How to Recover Deleted Photos from a RAW SD Card

An SD card goes RAW when its file system is damaged. No operating system can read it; thus you can’t gain access to any of the files stored there. But they aren’t gone, you still can recover data from a RAW SD card if you take the right steps. There are a lot of ways to recover deleted photos, but not all of them can guarantee you 100% success. However, there’s one method that will definitely get your files back.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from A RAW SD Card

Use Deleted Photos Recovery Software to Extract Data

The first thing your computer will recommend is formatting the card. This may fix the file system, but your photos and other valuable data will be lost. Well, at least 80% of it will perish. So, before trying to fix the RAW SD card itself, you have to recover lost photos.

There are a lot of methods to recover photos on Windows 10 and other operating systems, but the best one yet is using special software. There are more professional and more regular user-oriented programs, and we recommend that you choose one according to your knowledge level.

How to Find the Best Recovery Tool Online

Here’s what to look for in a high-quality deleted photo recovery tool:

1. Again, depending on your skill level, find a program that will match it. There are a lot of wizards with detailed tutorials, graphic interface, tips, FAQs, customer help, and more. If you’re trying to recover deleted photos for the first time, we recommend choosing a highly-interactive program.

2. It seems such software has to do one thing – retrieve lost files. However, you may need a deep scan, several recovery functions since one might not work, and more. Some tools also have preventing functions that back up your data whenever you connect the SD card to the computer.

3. Most people think recovery software is super expensive. As a matter of fact, you can get your data back for less than $100. Some tools even offer free help, but they are usually for the people who know what they are doing. The more work and effort goes into the design and functionality, the more you should pay for the tool.

4. Reviews mean a lot for the final choice of the best file retrieving software. Make sure you find several platforms where users share their experience using the software you’re interested in.

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How to Use a Software to Recover Lost Photos from an SD Card

The algorithm depends on the program, so let’s take standard steps for an interactive multi-functional one:

Step 1: Install the tool and get familiar with it;

Step 2: Look for the “Scan” button or buttons, choose the most suitable option;

Step 3: See if the needed files are on the list; if not, use “Deep Scan“;

Step 4: When you find all the data you need, try recovery options one by one until you can save the files;

Step 5: In order to copy the saved data to your computer, you may need to upgrade the program, so do it.

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Never get frustrated when your SD card or any other external data medium goes RAW. File system failures happen because of various reasons, including malware, virus attacks, computer system errors, and much more. But the best way to retrieve deleted photos is still using special software. After you recover the data, you can format the card freely and/or take it to a specialist if you don’t want to make the situation worse.