7 Best Social Media Apps That You Should Be Using in 2021

Social Media. It is the age of social media. Millions of people use social media every day in their life. Even you do it. There are hundreds of social media platforms out there connecting people in different ways, but only some of them are super famous and used by almost everyone. Life without social media seems to be impossible now because it connects us to people, and indirectly we are also connected to it.

Social Media Apps

There are apps like Snapchat and Instagram which focus on photos, while Facebook and Twitter primarily focus on texting. Every social media has its different function and different priority. You can use both types of social media platforms or just one. It all depends on your needs. There are other apps with social media elements, even though they are not social media apps. For example – dating apps can have social elements, but they are not categorized as social media apps.

7 Best Social Media Apps (Biggest, Safest, and Popular) in 2021

So here are the 7 best social media apps that you can find on this day. They are all unique and have their own features. Without beating around the bush, let’s get into the first app.

1. Facebook

Even if you are not on Facebook, you have heard of it. It is the biggest social media platform out there. It is extremely popular among people of all ages. It is a multi-media app Where you can post photos, videos, chat with others, and so on.

It has been around for some time and takes the top spot among the three most popular social media apps out there. If you are considering getting into social media, try debuting through Facebook. It is free of charge.

2. Instagram

Instagram is another one of the top 3 social media apps. It leans towards the video and picture content rather than simple chatting. Instagram is also controlled and owned by Facebook. It is getting much popularity nowadays with Instagram models and all that jazz. It is free to download and use.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique social media site. It does not focus on people rather on ideas. It is, of course, free to use. On Pinterest, you can find anything that you like. And by anything, we mean Anything! Ranging from interior décor ideas to anime food, they have all kinds of stuff. You can pin something you like on your profile board for future reference. It is not good for chatting and stuff, but if you are trying to find ideas, this is the place.

4. Reddit

It ranges from free to 4 dollars per month. It is a great social media app. It is basically a large forum where you can talk to others about anything and everything. However, we should warn you that Reddit has a lot of terrible people. There are so many bad people, but the good people can be outshone if you can find them.

It is a great social media app. It has a subscription option that allows you to get rid of all the apps. It also gets you some other special features that you can only access by getting your subscription.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is free for everyone. It is a unique social media site. It is a photo chat app. It is unique. You can add stories. There are location-sharing features too. This is more of a social media app than a messaging app. It has great filters to take pictures in, which are updated regularly.

The truth be told, it is popular among teenagers who like the idea of sending pictures. There is a full disclaimer that you will face some not safe from the work community. However, it is very interesting, and you may like it.

6. Twitter

Twitter is hot news nowadays. If something major happens then, this is the first community that will go nuts. So if you are keen on keeping yourself updated with the local news as well as getting some entertainment out of it, then Twitter is a must-have for you. To be honest, this app also has its share of crazy people who can make your experience awful, but it’s better to ignore such people and steer clear of them.

The app is easy to use, and with a word limit, the posts are never too long. It is basically a place where you can say a lot in a few words. Follow the people who you like to get tweet updates from them. It is absolutely free of cost, and you can directly download it from Google Play.

7. YouTube

You must be thinking that YouTube is a video streaming app rather than a social media. But it is the latter because people can like, post videos, comment on them and follow people. If you think about it, YouTube is just a video platform for Instagram.

YouTube is free of cost, but if you want to get rid of the ads, then you need to get a subscription of 13 dollars per month. YouTube is not perfect, but it is a go-to spot for everyone to watch videos. This one is also used by millions of users all over the globe.

Summing Up

We hope that you have gained some knowledge about social media apps from the following article. This is important to note that not all social media has the same features; however, the underlying agenda is the same: to allow people to socialize and interact. You might like some of them, and some of them might not be your style.

However, they are all trendy (we only stated the popular ones in our article, there are other social media sites and apps that are unheard of), and they are used by millions of users all over the world. Thank you once again for reading this article. We hope that you recommend this to a friend too. Good luck socializing!