How To Fix ‘Check Bluetooth Radio Status’ in Windows?

If your computer’s Bluetooth driver is old or damaged, you may see the Bluetooth Check Radio Status error message. The problem may potentially be the result of an out-of-date version of Windows or BIOS on the computer.

If the user tries to turn on the system’s Bluetooth (often internal), but the Bluetooth toggle switch doesn’t work (or isn’t even present).

Check Bluetooth Radio Status

It is recommended to first try reverting the Bluetooth driver to an earlier version in order to see if the issue is resolved before attempting any other options to fix the Bluetooth radio. Additionally, check sure the aeroplane mode is turned off on your device (if using a Wi-Fi connection).

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When debugging, it can be helpful to right-click the Bluetooth device in the Devices and Printers box and select Properties after a successful connection. Check the Services tab and check sure everything is turned on.

In our connected world, Bluetooth technology plays a critical role in facilitating wireless communication between devices. Among the myriad of terms associated with this technology, “Bluetooth Radio” often leaves people puzzled.

This guide will unravel what Bluetooth Radio is, common issues like “Check Bluetooth Radio Status” in Windows, and how to troubleshoot or enable it.


What is Bluetooth Radio?

Bluetooth Radio is the hardware component within your device responsible for enabling Bluetooth functionalities. It acts as the transmitter and receiver, allowing your computer, smartphone, or other devices to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices like speakers, headphones, or keyboards.

Causes of “Check Bluetooth Radio Status” in Windows

Driver Issues

Outdated or corrupt drivers can lead to this message. Windows sometimes fails to update Bluetooth drivers automatically.

Hardware Incompatibility

Older computers may not be compatible with newer Bluetooth versions, leading to conflicts and the “Check Bluetooth Radio Status” warning.

Software Conflicts

Third-party software can sometimes interfere with Bluetooth functionalities, prompting this status check.

How to Fix ‘Check Bluetooth Radio Status’ in Windows

Recently, a number of users have mentioned that the error message “Check Bluetooth radio status” appears on their displays whenever they attempt to fix Bluetooth-related PC problems. Our investigation led us to conclude that faulty or out-of-date Bluetooth drivers are just one possible root cause of this problem.

If you are experiencing a problem similar to the one described above, you have come to the correct spot; here, we will show you how to fix it. Make sure Airplane mode is turned off before attempting any of the options described below.

Fix 1: Restart PC

In most cases, restarting the computer will solve the issue. If something is stuck in the system and you want to give it another shot after a restart. You may because everything will be reset to its original state. Try performing a full or hard shutdown if that doesn’t work.

Fix 2: Restart Bluetooth Services

Restart the Bluetooth services by entering services.msc into the Run prompt (Win + R) and clicking the Enter key. If you need to restart the Bluetooth Support Service, you can do so by finding it, right-clicking it, and selecting the option.

If there was an error with the associated service, it will be restarted and an error message will be displayed. At this point, you can experiment with turning Bluetooth on and off.

If any paired devices are malfunctioning, you can try unpairing them and then repairing the Bluetooth device as a final resort.

Fix 3: Restart the Services related to Bluetooth

Step 1: Reboot your computer by simultaneously pressing the Windows and R keys.

Step 2: In the box that appears, type services.msc and hit the Enter key.

Step 3: The system will now display the Services window.

Step 4: Identify the Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service in the provided list of services.

Step 5: Open the item’s properties by double-clicking on it.

Step 6: Choose Automatic as the Startup type under the General menu.

Step 7: Press the Cancel button that appears underneath it.

Step 8: Once the service has been disabled, stay on the General tab and keep Startup type set to Automatic.

Step 9: Click the Start button to initiate the service once more.

Step 10: After you are finished, click Apply and OK to save your modifications.

Step 11: n the Services app, find all the services that deal with Bluetooth and repeat steps 8 through 9.

Step 12: When it’s finished, go ahead and close the Services window before restarting the computer.

How to Enable Bluetooth Radio

Through Settings

  1. Go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Click on ‘Devices.’
  3. Choose ‘Bluetooth & other devices.’
  4. Turn on the toggle for Bluetooth.

Through Device Manager

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Locate the Bluetooth Radio.
  3. Right-click and select ‘Enable.’

Why Can’t I Find Bluetooth Radio in Device Manager?

If you’re unable to find Bluetooth Radio in Device Manager, consider these possibilities:

Disabled Hardware

The Bluetooth radio might be disabled in the BIOS settings.

Missing Drivers

Your device might be missing the required drivers, causing it not to display in Device Manager.

Hardware Failure

In rare instances, the Bluetooth hardware might be faulty, needing replacement.

Turning On Bluetooth Radio in Windows

  1. Open ‘Settings.’
  2. Navigate to ‘Devices.’
  3. Under ‘Bluetooth & other devices,’ turn on the Bluetooth toggle.
  4. Optionally, you can enable it from the Action Center by clicking the Bluetooth icon.

Checking Bluetooth Hardware on Windows

  1. Open ‘Device Manager.’
  2. Scroll to find the ‘Bluetooth’ dropdown.
  3. If visible, your hardware is likely in good shape.

Troubleshooting Sync Radio Bluetooth Issues

Restart Device

Often, a simple restart can resolve Bluetooth syncing issues.

Update Drivers

Ensure you have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed.

Check Compatibility

Verify that both devices are compatible in terms of Bluetooth versions.

How to Clear Bluetooth Cache

  1. Open ‘Settings.’
  2. Navigate to ‘Apps.’
  3. Locate ‘Bluetooth Share’ under ‘All Apps.’
  4. Select ‘Storage’ and click ‘Clear Cache.’

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Most Bluetooth problems can be fixed immediately by using the built-in Bluetooth Troubleshooter in Windows 11 and 10. If the troubleshooter reports that the problem is not fixed, however, you can use this technique to remedy it.

Now that the troubleshooter is completely useless, we’ll have to resort to manual troubleshooting.