How To Make a Campfire in Minecraft

In Minecraft’s blocky universe, accuracy requires a lot of work. That’s because the vast majority of blocks can only carry out a single action. Both the blast furnace and the stonecutter specialise in their respective fields.

Nonetheless, your block usage in Minecraft will increase dramatically after you learn how to build a fire. It can be used for many different purposes, including but not limited to cooking, lighting, and illuminating Minecraft bases.

In this manual, we will discuss How To Make a Campfire in Minecraft and its many applications. Let’s not dally any longer, shall we, and find out how to build a campfire in Minecraft?

How To Make a Campfire in Minecraft

In the ever-expanding sandbox world of Minecraft, the Campfire is an interesting block that serves multiple purposes. It’s more than just a decorative piece and can be extremely useful in various aspects of gameplay.

But what is a Campfire in Minecraft used for? Can it burn your house down? Does it affect bees and mobs? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of Minecraft Campfires.

What is Campfire in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a Campfire is a block that can be used for cooking food, emitting light and smoke signals, and more. It adds both aesthetic and functional value to your virtual world. Introduced in the Village & Pillage update (1.14), the Campfire has become an integral part of the Minecraft experience.

What is Campfire in Minecraft Used For?

Cooking Food

A Campfire can cook up to four food items simultaneously. Just right-click on the Campfire with the food item, and it will start cooking.

Emitting Light

A Campfire emits a light level of 15, making it a useful tool for illuminating dark areas.

Smoke Signals

If you place a Hay Bale under a Campfire, the smoke rises higher, making it visible from a greater distance. This can be used for signaling or marking a specific location.

Repelling Mobs

The smoke generated can also act as a deterrent for certain mobs, making your area safer.

How to Build a Campfire in Minecraft (2023)

There are a plethora of ways in which the campfire in Minecraft can interact with other things. Check out the table down below to see what each one entails. But first, let’s find out what makes a campfire different from a soul campfire.

How Does Minecraft Define a Campfire?

A campfire is a fire-based block in Minecraft that serves multiple purposes, including cooking, lighting, and even communicating via smoke signals. It’s design is spot-on for passing off as a genuine campfire fed by a log supply. In Minecraft, though, the campfire serves as an endless supply of fuel.

In addition, a soul campfire mod is available in Minecraft. It has the characteristic turquoise flames of the underworld. Later in this tutorial, we’ll discuss the key distinctions between a traditional campfire and a soulful one.

Minecraft: Where to Locate a Campfire

Taiga villages, Snowy Taiga villages, and Ancient Cities are the only places in Minecraft where the standard campfire spawns by default. The campfire is simple to dismantle by hand or with a tool. There is no organic way to create a soul campfire. It must be made by hand following the instructions given.

Get a Campfire by Bartering with Locals

In the event that you are unable to locate a campfire in any of the local communities, you may also barter with the locals to get one. Villagers at the “apprentice fisherman” level will trade emeralds for frequent campfires.

Minecraft Campfire Ingredients

When making a campfire in Minecraft, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 3 logs
  • 3 sticks
  • A chunk of coal or charcoal (for a regular campfire)
  • Soul Soil Block (for soul campfire)

The logs are the most accessible of these materials. In Minecraft, obtaining logs is as easy as breaking a tree. When you’re done with the planks, the same log can be used to fashion sticks.

Please note that stripped wood, stripped logs, and stem blocks can all be substituted for standard logs in the campfire recipe.

Obtaining Coal or Charcoal

Our Minecraft ore distribution map makes it simple to track down coal in the game. A campfire can be made using just one coal. If you’re having trouble tracking down coal, though, you can always smelt any kind of wood log in the furnace to make charcoal.

Coal and charcoal can both be used as fire fuel. However, there is no clear winner between the two. Choose the one that’s more convenient for you to access.

Methods for Acquiring Soul-Made Soil

Soul dirt is an essential component in the making of a campfire that can be used to access one’s inner self. This block can only be accessed from the Nether, thus a portal to that dimension and a trip there are in need.

It takes only a few minutes of exploring to find your soul’s soil here. The flame, which is a vibrant turquoise, is the best indicator that you’re standing on soul soil.

Soul dirt can also be found in the ancient city, so you don’t have to go to the Nether if you don’t want to. We won’t advise you to put yourself in danger like that unless you have a foolproof plan for beating the Warden.

Campfire Recipes for Making Stuff in Minecraft

Put three logs in the bottom row of a crafting table to begin making a campfire in Minecraft. It’s clear that the row below needs to be entirely populated. Then, in the second row, put coal or charcoal in the centre cell and sticks on either side of it. Lastly, above the charcoal or coal, lay a stick in the first row’s central cell.

In contrast, the soil sand block should be placed in the central cell of the crafting area if you wish to create a soul campfire. Everything else can be done as before. It’s possible to use flint and steel or a fire charge to ignite your campfire once everything else is set up.

A Minecraft Campfire You Can Build and Use Right Now

There you have it; a complete and thorough understanding of campfires and soul campfires in Minecraft. If you want to make it simpler for your friends to locate you on the best Minecraft servers, you can use this instructions to show them how to build a campfire in Minecraft.

If that sounds like too much effort, you can always utilise our instructions to teleport around Minecraft instead.

Can a Campfire Burn My House in Minecraft?

No, Campfires are one of the few fire-related blocks that don’t spread fire. So, they are safe to use indoors and won’t burn down your wooden structures.

Do Campfires Stop Bees in Minecraft?

Yes, placing a Campfire under a Bee Nest or Beehive will calm the bees, allowing you to harvest honey or honeycomb without aggravating them.

Do Campfires Damage Mobs?

Interestingly, Campfires can damage mobs that walk over them, dealing 2 damage points per second. However, the damage is not significant enough to rely on Campfires as a primary means of defense.

Do Campfires Last Forever in Minecraft?

Yes, once crafted and placed, a Campfire will burn indefinitely unless it is put out by a player using a Shovel or Water Bucket. It will also go out if water flows over it.

Do Campfires Damage Zombie Pigmen?

Yes, like other mobs, Zombie Pigmen (now known as Zombified Piglins in the Nether update) will take damage if they walk over a Campfire. However, they are generally not foolish enough to do so.

Do Campfires Cook Food in Minecraft?

Absolutely! One of the primary functions of a Campfire is to cook food. Up to four different food items can be placed on the Campfire at the same time by right-clicking on it. It takes 30 seconds to cook each item.


Campfires in Minecraft serve multiple purposes, from cooking food and emitting light to acting as smoke signals and deterring mobs. They are a versatile block that adds both functional and aesthetic value to your Minecraft world.

Safe to use and easy to craft, Campfires are a must-have in every player’s inventory. Whether you are an experienced miner or a new adventurer in the world of Minecraft, understanding the versatile uses of the Campfire can enhance your gameplay significantly.