How To Fix ‘PS5 Controller Not Charging’ DualSense Controller Not Charging Fully

The DualSense controller for the PS5 is widely regarded as excellent hardware, but for those whose controllers aren’t charging properly, the experience may be less than ideal.

This could be a problem because you can’t just replace batteries like you can with an Xbox controller. If your controller’s battery life is short, you’ll have to play for shorter periods of time, charge it more often, or get a second controller.

PS5 Controller Not Charging

So, to save from experiencing those awful outcomes, here are some suggestions for getting your PS5 controller back to peak performance.

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With the launch of the PlayStation 5 (PS5), Sony introduced a revolutionary gaming experience, and at the heart of this change was the DualSense, better known as the PS5 controller.

However, like all technology, users have reported occasional hiccups, especially concerning charging. This article delves into the intricacies of the PS5 controller, common charging issues, and their solutions.

What is the PS5 Controller?

The PS5 controller, officially termed “DualSense”, is a transformative evolution from its predecessor, the DualShock 4. Featuring haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone, it offers an immersive gaming experience that attempts to let players “feel” the game in unprecedented ways.

What Causes the ‘PS5 Controller Not Charging’ Error?

Several factors can lead to this error:

  1. Faulty USB Cable: Wear and tear can damage the cable, preventing effective charging.
  2. Controller Firmware Glitches: Sometimes, software bugs can prevent the controller from charging properly.
  3. Charging Port Issues: Dirt or damage in the controller’s charging port can interrupt the connection.

PS5 Controller Not Charging

The PS5 Controller Not Charging has become a popular search keyword among owners of the newest generation of gaming consoles. Your PS5 controller’s ineffectiveness could result from a number of different sources. The charging cable is the most likely source of trouble.

It is possible that the controller’s charging cable is defective. Possible issues with the console’s USB port. The internal battery of the controller may be at fault if a PS5 controller stops charging. There are a number of potential causes for your controller’s current state of dysfunction, including those listed above.

How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging Problem?

After Sony introduced their next-gen console, numerous players complained that the PS5 DualSense controller stopped charging. Many players have mentioned this issue on the official community site, making it one of the most widespread ones.

In some cases, consumers report that their PS5s charge partially when they connect them to a power source, while in others, the consoles fail to charge at all when the PS5 button is pressed.

Solution 1: Check the Charging Port

If you’re using a working charging cable and are still having problems, the PS5’s charging port may be at fault. If your PS5 isn’t charging, check the charging port for any debris or dust and then follow the steps below to clean it.

Step 1: Start by using a clean cotton cloth or compressed air to attempt and restore charging functionality. Please don’t try to clean the plot by placing anything inside of it. This can severely compromise your billing strategy.

Step 2: Try charging your PS5 again after you’ve cleaned the plot to see if the problem persists. But if you’re still having problems after installing the new charging point, you should try another charging port.

Step 3: It’s available at PlayStation 5 service centres and on the PlayStation 5 website.

Once that’s done, you should see if your PS5 is charging, and if it is, you may move on to the following step.

Solution 2: Use PS5 Charging Station

There is no easier or more convenient way to charge your PS5 DualSense Controller than with a dedicated PS5 charging dock. There is no need for cables or wires when using a PS5 charging station. If your PlayStation 3 has been having trouble charging, this is the solution.

Solution 3: Charge PS5 Controller using a PC

Many players resort to the temporary solution of charging their PS5 using a computer or laptop. They state that it has helped them much.

Simply hook up your PS5 to a computer with a USB-C port and test the controller to see if it is charging. This is only a short-term fix, but it is completely risk-free.

Solution 4: Visit Customer Support Center

If none of those work, submit a ticket on the PlayStation Support Website. If your PS5 controller is broken, you can take it to the nearest Sony Service Centre to have it fixed. This problem will unquestionably be resolved.

If you’ve tried everything suggested here and still have trouble charging your PS5 controller, you should be able to do so successfully now.

Why is my PS5 Controller Not Charging But Plugged In?

This can be attributed to:

  1. A compromised connection due to a damaged USB port on the PS5 console or the charging device.
  2. An overly drained battery that requires more time before showing charging signs.
  3. A malfunctioning charging brick if you’re using one.

Why is my PS5 Controller Taking So Long to Charge?

Factors can include:

  • Using an Inefficient Charger: Not all chargers deliver the same power output.
  • Background Processes: If the PS5 is running updates or downloads, it might slow down the charging process.
  • Battery Age: Over time, all rechargeable batteries experience reduced efficiency.

How Do I Know if the PS5 Controller is Charging?

When the PS5 controller is connected and charging, the light bar will pulse or glow in an orange hue. If the controller is off, the light bar’s orange glow will remain static, indicating charging.

How to Reset a PS5 Controller?

If your controller is acting up:

  1. Locate the small reset button on the back of the controller, near the L2 shoulder button.
  2. Use a pin or a similar small object to press and hold the reset button for about 3-5 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the controller to the PS5 using a USB cable and press the PS button.

Can I Charge a PS5 Controller with a Phone Charger?

Yes, the PS5 controller uses a USB-C connection for charging, similar to many modern smartphones. As long as the phone charger has the necessary power output and uses a USB-C cable, you can charge your PS5 controller.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a PS5 Controller from Dead?

A fully depleted PS5 controller typically takes around 3 hours to charge completely. However, this duration can vary based on the power source and the cable’s quality.

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Sony has released their next-generation console, the PS5, and players have a lot of questions about it. Some users, however, have reported problems and are seeking solutions by searching for terms like “PS5 Controller Not Charging.”

We have come up with a few potential causes and solutions for the PS5 Controller Not Charging, so hopefully that will help.

the PS5 controller is a marvel of gaming technology, but like any device, it may present occasional issues. Understanding these problems and their solutions ensures an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience. Always ensure you treat your tech with care and use quality accessories to prolong its lifespan.