5 Best VPN Services For Internet Users in 2023

An interjection saying the “Your requested URL has been blocked” can be annoying, and that is when VPN services come to the rescue. Stealing and misuse of data in the digital world is not a fact subjected to the exclamation.

Many VPN advertise to be the fastest service but bend the truth, Hold on! This isn’t the only fact to be amused about, VPN services assert to provide you security and best services yet ransack your data and are fraught with danger.

5 Best VPN Services For Internet Users in 2020

So, before you use the VPN services out there in the digital market, go through our article that caters to provide you with the analysis of the Best VPN services. You can download these VPN’s from DayDownloads. It will save your time as you will no longer need to visit each and every VPN’s website. So, lets move further and check this list of 5 best VPN.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN being a Berlin-based service is thrown to the spotlight in most of the research on best VPN services. It abides by its assurance and passes through all the ranking criteria.

It costs $6.67/mo and has a 30-days refund policy. Yes, the prices are of high range, but the services they provide justifies it. Below are some features that make ExpressVPN the best choice:

Features of ExpressVPN

1. Verified No Logs and Audited: ExpressVpn is among the few VPN services that have undergone an audit by Cure53, a reputable cybersecurity firm in Berlin, to ensure their no-logs policy and privacy protection measures.

2. Secure: ExpressVPN uses the highest encryption standards. It has a “Network lock kill switch feature” that ensures to keep the data safe even in the absence of a VPN connection. No data leaks ensued in the test.

3. Easy Access From Browser: It has easy access, browser extensions are available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and also incorporate HTTPS everywhere(an extension that encrypts the user’s communication with many significant websites) from EFF.

4. Available for All Devices: Router, ios, windows, Linux, Android, Mac Os, smart TVs). They prove to be a user-friendly application.

5. Secure Servers: It runs on Ram-disk mode, thus enabling saving logs impossible.

6. Responsive Feedback System: It offers a 24/7 live chat support system.

7. Fastest VPN Tested: Faster than other VPN services also in terms of long-distance connections.

Other Surplus Features

  • Works with Netflix
  • Best for torrenting
  • Enables the use of the VPN with the router.
  • Split tunneling- Enabled to route apps outside the VPN tunnel
  • Safe jurisdiction.

2. Perfect Privacy

It provides a high-end security-oriented service that provides you with a secured digital world and access at the cost of $8.95/mo.

Perfect privacy provides many advanced services which are a perk but also makes it less user-friendly for the average users. They have a 7-day refund policy. The key features are;

Features of Perfect Privacy

1. Multi-Hop: This feature is supported in Windows and macOS. This helps in encrypting your connection across two or more servers, which ensure a higher level of security.

2. Unlimited: You can get access to an unlimited number of connections and bandwidth.

3. Ad/Tracking Blocker: There is an inbuilt Trackstop feature that blocks ads, malware, tracking, and phishing domains.

4. Safe Jurisdiction & Secured Server: An excellent jurisdiction and bare-metal server that runs in Ram-disk mode.

5. IPv6 Support: Among the VPN services that provide IPv6 support (you can get both IPv4&IPv6 addresses).

6. Secure Apps: Customizable DNS and IP leak protection for secured usage of apps.

7. No logs: It provides a verified no-logs VPN service.

3. NordVPN

The NordVPN is as cheap as chips. It has many features that are updated continuously and expanding networks to enhance services. It is a Panama based service that serves at the cost of $3.49/mo with a 30-days refund policy. The remarkable features:

Features of NordVPN

1. Apps for All Devices: Provides enemorous of user -friendly services for all devices and operating systems.

2. Huge Server Networks: A vast working network, with 5,200+ servers in 60 countries.

3. Specialty Servers: They have specialty serves such as double VPN, Tor-over-VPN, obfuscated servers and more

4. Ad/Tracking Blocker: The enhanced CyberSec feature blocks tracking, malware, and advertising domains.

5. No-logs: NordVPN has passed a third-party audit of their logging in November 2018 conducted in Zurich, Switzerland.

6. Very Secure and Reliable: It has strong encryption(no leaks identified) and is the fastest.

7. Responsive Support: A 24/7 live chat support.

8. Works with Netflix: Access to Netflix from all over the world

4. VPNArea

An unpopular Bulgarian VPN service that actually provides excellent service charging a minimum cost ($2.99/mo). There is 30 days refund policy for three years plan and 14 days refund policy for a 1-year plan. The key features are:

Features of VPNArea

1. Secure: VPNArea provides a secured service with proper leak protection settings.

2. Adblocking: DNS services enable Ad-blocking.

3. Dedicated IPs: It has a dedicated IP address with different locations around the world.

4. Active Support: 24/7 live chat system support, email support, and also an installation manual.

5. Account Sharing: This feature is a perk; it enables six simultaneous connections per subscription.

6. No logs: It is a no-log VPN service.

7. Netflix Support: Access to NetFlix and other hubs such as BBC, iPlayer, and Skygo.

5. VPN.ac

It is a security-focused Romania based VPN service that charges $3.75/mo with a 7 days refund policy. Reasons why VPN. Ac is the best choice:

Features of VPN.ac

1. Secure: It is very secured and has support for many VPN protocols and encryption option, including WireGuard.

2. Reliable Servers: It consists of bare-metal servers that are secured.

3. Double-Hop VPN: It provides 22 different double VPN configurations.

4. Browser Extensions: Secured browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

5. Obfuscation: Extraordinary features to hide VPN traffic and to get around VPN blocking.

6. Safe Jurisdiction: A proper privacy jurisdiction.

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The top five mentioned VPN services have been providing the best services always. Choose them wisely according to your needs and ensure your data is secured, and there you go!