An Overview of PvP in OSRS For 2023

Old School RuneScape is the MMO with arguably the hardest-to-master PvP of all the popular games. Because of this and the game’s complexity, many players don’t PvP and just focus on the PvM part of the Game.

Over the years, this has led to a split within the community where many identify as PvPers, PvMers, or Skillers. Since most players belong to the last two categories, the PvP community has often felt neglected and left aside with considerably fewer updates than the other aspects of the game.

OSRS PvP 2023 Overview

However, with this year’s updates, the PvP part of OSRS has received the much-needed love it deserves.

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Wilderness Bosses Rework

In January, the Wilderness bosses rework went live, giving PvPers and PvMers alike great reasons to step into the Wilderness and get the new PvP meta items as unique drops from the reworked bosses.

The three bosses were moved from the surface of the Wilderness into their caves, and they were given solo variants so players who prefer solo content could still obtain their drops.

The reworked bosses allowed a new way to earn significant amounts of OSRS GP while creating new PvP hotspots, and after some balancing work on Jagex’s part, everyone seemed to agree that this change was very positive.

Bounty Hunter

The most loved PvP minigame built around target killings and occupies a unique place in the hearts of many has also returned this year after being disabled since it was used as a hub for bannable offenses and other suspicious behaviors.

RMT, players selling OSRS accounts for sale, griefing, and botting, are just a few reasons why Jagex initially decided to remove this content.

Now they brought it back with some incredible changes meant to minimize the risk of unwanted behavior, such as mainly bringing untradeable rewards and even going as far as bringing weapons and armor pieces that work with charges and which you can only use for PvP.

After you initially obtain them, you’ll need to charge them to be able to use them, and upon death, you will retain the items in their uncharged form, and the player who killed you will get the GP you used to charge them with.

Wilderness Slayer

The wilderness slayer has also received some love with quality of improvements such as doubling the number of Trouver parchments dropped in the Wilderness Slayer cave, as well as an extension to the revenants tasks, both aimed at making it more worth it for you to slay creatures in the wilderness and risk PvP encounters.

Point-Based Combat Achievements

With the new system of point-based combat achievements, you’ll get your rewards faster and easier. Starting with the hard tier, you’ll be able to get ecumenical keys more often in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeons.

Hence, players who completed the hard combat achievements and higher who are also likely to engage in PvP feel even more encouraged to do so, especially since some of the GWD bosses are much easier to access ecumenical keys than killing their respective creatures.

Revenants Cave

Even though the revenants cave has not received an update in 2023, it still represents a great place for PK and anti-PK, train some combat levels, kill some revenants, and get some decent loot.

PvP Arena

Introduced in-game as a replacement for the Duel Arena, the PvP arena is less Popular than it used to be. PvPers migrated towards other pieces of content, especially with the recent launch of Bounty Hunter.

OSRS PvP 2023 Overview


The PvP battle royale style minigame has not seen a real update since last summer when Jagex introduced two new builds to offer more diversity. However, it is still a trendy place, especially for those who want to learn to PvP.

The minigame is excellent because it can enhance your understanding of PvP mechanics without risking your hard-earned gear or resources. It provides an even playing field where everyone starts with the same equipment, so your success depends on your skill, strategy, and quick thinking, not your in-game wealth.

Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with different weapon types and combat strategies while earning valuable rewards. LMS is a fun and effective method to improve your PvP skills and prepare for the wide range of challenges OSRS offers.

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Deadman Apocalypse

Jagex announced that the temporary PvP game mode, Deadman Apocalypse, will return in late summer this year. The game will be split into multiple combat tier brackets, and the sigils will depend on them.

As always with Deadman, you’ll be able to gain XP at increased rates since it’s a temporary game mode, and Jagex also announces that they are planning something entirely different for the finale. The total prize pool for this year’s Deadman is 25 thousand dollars, and it will be split into 50 prizes of 500 dollars each.