloud-based vault, which means you have a large space to save all your information.

4. Another unique feature of blur is a virtual phone number, i.e., Blur permits you to generate a virtual phone number so you will no longer give your real number to anyone.

5. In short, Blur solves almost all of your password-related issues as it is an all-in-one solution that protects your privacy, passwords, and payments also.

4. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is intended for teams using using & working in a group with a basic price of $12 per year with no user count minimum.

Zoho Vault - Best Password Manager

Along with that, it also offers a free version for individuals on a trial period. Zoho Vault works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers and on Mac devices, Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Now let’s take a look at Zoho Vault’s features:

1. The company offers you customer support that works five days a week, i.e., from Monday to Friday 24 hours in case if you face any kind of problem regarding your passwords.

2. You can add up to 5 members for team usage for the Pro and Enterprise version of the Zoho Vault Password Manager.

3. The pro version of Zoho Vault cost around $48 per year, whereas the enterprise version cost around $84 per year.

4. Zoho Vault works very efficiently on a small business with SSO federated Login systems.

5. EnPass

EnPass Password Manager works in a very good manner with efficiency on every platform, which includes Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, BlackBerry, and iOS also. It takes care of all your passwords, social security numbers, your credit card & bank details, and almost every credential to keep you safe and protected from any malicious happening.

EnPass - Best Password Manager

 EnPass offers you a subtle number of features and now let’s take a look at those features:

1. EnPass also offers a USB port version, which means you can use EnPass even if its not installed on your device.

2. It offers a one-time fee version for iOS devices in which you only have to pay $9.99 as a one-time fee to use it.

3. EnPass focuses more on saving your data in local storage rather than on cloud storage, so the chances of your passwords getting hacked become less.

4. It offers passwords archives sync so; you can sync your passwords easily on your different devices using iCloud, Own Cloud, Google Drive, etc.

5. EnPass does not demand a user’s sign-up or registration, which means you are anonymous even to EnPass also.

6. It helps you in generating strong passwords by suggesting to you how to create strong passwords and what unique characteristics you should use.

7. EnPass offers different vaults so that you can save different environment passwords in different vault folders.


A password manager like psono.com suggests strong passwords and keeps them safe so, whenever you log into any of your favorite sites, “Password Manager” insects the correlated password automatically.

You just have to install Password Manager and then like in Banks you generate a strong password for the vault and all the money kept in each locker will be safe with their password.

Similarly, you have to create a strong and master password for the vault, and the rest of your passwords will stay safe, protected inside the vaults folder along with the related Id of each different site.

7. LogmeOnce

It is one of the best password managers you should try on your device, but the first thing you need to know about LogmeOnce is that it comes in 4 different versions.

First is a Premium Version which is free, then it has a Professional Version with a $12 per year fee, next it has an Ultimate Version with a $39 per year fee, and lastly it has a Business Version with SSO.

LogmeOnce - Best Password Managers

LogmeOnce offers a wide range of features which are listed below:

1. Mobile version of LogmeOnce has a Mug Shot feature that protects your phone and captures a photo if someone tries to break into your mobile phone.

2. LogmeOnce saves your data on local as well as cloud storage and also lets you sync your passwords on different devices via a Cloud-sharing device.

3. It offers a Single Sign-On, i.e., SSO feature using which you can log in or access all of your passwords with a single click only.

4. It is an easily customizable software that you can customize easily as per your need or taste.

5. LogmeOnce offers you another level of security & convenience too, i.e., Fingerprint Biometric, which allows you instant logins with a touch of your fingertip in Android and iPhone/iOS/iPad.

6. Allows you to browse privately & securely and avoid the chances of you being followed.

8. LastPass

It is not the least but one of the best password managers as considered by its user with 13.5 million people using it. LastPass comes in 3 different offerings which include a Free Version, a Premium Version with $3 per month, and Family Version with $4 per month with up to 6 users.

LastPass - Best Password Manager

It offers a wide range of features you should look at:

1. LastPass saves all your digital records of your memberships at different applications, your Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

2. It offers you an automatic password change.

3. LastPass saves all your information and data into cloud storage rather than storing them on local storage.

4. It easily syncs your passwords on all of your devices in one go.

Benefits of Password Manager


One of the biggest benefits is convenience. Remembering just one master password grants you access to all your stored passwords.

Enhanced Security

With a password manager, you can use complex and unique passwords for each account without the need to remember them.

Multi-Device Sync

Many password managers allow you to sync your passwords across devices, so you have access to them wherever you are.

Is Password Manager Safe?

A frequently asked question is whether password managers are safe to use. While no system can be guaranteed 100% foolproof, reputable password managers use high-level encryption algorithms to secure your data.

However, much of the security also depends on the user choosing a strong master password and keeping it confidential.

Extra Layers of Security

Many password managers offer two-factor authentication (2FA), further enhancing the security of your stored data.



In case we missed any of the best password managers, tell us about them in the comment section! You can also click here to check out our latest Video Editing Software list! In the vast world of cybersecurity, a password manager serves as a convenient yet effective guardian of your digital information.

Whether it’s the comfort of having to remember just one password, the enhanced security, or the ability to sync across multiple devices, the benefits are considerable. As for safety, while no system is entirely invincible, employing a trusted password manager significantly bolsters your cybersecurity.

Feel free to share this in-depth guide with anyone looking to understand the world of password management better.