What is ‘Skyrim Civil War Overhaul’ Why It Isn’t Available Anymore?

Skyrim is one of the most popular and one of the best PC games ever created. This is set in the fictional world with a complex political state where a lot of different creatures and races interact with each other. Though this was created in the year 2011, it still has a huge fan base.

A lot of people are still working together to improve the game. Many changes are to be made in the game’s appearance, visual quality, adding storyline, new factions, and gameplay mechanisms. This is one of the most modded games released by Bethesda.

Mod is short for modification. A mod is an alteration by players or fans of a video game that changes one or more aspects of a video game, such as how it looks or behaves. These changes can range from simple things like changing the colour of something to an entirely new game mode within the game world. Mods are keeping the game alive apart from the long main story.

One of the most popular Skyrim mods was called Civil War Overhaul. It was a mod in The Elder Scrolls that added new quests to the civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials.

It was created by the modder who went by the alias “Appollodown.”  Its main motive was to present and make the player experience the great civil war which was raging in Skyrim’s fictional history. It gives a fantastic experience.

What is Skyrim Civil War Overhaul, Why It Isn't Available Anymore?

Modding any game can be dangerous since they are created by regular people who know game design. But they have not participated in the game’s creation, and they don’t offer perfect performance.

But they can be worthy if you back up your saves. There is a risk that installing Skyrim Civil War Overhaul will necessarily “break” a game. Then the player may have to uninstall the mod and the game but again reinstall the game.

This can take a lot amount of time. Even there are risks of losing some progress in the game. Bugs can broadly impact the gaming experience. These are the unexpected glitches or defects from the code used in the game build.

Pests are going to occur, but every new release of any mod fixes a lot of them. The mod gathered thousands of players every day. But the author decided to hide it on Nov 9. He replaced the mod with a message. The reason for this decision is he received a lot of backlash from his community.

He had implemented a “Diversity Day” in the mod where he added NPC’s of different races to Stormcloaks. The author disagreed with some opinions he faced on the Nexus Mods forum. He proceeded to ban users who called him out on the addition of “Diversity Day.” He even responded to some criticism by calling the users Trump supporters and members of the Ku Klux Clan.

The civil war aspect of Skyrim was poorly thought out and executed. It is similar to every game Bethesda has ever made. The only way to make the Civil War aspect of the game enjoyable is to download the “civil war overhaul mod” from the nexus.

That improves the story by adding loads of cut content from that particular section of the game and includes more enemies to face. So instead of facing exclusively light armoured soldiers, you could come across mages, assassins, thieves, mercs, and animals.

The whole thing ended with a message claiming the mod will be restored on Nov 9. It contained a lot of hashtags pointing to various movements such as LGBT rights and Black Lives Matter.

This move sparked a lot of online debates and discussions. The only people who were the sufferers were the mod’s active audience. In this way, the mod lost a lot of its players. Even now, there is no legal way of downloading it.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game with nearly endless possibilities, and among the most compelling aspects is the Civil War between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks.

With various mods available to enhance this experience, and multiple endings to consider, choosing the “right” path can be overwhelming. This article will guide you through the best Civil War mod, changes post-Civil War, various overhauls, and much more.

What is the Best Mod for the Civil War in Skyrim?

Elevate Your Civil War Experience

When it comes to Civil War mods, “Civil War Overhaul” stands out. This mod reinvigorates the questline, adding new battles, improved AI, and diversified missions. It transforms the war into a dynamic, unpredictable event, making each playthrough a unique experience.

What Changes in Skyrim After the Civil War?

The Fallout

After the war concludes, several key changes occur, such as new Jarls taking power and certain cities bearing the marks of battle. Some NPCs will have different dialogues based on the outcome, and the victors will patrol the roads and cities, enforcing their version of peace.

What Does Combat Overhaul Do in Skyrim?

Redefining Battles

Combat Overhaul mods like “Smilodon – Realistic Combat of Skyrim” introduce more realistic and challenging combat dynamics. It changes mechanics like stamina management, enemy AI, and weapon impact, making fights more tactical and engaging.

What is the Skyrim Distance Overhaul?

Expand Your Horizons

The Skyrim Distance Overhaul (SDO) aims to make distant terrains and landscapes more visually appealing. It increases the level of detail for far-off objects, enhancing your immersion in the vast world of Skyrim.

What is the Longest Storyline in Skyrim?

The Main Attraction

The main quest involving the Dragonborn is generally considered the longest storyline, but side quests like the Civil War and various guild quests also offer substantial content.

Who Actually Won the War in Skyrim?

Canon Conundrums

The Elder Scrolls lore hasn’t definitively stated who won the Civil War, making it a choice entirely up to the player. The ambiguity adds a layer of depth to the game’s story.

Can You Peacefully End the Skyrim Civil War?

The Path of Diplomacy

The game offers a temporary truce during the “Season Unending” quest, but a peaceful, permanent resolution isn’t an option. However, mods like “The Second Great War” provide scenarios where a more peaceful resolution might be possible.

Which Side of the Skyrim War is Better?

A Matter of Perspective

Choosing between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks is often a matter of personal belief. The Imperials offer stability but at the cost of religious freedom, while the Stormcloaks promise freedom but are led by a potentially divisive leader.

Who Are the Bad Guys in the Skyrim Civil War?

Shades of Grey

Skyrim intentionally blurs the lines between good and evil. While the Stormcloaks are criticized for their Nord nationalism, the Imperials are seen as puppets of the Thalmor. Your perspective will dictate who the “bad guys” are.

Which Ending is Better in Skyrim?

The Choice is Yours

The “better” ending is subjective and depends on your character’s beliefs and motivations. Both outcomes have their pros and cons, making the choice a deeply personal one.


Skyrim’s Civil War is a complex narrative that offers multiple layers of depth, further enriched by mods and player choices. From the best mods to the intricacies of the war’s aftermath, understanding these elements can vastly improve your experience as the Dragonborn.

So, ready your swords, or perhaps your peace treaties, as you dive back into the enthralling world of Skyrim’s Civil War!