10 Best Free Video Editing Software for 2024

When you want the best video editing software, you look for the program that will wake your life easier. It needs to be uncomplicated to utilize it without escaping on the innovative features required by knowledgeable and desired video editors interchangeable.

The most splendid programs make your daily chore like trimming, cutting, applying and combining clips as direct as possible that’s correct anyhow whether you want the complete video editor out there if you were expecting for free video editing software as an alternative.

Installation of the second-class option will escort only to frustration and a less finished product. There are mass of paid-for and free video editing choices out there that will assist you in doing your best possible work, but that way is a disabling amount of choice too.

Why We Need Video Editing Software

A video editor utilizes footage, sound, and graphics to show the video. A classic day in the life may comprise creating usage and graphics and grow scripts; assemble and editing videos and photos for numerous platforms from short-form daily content for a social media platform to long-form sequence; and generate and attach graphics, animations, special effects, music sound effect and sound bites.

A video editor also produces a decision about boosting the content’s value online and assist the final version of the piece to the suitable dispensation platform. Video editing is used to stand in need of expensive machines called video editors, nevertheless now video editors, nevertheless now video editing software is accessible for personal computers and workplace classic video editing software comprise tools to cut segments, rotate or crop footage, add sound or data, convert files, other special effects and join the clips.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software

1 – Blender

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer design software toolset utilized for creating animated films, video games, art, interactive 3D features, and 3D printed models blender was initially released on 1, January 1998 which is 21 years ago.

Blender - Best Video Editing Software

The blender software is written in C++ and python. The current version also represents an integrated game engine.

Features of Blender

Blender’s features comprise compositing, motion graphics, video editing, soft body simulation, animating match moving, 3D modelling, texturing, UV unwrapping raster graphic editing, fluid, and smoke simulation.

Blender is released for Microsoft, Linux, and Mac are characteristics of high-end 3D software.

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2 – Light Works

Light works is an executive non-linear editing system and have been upgrading since 1989, and it won a 2017 EMMY award for digital non-linear editing developer.

Light Works - Best Video Editing Software

Light work has millions of taking over globally due to the software being accessible across three platforms in Windows, Mac, and Linux. The up-gradation of an open-source version was broadcasted in May 2010. It was initially released in 1989.

Features of Light Works

This version comes with the restricted number of features that are the real-time effect, advanced Multicam editing, second monitor output, ability to import a wide range of file types, export to video up to 720p HD.

This version has the size of 93MB. It cannot be exported to DVD, Blu-ray, but can export to a hard drive.

3 – Shotcut

This is free and open-source, where we can use different software packages with video editing features for free BSD, Linux, Mac Os, and windows it was started by Dan Denial, in 2011.

Shotcut - Video Editing Software

Shotcut is expanded on the MLT multimedia framework, in up-gradation since 2004 by the same author. This software is written in C, C++.

Features of Shotcut

Shotcut brace video, image formats, and audio through FFmpeg. It operates a timeline for non-linear video editing of numerous routes that may be collected from various file formats. Scrubbing and carrying control are accommodated by open GL of video and audio filters are accessible.

4 – Free Make Video Converter

Free make video converter is a proclaim entry-level video editing app is developed by Ellora assets corporation. This software can be utilized to change between music visualization, create photo slideshow, rip video DVDs, and video formats.

Free Make Video Converter

It was initially released on 1 July 2010. It has the operating system on windows. This software is available in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, and also in Japanese.

Features of Free Make Video Converter

This software is an entry-level video editing app. It can execute direct non-linear video editing tasks, such as flipping, cutting, rotating, and combining multiple videos into a single file with transition effects. Free make video converter can run many videos, image formats, and audio to 3GP, AVI, MP4, WMV, DVD, and FLV.

5 – Video Pad

A video pad is a video editing feature invented by NCH software for the home as well as the non-manual market.

Video Pad - Free Video Editing Software

The software is accomplished by the virtual dub plug-ins that work with the software. A video pad is the part of a company that combines software created by NCH software. This software comprises a sound editing program, a Mix pad, wave pad.

Features of Video Pad

Video pad brace often utilized file-formats comprising audio video interleave, 3GP, windows media video, and Divx. It braces simple video uploads to youtube, flicker, and Facebook.

The non-free edition does not limit video tracks concurrently; the charged version permits users to cause Blu-ray discs.

6 – Avidemux

Avidemux is a free and open-source video editing program made for video processing and video editing. It is written in C++ for its user alliance. This software is available in languages like English, Czech, French, Italian, and German.

This software can create files that are appropriate with video CD, SVCD, or DVD video. It has both a simple profile and an advanced simple profile and advanced simple profile.

Features of Avidemux

Avidemux brace multiple formats like AVI, MP4. H.264 and H.265 it does not yet, or on partly brace modern open formats like opus, webM, VP3, VP9, and AV1. Avidemux can also comprise audio streams into a video file.

7 – Open Shot

The open shot is a free and open-source video editor for Linux, window, Mac Os, and Free BSD.

Open Shot - Video Editing Software

This software started in 2008 and was started by Jonathan Thomas with the target of giving a free, stable, and friendly to utilize video editor. This software is written in python and C++.

Features of Open Shot

Open shot brace mostly utilized codes that are braced by FFmpeg, including webM(VP9). The open shot is a cross-platform video editor with a brace of Mac, Windows, and Linux.

It simply and quickly helps down your videos to quickly trim the videos and capture the perfect moment utilizing the video effect engine; you can remove the background from the video and adjust color, brightness.

8 – iMovie

iMovie is a video editing software application that is sold by Apple.Inc. For iOS and Mac. It was launched in 1999 as a Mac OS 8 features bundled with the Firewire, which enable the consumer Mac model.

iMovie - Best Video Editing Software

It has the operating system in Mac OS, classic Mac Os. Imovie moves video footage to the Mac, which is either utilizing firewire connection from digital video cameras or USB port.

Features of iMovie

The latest version of iMovie includes options to modify and increase video color settings, rotate and a crop of a video clip, and keep from fluctuating shaky videos, with the feature of adding video effects and altering the speed of clips.

It also has the features to create remarkable slideshows in clicks with photos, video, music, and voice over.

9 – Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm is the leading way to find the enthusiasm of creating your movies. Power editing and surprising special effects are there in the hit-film express. No other video software provides such an enormous range of applications and free training at this kind of price.

Hitfilm Express - Video Editing Software

With strong video editing and astonishing special visual effects, this software is a leading product for making and editing your own movies and videos. Also, Hitfilm gives you entry to the most strong free video-editor VFX software.

Features of Hitfilm Express

The main features of hit film express software are that it has the features like-professional grade video editor, full 2D and 3D, 410+ effects and also, presets, free video tutorials and projects, unlimited tracks and transitions windows and Mac compatibility. From edit to upload, this software has everything you need.

10 – VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC free video editor is a direct editing system that is published by flash-integro, LLC.  The program is customized for editing digital video and audio files in many other formats.

VSDC Free Video Editor - Best Video Editor Software

Inclusive of ultra-high definition and high definition intention, providing professional post-production effects.

Features of VSDC Free Video Editor

There are some basic editing features in this software, which are cutting, merging, and splitting video and audio tracks. You can also change the speed of the video, splitting a video file into audio as well as video tracks and editing them as separate objects. You can also add or create text and subtitles.


Summing Up

I hope you have liked our list of best Video Editing Software.