iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting? Here’s How to Fix

Many factors can contribute to your iPhone losing its hotspot connection repeatedly. Included in this category is a mode that limits the amount of data your phone uses by turning off some background processes, known as “low data mode.”

In other cases, the problem may potentially originate with your carrier service.

Whatever the case may be, in this post we will show you how to fix the issue by utilising multiple approaches, so read on.

iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting

iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting: Quick Fixes

The hotspot function on your iPhone can be useful in a variety of situations. For instance, while travelling you may need to sync your iPhone’s data with a second device, like as an iPad or Mac.

But if your hotspot keeps dropping your connection, you may be curious as to why this is happening and what you can do about it.

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Solution 1. Check Data Usage

iPhone users can view their individual hotspot data use in iOS. It will show you how much data was used by each gadget on your network.

Your monthly data allowance from your service provider may be low. Select “Settings” > “Mobile Data” to view your personal hotspot’s data consumption.

Select Personal Hotspot under Mobile Data to view a detailed description of your device. Get a new data plan from your mobile provider if you need it.

Solution 2. Reconnect Hotstar Connection

You can force your Mac or PC to “forget” the currently connected iPhone hotspot, and then attempt to reconnect it using a password, if you know it.

A user can verify the iPhone hotspot’s password in advance of connecting by going to the device’s Settings > Personal hotspot. Your iPhone’s hotspot password can be modified in the same place.

Solution 3. Reset Network Settings

If you’ve exhausted all other options without success, you can try resetting your device’s network settings.

When you reset your network settings, all of the WiFi networks to which you are currently connected will be deleted, and you will need to enter the password for each network individually.

The same goes for any network-related customizations you may have made, such as Virtual Private Network or Proxy settings. Obviously, this also applies to hotspots.

This is often the case and can be very useful in such circumstances. In addition, the process is straightforward. If you want to change your network password, these are the steps to take:

Step 1: As a first step, launch the device’s settings menu.

Step 2: Head to General once you’ve arrived.

Step 3: Select Reset from the General menu.

Step 4: Click the Reset Network Settings button, and then click the OK button when prompted.

Step 5: Now just wait for it to finish up. Your predicament should have resolved itself after that.

Solution 4. Keep Personal Hotspot Screen ON

Keep the screen that displays the hotspot choice active if you are using a beta version of iOS. The same item can do wonders when paired with a computer via the iPhone’s hotspot.

Because the display is always on, this approach could significantly impact battery life. We recommend plugging onto an electrical outlet before beginning.

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Personal hotspot service on your iPhone can lose connection at times. There are many potential causes, but the most common is that your iPhone’s connection keeps dropping.

Your wireless service provider or the device you’re attempting to connect could also be at fault.

According to Apple, the hotspot on an iPhone will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time has passed with no use.

Specifically, if you haven’t interacted with the connected device within the last 90 seconds, your iPhone will turn off its hotspot. This is done so that your iPhone’s battery can last longer.