10 Best Data Recovery Software Tools {Free and Paid}

Have you lost all your data because you forgot to backup? Well to help, here is a selection of top 10 Free Data Recovery Software Tools that could get back whatever was stored on your desktop, laptop or phone.

People store personal Photos, videos or work documents on their devices. These files often get deleted or lost by mistake. These deleted files can still be present on your memory drive, but recovering them on your own can be a tough job.

So using data recovery software, you can get these files back in no time. You must not always depend on data recovery software because the process can be tricky. If your hard drive is damaged severely or too old to function properly, data recovery can turn out to be fruitless.

It might not be possible for all types of program to get the job done, all the time. So, to be safe, you should always back up your data on another device such as on an external hard drive or a pen-drive or you can also backup your data online. But if the backup doesn’t work, then data recovery software is your best option.

Top 10 Data Recovery Software Tools to Get Your Files Back

With any of the Data Recovery Software listed below, you can undelete your lost documents, images, video/audio files, etc. and that too absolutely free of any cost.

1 – Puran File Recovery

It is considered as one of the best data recovery software out there. It can detect more deleted files than any other software and help you recover your files and data in partitions. It provides you with many advanced options according to your need. With this software, you can also retrieve files formatted disks.

It doesn’t matter what type of file it is, Puran File Recovery can help you find it on almost any device that is detected by Windows such as your phone, pen-drive, CDs, Hard Disk, etc. Its simple interface makes it very easy to use and understand the provided functions and options.


  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit version portable form.
  • Deleted files can be viewed in two different ways.
  • Before recovering the file, you can see if the file will be recovered well or not.
  • Can scan FAT12/16/32 & NTFS file system.


  • You can only get this free for home-use but not for business or commercial use.
  • Not updating frequently.

2 – Recuva

Recuva is highly useful for businesses and individual users. It can do the magic that much other software is unable to do, with Recuva you can recover data from damaged device or devices that has been formatted recently. You can recover files and data from any rewritable device such as USB, hard disk, and even from your iPod.

The advanced deep scan mode on this software scans deep through the device and finds any detectable trace of the deleted files. If you want any file to be deleted for good, Recuva also helps you delete a file in secure ways so that no one can recover them again.


  • Can be used with almost all Windows OS.
  • Many advanced options are available.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Is available in the portable version.


  • The downloading page is confusing.

3 – Stellar

Many tech geniuses consider Stellar the best free data recovery software. It is compatible with a wide variety of computers, mobile devices, servers, and storage devices. This package includes tools for data recovery, image recovery, iPhone data recovery, and video repair.


  • Stellar is compatible with a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and mobile phones for video correction.
  • You can get back your lost media files, whether they’re on an SD card, CF card, USB stick, or any other type of storage medium.
  • It’s compatible with the iPhone and iPad, and it can retrieve lost data like images, videos, messages, calendar events, and phone logs.


  • Stellar Data Recovery is a bit pricey, but it does its job well.
  • Only up to 1 GB of data may be recovered with Stellar.

4 – Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a very good data recovery tool and is preferred by many people because of its extremely simple and easy-to-understand design. Even people with no prior experience with software as such can hardly get confused.

It can recover upto 500MB of data in one go from your internal storage system or external storage devices such as memory cards, iPods, USB, etc.

It gives the option to preview the files before it is being recovered. You can also pause and resume scans at your own will. It also lists and categorises recoverable files to make the process easier and faster. You also save scan results so that if you want you can recover files later.


  • Categorises files.
  • Can filter data by date and/or size.
  • Quick scan option.
  • Works with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Supports different file system.
  • Deep scan mode.


  • No portable version available.
  • Doesn’t let you preview file before recovery.
  • Only 500MB of data can be recovered.

5 – Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete presents an excellent and easy to use interface, which makes it a very good free Data Recovery tool.

It has a simple Folder viewing style, much similar to the Explorer. You can view the recoverable list files, and the exact state of each file found which helps you to understand how successful the recovery will be.

To recover your data, you need to first download and install the software on your device. It helps you recover files from both internal and external storage devices, including hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.


  • Gives a clear indication of how well the file is recovered.
  • The download size is only 5.33 MB.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Is not available in a portable version.
  • Suggests you install a toolbar program with Glary Undelete.
  • Not updating frequently.

6 – Wise Data Recovery

It is a very easy to use file recovery tool. You can install the software on your desktop or laptop and use it to recover data from any detachable drives and devices such as memory cards, USB drives, etc.

The instant search function on this software to quickly find recoverable files and undelete them. Besides the list of recoverable files, you will find a Recoverability column that shows how the condition of the recovered file might be. It categorises them as very poor, poor, good or lost. With just one right-click on the file, you can recover it.


  • Quick scan.
  • Shows the chance of recoverability of the file.
  • Portable version available.
  • Works on any Windows OS starting from Windows XP.


  • The original file structure is lost.
  • Not available for Mac or Linux.

7 – SoftPerfect File Recovery

It is a fantastic data/file recovery program. The interface is easy to understand and use with next to no trouble.

You can retrieve data from all types of external storage devices such as hard disk, USB, Phones, etc., except CDs and DVDs. The file to be installed is as small as the only 500KB which makes easily portable on USBs or Floppy disks

It is supported on all the Windows OS, both new and old such as Windows 7,8, XP, server 2000,2003 and also 2008, ME, 95,98 and NT. Its version 1.2 works just fine with Windows 10. It also compatible with the 64-bit version of Windows


  • User-friendly.
  • Easily portable.
  • Can search deleted files by filename.
  • Can restore many files at a time.


  • Only supports two types of the file system.
  • Cannot view files before restoration.
  • Doesn’t tell you how successful the recovery might be.

8 – UndeleteMyFiles Pro

It is multi-advantage professional data recovery software and is free of any charges. It gives you two different viewing options to choose from- Detailed view and Tree view. It also lets you the condition of the recovered files before-hand. You can view files from a temporary folder where the undeleted or recoverable files are stored.

The Emergency Disk tool on UndeleteMyFiles Pro lets you make a replica of the data stored data on your device and stores them in a file. You can go through this file to find data/file you have been looking for and restore them. This saves you from the risk of writing new data over the deleted ones.

You can search file by size, date, type, location and its attributes. It doesn’t tell whether the recoverable file is in good shape or not, which it’s the biggest disadvantage.


  • Provides a wizard process.
  • Includes several unique features.
  • Two file viewing mode.
  • Can search file by attributes.
  • Can delete data permanently.


  • Doesn’t work on Windows 10 but any other Windows OS
  • Doesn’t show the state the recovery file.

9 – MiniTool Power Data Recovery

It is a powerful Data Recovery Software that has to be installed on your device for use. Installing a new program when you are trying to recover your lost file can be risky because new software might overwrite the file you want to undelete. So, the files can get damaged and cannot be recoverable anymore.

MiniTool Power Data can be used to recover the file from both external and internal storage devices. You can recover several files simultaneously. You can get a list of all the deleted data and store in a text file for future reference.

It works well with both the new and old Windows OS.


  • Modern interface.
  • They are supported on several devices.
  • Multiple folder/files can be recovered at the same.
  • You can pause scan for files.


  • No portable version.
  • Only 1GB can be recovered for free.

10 – Restoration

 It is a straight forward and easy to use data recovery software which helps you to undelete data or files which might get deleted from the recycle bin or the from the system itself.

The recovery process of this software is very simple to understand. There are no complicated options or buttons, and you can find all the required options in one window. Restoration helps you restore files from both internal and external storage devices such as USB, digital camera card, memory cards, etc. it also works with NTFS and FAT file systems.

The Restoration software is very small in size and doesn’t require prior installation. It is portable via floppy or USB drives. Restoration helps to search and sort deleted file by name, date, size, etc.


  • Simple interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Can overwrite deleted data.
  • Can find empty deleted folder/file.


  • Doesn’t work properly on the newer Windows OS.
  • Can restore one file at a time.
  • Can’t restore a whole folder in one go.
  • Doesn’t show you the condition of the file before it is restored.

11 – FreeUndelete

It is simple yet a little bit primitive looking software that helps you recover files that were deleted recently. You can narrow down the list of recoverable data with “Folder Drill Down”, but you cannot search file by name, size or any other keyword.

Although the software presents you simple options and buttons, it doesn’t provide any wizard guide. You have figure out how to use it and restore files. It works on your PC or laptop or any device connected to it. It is more compatible with the newer versions of Windows and doesn’t work on Mac or Vista.


  • Simple interface.
  • Has a portable option.
  • Can filter and sort data/files.
  • Lets you know how the recovery will be before the restoration.
  • Can restore multiple files or folders at a time.


  • Available for individuals only and not for business/commercial use.

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There are a lot more software available than the one listed above. But most of them often turn out to be duds and doesn’t help you recover anything at all.

So you should be careful while choosing your data recovery software because some software can do more harm to your device than good. The above listed 10 data recovery software ensures your data is recovered as safely as it can be, file by file on in one go and that too, without spending a penny.