8 Best ‘Metal Detecting Apps’ For Android and iOS {That Actually Works}

Best Metal Detecting Apps for Android and iOS: If you are adventures to find treasure under the ground or on a sandy beach, you need those big metal detectors machines to find those treasure. You have to invest lots of money to that.

Metal detecting is a fascinating hobby and a practical tool used in various fields, from security to archaeology. With the advent of technology, metal detecting apps have come to the forefront, transforming the way we engage with this activity.

This comprehensive article explores metal detecting apps, their purpose, capabilities, safety concerns, and overall benefits.

Best Metal Detecting Apps for Android and iOS

What is a Metal Detecting App?

A metal detecting app is a smartphone application designed to mimic the functionalities of a traditional metal detector. Using the built-in magnetometer sensor in your smartphone, these apps claim to detect metallic objects nearby.

While they are not as accurate as conventional metal detectors, they offer a portable and convenient alternative for casual exploration.

8 Best Metal Detecting Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of the best Metal Detecting Apps that used to find metal. You don’t need to purchase the big machine.

You only need a smartphone to detect metal anywhere in your home. Sometime people lost their rings or jewellery that are very important for them. You can also enjoy this process to find the metal.

1. Metal Detector Smart Tools co.

Firstly, it is a metal detector tool app. It uses an inbuilt magnetic sensor of your smartphone. Also, it shows you the magnetic field intensity reading when there is no object, and it shows 49 μT (micro Tesla).

You can easily find metal. First, you need to experiment to find wires, pipes and any metal. It will help you to find the metal. It is simple to use. First of all, you need to initialise the sensors, and then point your phone towards the sky and finally move it as if you were drawing a large number 8 with your phone.

2. Gold & Metal Detector HD

Gold & Metal Detector HD has a beneficial of finding metal and gold. It has a more natural way to find metal. Following, it helps you to find the earring that you have lost somewhere in your home. Or any ring that slipped off while you are washing the clothes.

This application will help you to find the lost object in your home. Furthermore, it displays the magnetic field in the digital format. Gold & Metal Detector HD uses the same sensor to detect metal as all other Metal Detecting Apps.

But It will help you to find your jewellery also. If you are lucky, then you will find a whole treasure box in the backyard of your home. If this application is showing you 0 or below value, that means metal doesn’t exist around you.

3. iSmartDetect | Metal Detecting iVirtual Games Apps

If you are in the mood for a real treasure hunt. It is specially designed for amateur archaeologists. There is a various advanced feature in this application such as overhead Waypoint tracking, project and object tracking, double-sided object, stamped pics.

You have the option to customised project naming. It has a particular encrypted server secure archiving. You can easily auto-sync data between users.

4. Metal Detector: Scanner For Body Apache Selection

iSmartDetect is used as a professional tool for your daily use. It used for detecting metals like iron & steel. This application is used to locate the wire in the wall. It is beneficial when you are designing and repairing your home. This app is used to check your clothes and luggage to metal yourself when you are going to check-in at the airport.

In this application, smartphones work like a magnetometer detecting steel. It will don’t discover gold, copper and other precious metals. It does not find your real treasure hoard. It is also knowns as Luggage Checklist scanner.

5. Metal Detector Netigen Tools

Metal Detector Netigen Tools has a user-friendly interface and beautiful design. It also works with the sensor as other applications are using and detect the changes in the magnetic field. First, you need to launch the app and then moving your device around.

You will see the changing in the microtesla when you are near any metal. It will don’t discover gold, copper and other precious metals. These metals are classified as non-ferrous metals. It doesn’t have a magnetic field.

6. Metal Detector Rayyan Apps

Metal Detector Rayyan Apps also used for detecting metal. It has the simplest way to find the metal. It also used for key finder tool whenever you are too late for your meeting or appointment. It can detect the metal object at a range of up to 30 cm. It is used to identify the hidden electrical wires and metal object in the walls.

It will work well on ferromagnetic materials like iron, steel, nickel and cobalt etc. Sometimes people used this application to detect body scanner metal for entertainment. It uses the inbuilt magnetic field sensor of your smartphone.

Metal Detector Rayyan Apps shows you the magnetic field intensity reading when there is no object it shows (0 μT – 59 μT) (micro Tesla). The accuracy depends entirely on your smartphone magnetic sensor (magnetometer). It doesn’t work to detect any non-ferrous metal like gold, silver and aluminium etc. It also doesn’t recognise the gold.

7. Metal Detector RZTech

Metal Detector RZTech used to detect iron, gold, and silver. It can detect any magnetic field around the phone. It will immediately give you the signal when there is the presence of metal surrounding to you.

If the value of the magnetic field is more excellent. Then the possibility of metal will be strong. It is available in a various language such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. You can easily activate the alarm when you cross a magnetic field. There is various setting such as alarm limit, beep sound and vibration.

8. Metal Detector Horizons Aviations Ltd

Metal Detector Horizons Aviations Ltd is specially designed to detect iron and steel in soil and sand. It is used to detect ferrous object also such as iron. You only need to keep your phone flat with the screen on the top and move around the area you want to be scanned.

It also uses the magnetometer as other application. When you are near to any metal object, it will show you the higher magnetic field. Also, You will hear a change in pitch sound, the higher the pitch, the larger the metal object.

What is the Purpose of Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting serves multiple purposes:

  1. Treasure Hunting: Many people use metal detectors as a hobby to find lost items or hidden treasures.
  2. Archaeological Research: Metal detectors help archaeologists locate metal artifacts.
  3. Security: Airports, government buildings, and other secure locations use metal detectors to screen for prohibited items.
  4. Resource Exploration: Geologists and miners use advanced metal detectors to find minerals and ores.

How Deep Can a Metal Detector Detect?

The depth a metal detector can reach depends on various factors, such as the type of metal, soil conditions, and the detector’s technology. Generally:

  • Low-end models may detect objects up to 4-6 inches deep.
  • Mid-range detectors can go 8-12 inches deep.
  • High-end models can detect metals up to several feet beneath the surface.

Do Metal Detectors Detect Mobile Phones?

Yes, most metal detectors can identify mobile phones. They are designed to detect metal objects, and since mobile phones contain metal components, they usually set off metal detectors.

Who Invented the Metal Detector?

The first metal detector was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881 in an attempt to locate a bullet inside U.S. President James Garfield. While Bell’s invention was unsuccessful in saving the President, it paved the way for future development in metal detecting technology.

Who Uses Metal Detectors?

  1. Hobbyists: For treasure hunting and exploring.
  2. Archaeologists: For locating historical artifacts.
  3. Security Personnel: For screening at secure locations.
  4. Geologists and Miners: For resource exploration.

Benefits of Metal Detecting Apps

  1. Portability: Your smartphone is always with you, making it convenient.
  2. Affordability: Most apps are free or cost a fraction of a traditional metal detector.
  3. Ease of Use: Simple interface makes it user-friendly.
  4. Community Sharing: Some apps allow you to share your finds with a community of enthusiasts.

Is Metal Detecting Safe?

Metal detecting is generally considered safe. However, it’s essential to:

  1. Obtain necessary permissions to explore an area.
  2. Exercise caution when digging or handling found objects.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents.



If you are finding your precious thing with full of dedication, Metal Detecting Applications will help you. These are true detective and discoverer. It doesn’t need the advanced knowledge of this application; it will run by the simple method.

It is a fantastic idea to trying the metal detector. You don’t need to spend lots of money on this application. Lastly, these applications are available on Google Play.  All the applications are free of cost.

Metal detecting is a versatile and engaging activity with various applications, from hobbyist exploration to professional use. Metal detecting apps offer a convenient, although less accurate, alternative to traditional detectors. Always remember to adhere to local laws and exercise caution to ensure a safe and rewarding metal-detecting experience.