The Best Online SIM Card Tracker for Phone

SIM card tracker is an app that can help in tracking the location of a phone using that SIM card. This SIMcard tracking app can also help in getting various types of information about the person using that SIM card.

Best Online SIM Card Tracker for Phone

What’s the SIM Card Tracker App?

This app can be more useful in case of tracking the phone when it is lost or stolen. It can help you to track your phone any time because your account with this app provider stores all the data about it online.

What Can the SIM Card Tracker Snoopza Tell You?

Snoopza, the best sim card tracking application allows you to monitor the geolocation of the SIM card at present as well as in the past along with getting various types of other information like tracking call duration and time, messages in the form of SMS and MMS,

Phone numbers on the phonebook of the phone, location of SIM card, documents, photos, videos, multimedia files and images sent or received through that SIM card, contact list, websites visited, photos clicked by the camera of the phone and conversation on multimedia platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, etc.

Best Online SIM card Tracker for Phone

In this way, Snoopza is the best SIM card tracking app because it allows you to use more than ten tools not only to monitor the target SIMcard but also to get complete information regarding the usage of the tablet or phone in which that SIM card was used.

How Does a GPS Tracker Snoopza Work?

Snoopza works as a GPS tracker in two ways, including tracking the change of the SIM card in a particular device and tracking the SIM card to find the location of the Smartphone in which it is used. You will immediately get information when the user of a particular phone tries to change its SIM card.

You will get this information online in the user panel of your phone. Snoopza can continue to track the Smartphone even if its SIM card has been replaced. In this way, Snoopza can significantly help in finding your missing Android device, Smartphone, or Tablet. You can track your devices even if it has been concealed by the thief.

How to Use the SIM Card Tracker Snoopza

You can quickly start using SIM card tracking app Snoopza within few minutes just by following two steps including:

Step 1: You will have to sign up for free on the website of and open your account if you don’t have one.

How to Use the SIM Card Tracker Snoopza

Step 2: Now you can download and install this SIM card tracker for free on the target device by using your online account.

After installing this app on the target phone, you can use your account to start tracking it as well as recording all the information provided by it anytime from anywhere.

How Do I Stop My SIM Card from Being Tracked?

Though the SIMcard tracking technology used in SIM card trackers can be helpful for you in many ways, like searching for a nearby restaurant or filling station, etc. but it can also allow others to get information about your location and the usage of the device.

Several methods can be used legally or illegally to know your rental through your SIMcard like GPS radio on your phone, The WiFi hotspot you are connected to, and wireless signals from the cell tower.

You can prevent tracking of your Android device by using a SIMcard tracking app by disabling the methods discussed above in a few easy steps like:

Method 1: Switch on Airplane Mode

Switch on Airplane Mode

You can turn off the WiFi and cellular radios of your device just by turning on its Airplane Mode. The Airplane Mode in your phone will disconnect the Wi-Fi and mobile communications installed in your device so that they cannot be connected to their networks.

Method 2: Disable GPS Radio

In some phones, GPS radio is the part of the Location in Privacy settings, whereas, in some, it has a separate configuration. The location of your phone cannot be detected if you disable GPS radio on your phone as it will deactivate your GPS location tracking system. In some phones, GPS gets disabled by turning on Airplane mode.

Method 3: Disable Location Service

In the iPad or iPhone of Apple, you can stop tracking your device by disabling its location services. To disable location services, you will have to click on the Settings tab of the equipment and select Privacy to find Location Services, which is used by several apps. You can disable this service for certain specific apps or all apps as per your requirements.

On Android devices, you can turn off Google location settings to disable location history and location reporting just by selecting the location in their Settings tab. Various apps use these features to know your present as well as past whenever required area by using software or search engines like Google Now etc. you can also delete the entire history of your location from your device.

But while disabling your location service, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to use some of the essential apps like Google Maps, etc. that cannot work without accessing your location. Still, you can disable it if your Privacy is in danger.

Method 4: Shut Down your Phone

Shut Down your Phone to Stop SIM Card from Being Tracked

The most straightforward way to avoid tracking the location of your Smartphone is to turn it off completely. Though you may not be able to use your phone for any purpose, it will enable you to stop tracking your location. You can take the back up of the data on your phone on your PC before switching it off, if you may need it later on.

Can the SIM Card Track the Location of A Phone?

Yes, SIMcard can help in tracking the location of your phone by using SIMcard tracking software like Snoopza. This software can track the location of your phone by using Wi-Fi hotspots or towers of the network.

Online SIMcard Tracker for Phone

It can also track your phone even if you have changed its SIM card because it helps the user to use the device for surfing online, making and receiving calls and text messages by connecting to the network of mobile service providers. It also records the number of the phone, text messages, and information of its own identity.


Thus, if you have lost your Smartphone or any other Android device, then you can track its location easily by using the best online SIMcard tracking app for phones like Snoopza.