What is Inetpub Folder and How to Delete It on Windows 10

If you are Wondering what Inetpub folder is? It is the default folder for Microsoft IIS or Internet Information Services. Apart from this, the Inetpub folder stores the content and Web apps of the websites. Also, all the data are secure and organized here.

Furthermore, it is also possible to serve more than one domain from one Inetpub folder. Microsoft created an IIS or Internet Information Services. It was formerly called Internet Information Server. It is an extensible Web server. This is used with the Windows NT family.

The Microsoft Internet Information Services provides a GUI or Graphical User Interface for managing associated users and websites. Microsoft IIS provides a visual means of creating, configuring, and publishing sites on the web. Internet information services collect information. The information is regarding connections to the Web server in the Inetpub folder.

What is Inetpub Folder and How to Delete It on Windows 10

These are text files by default, the files are stored on the system drive in c:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles directory. The Inetpub folder consists of five subfolders. All the subfolders possess some specific functions. The name and function of all the subfolders of the Inetpub folder are given below:

1. Adminscripts: This subfolder of the Inetpub folder keeps all the administration scripts. It allows the user to automate server administration tasks. It also allows the user to administer the site that the Inetpub folder serves remotely.

2. Iisamples: These subfolders of the Inetpub folder possess sample applications. This allows the developers to learn the way Web apps and websites work. This content is purely for demonstration purposes.

3. Mailroot: This Inetpub folder subfolders and all its subfolders are required for processing the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service. It is an Internet Standard for the transmission of emails.

4. Scripts: This Inetpub folder subfolder has Web apps. This Web apps add functionality to the site.

5. wwwroot: These subfolders of the Inetpub folder consists of all the Web pages. It also possesses the content that the Web publishes. This subfolder is the default directory for publishing Web pages.

 Moreover, we believe that this information is enough to understand what is the Inetpub folder. This will clear all the doubts in your head regarding the inetpub folder. Now, it is clear what inetpub folder is, what are its constituents, and how it works. Next, we will delete this folder if, not required.


How to Delete Inetpub Folder on Windows 10

 In case you do not use IIS or Internet Information Services or do not host any site on your PC, then the Inetpub folder is probably of no use, and thus you can remove it. Although it is straightforward to delete this folder, some of the Windows users complained that they are not able to delete this folder from their computer.

It is generally because of the changes required in the Settings of Windows before the folder is to be removed. To be more specific, one of the functions of Windows is supposed to be turned off. The user needs to access the Programs and features to do this. Follow the steps below to tackle this situation:

Step 1: Firstly, type Control Panel in the search bar. Then click on Control Panel from the search result.

Step 2: Secondly, click on Programs. (If you see the menu of Control Panel differently, it is because of the View by option in the top right corner of the window).

Step 3: After this, once you are in the Programs window, locate the option of Turn Windows Features on and off. It is under the Programs and Features. Now, click on it and continue further.

Step 4: A window will appear with a list of Windows features. You need to locate the feature of Internet Information Services. Lastly, uncheck it.

Step 5: Following this, click on OK to save the changes made.

Step 6: Finally, move to C drive. The Inetpub folder is present here. To delete it, right-click on it. Select the Delete option from the list of options.

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Lastly, this guide explains everything regarding the Inetpub folder, and it functions on your computer system. Above all, if you are stuck in a situation where you have to delete this folder, you can easily do that in conventional ways.

If you are unable to do so, this guide provides the easiest and effective way to do that. Last but not least, follow the instructions carefully with an alert mind. I hope this guide will help you.