Looking For a New Way To Pass Time? Try Word Games

Most people enjoy playing word games because these games are fun, but they also have many other benefits. For instance, word games have mental health benefits like stress relief. When playing a word game, you will forget your problems as you enjoy your game.

Word games also trigger the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good hormone that makes you more optimistic and gives you satisfaction. Everyone needs an outlet that can help them face the challenges they get each day, and word games can do this for you if you give them a chance.

Word games can also help you improve your vocabulary and understand and use big and complicated words. Learning new vocabularies plays a part in personal development, making you look intelligent and educated.

Word Games

If you are a writer, playing word games can help you to advance your career. When playing word games with different people, you can bond with them and create new social networks. Socializing plays an essential role in your mental wellbeing by improving your moods and helping you to relax.

We all need the skill of concentration because it helps with problem-solving. Word games require attention so that you can become a better player of the games. When you get good concentration in playing word games, you will eventually have an easy time concentrating on other aspects of your life. Word games can also make your brain function more efficiently such that you become more creative, get a good memory and improve your cognition.

There is a wide variety of word games that you can try. This article highlights some of the popular word games. If you want to get high scores when playing Scrabble, you can visit unscrambex.com to learn more tricks. This will help you to impress your playmates and even other players on the internet.

1. Bonanza Word Puzzle

Bonanza word puzzle is one of the popular word games that you can enjoy playing. The game is a hybrid of crosswords and puzzles. When playing the game, you will get a clue about the answer and then get many letters mixed up to figure out the solution. It would help if you then connected the puzzle pieces to come up with different words.

This game is fun, and it has no subscription price. It is also simple to play, although sometimes it can get challenging. However, as you continue to play the game, you will acquire more skills, and therefore, it becomes easier for you to figure out the words. The game is also kid-friendly, and consequently, both adults and kids can enjoy it.

2. Scrabble

Scrabble is a type of word game with various game options that include mind games, vocabulary, puzzles, and managing of boards.  There are different types of word games that you can play on scrabble, and they include scrabble upwards, which uses a two-dimension board, and scrabble slam, a word game that uses fast-paced cards and is suitable for traveling.

There is also an internet scrabble club, which is an online community of scrabble players. When playing a game or competing with others, the goal is to win. To learn how to get high scores in Scrabble, visit unscramblex.com for more tips. This will help you to impress your competitors and stand out as a good player.

One great tool for improving your game is the Scrabble Word Finder, which allows you to quickly search its large database to find the best options when faced with a difficult puzzle. You can simply enter the letters you have and instantly see all of the words you can create, along with their corresponding word scores.

3. Crossword

Crossword is also an entertaining word game, although it is old-fashioned. This game has been on newspaper pages for decades, and many people have enjoyed playing it. The game is still popular among some seniors, although new word games are an upgrade from the traditional crossword puzzles.

Best Word Games

4. Wordscapes

This is a game that uses crossword puzzles and Boggle. The game has over 10 million players, and it also features attractive graphics. When playing the game, you will get a mixture of different letters at the bottom of your screen, while the top of the screen has a crossword layout. To fill the crossword section, you should swipe the letters to form all the words that fit. There are over 5000 puzzles in this game and different game modes that you can enjoy.

5. Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a word game that is popular among many players. The game does not involve a lot of competition, but rather it is a collaborative platform. Dungeons and Dragons have an aspect of storytelling, and there are new improvements in the game like the Aardwolf Mud, Knights of Pen & Paper, and Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition.

6. Word Yard

Word Yard is a simple word game that involves different letters that you can fill in the crossword section. There are hundreds of levels that you can get to, although they become challenging as you progress. Other benefits of this game are that it supports different languages, has no time limitation, and can also enjoy offline services. There are also easy puzzles that your kid can play on Word Yard.

7. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is another popular word game that has more than 10 million installs and many users worldwide. The game has impressive features like playing against fictional characters. When playing this game, you can participate in contests with multi-player teams. Lovers of this game can also chat on the Facebook Words with Friends page. The game also hosts flash events and challenges where people can compete in the game.

8. Wordament

Wordament is one of the top pick word games for android devices. The game is interesting because it has exciting graphics and different board game styles that you can play. This game allows you to compete against many other players for achievement badges. This game has different difficulty levels that you can take as a challenge to become a better player and improve your vocabulary.

9. Alphabear 2

This is an exciting game that combines word games with bears and a funny story behind the games. This game has cute bears representing different personalities, and there are cartoons as you finish the game. There is also an option to style the bears that you pick on the game. This game can help you pass the time as you also have fun.

In summary, word games are an excellent way to pass the time, and they also help improve mental health. Playing these games can help you improve your vocabulary and advance your career. Improvement of brain functions like cognition, concentration, and problem-solving also comes with playing word games. The different types of word games are Scrabble, Wordscapes, and Words with Friends. Other examples include Wordament, Bonanza word puzzle, and Alphabear2. There are different levels of complexity and difficulty levels.