How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Through Social Media

Whether you are launching a business website or developing a product blog, attracting people to the website would be one of the primary goals. The more traffic you have, the greater it is for you, your conversion, or recognition.

Nonetheless, to boost your traffic, you would need to do some considerable work. The best practices deliver results only if they come in line with the strategy and the resources you have as well as the opportunities on the market.

Increase Traffic To Your Website Through Social Media

Is search engine optimization the right strategy? Will the traffic from social media be enough? It depends.

Read on to know how to boost your traffic and understand whether the website and social media concepts work together.

Common Ways to Promote Your Website

To begin with, you, as the business owner, website creator, or marketer, should know of various ways to attract traffic to your website. Let’s look at such factors as costs, ROI and tools needed.

In terms of digital promotion, you have the following options that may suit you:

1. Search engine optimization. Many consider it the most effective way of attracting traffic. However, it is also one of the most time-consuming due to the efforts necessary to rank high in search engines. The reasons are the development of backlinks, guest posting strategy, and high competition.

2. Content marketing. The particular strategy is well-used, requiring you to develop insightful pieces in video, audio, or text formats. Yet, generally, it works as part of the larger strategy. You will need content to be interesting to your audience and align with goals within other tactics.

3. Email marketing. This method contemplates having a specific pool of loyal audience to whom you would send the pieces or products from your website. For instance, for a B2B website, you will need to have a developed pool of subscribers or use an email finder tool to extract corporate emails. Yet, the proper implementation of this strategy would be hard to achieve unless you gain some recognition before contacting them.

4. PPC. This strategy is concerned with paying for the prospect’s clicks on the ads in Google. As a standalone tactic, it may fail to produce sustainable results. You will need a vast budget and some trained personnel.

Website and Social Media: Why Choosing the Latter Before Others?

At this point, you probably wonder what to do if you are starting a website from scratch or you lack followers. The solution is social media.

How to promote a new website on social media, then? By building and engaging with your community on social media and then directing them to your website. That way, you would get an affordable strategy to connect with the audience based on your solution to their struggles.

Besides, most of the platforms offer to target features and effective ways to redirect the traffic from social media. Facebook is known for its large customer base, suiting many businesses, while Instagram is a good option for placing visual pieces. LinkedIn is the best for developing B2B relations. Thus, if your website relates to work solutions, from there, you can significantly boost your traffic.

As a result, social media seems to be the universal tool for attracting traffic, especially if you are at the preliminary stages of website promotion.

How to Use Social Media To Boost Your Traffic

First of all, to boost traffic, you would need to connect your website and social media. The only way to do so is to direct people to the website by offering value.

To portray it, use quality content that would invite people to proceed to your website. The more insights you have on the website and the more intriguing the invitations on social media are, the higher your traffic will be.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Through Social Media

At the same time, you should have specific coverage and make social media a face of your website for smaller communities. Think of your brand strategy and the image you want to convey. There should be a defined tone of voice that you can modify depending on social media.

Yet, it is just a start. The best practices contemplate working on engaging with the audience, producing quality content, and sharing it.

1. Make a relevant content plan

The content is essential for social media users in deciding whether to visit your website or not. Thus, examine the needs, preferences, and interests of your target audience. What for? To be interesting for the audience.

Produce the content plan that will reflect your products and lead your website and mix entertaining pieces with educational ones. That way, you can get more shares and coverage, boosting your traffic.

2. Optimize your profile

At the same time, make sure that you fill in all information about yourself and your operation within the necessary fields in the profile. Your website traffic depends on the trust and image you convey. In this regard, focus on your expertise, primarily if you use LinkedIn or Facebook for traffic generation. On Instagram, the visual design of the profile would matter.

3. Support engagement rates and integrate links

To succeed on social media, your posts would need to be engaging. Thus, try to start discussions and move them to your website. For instance, you can launch a Q&A session and offer the solution on your websites. At the same time, use some video placement or reels to promote your ideas.

Instagram allows inserting links to third-party websites into the stories or ads. On Facebook and LinkedIn, you can leave links in the post or comments. Notably, videos can add entertainment that is important for attracting the audience.

4. Collaborate with influencers

Once you have great content, approach the influencers or decision-makers to get more coverage. It is one of the advanced ways to promote your website. It allows getting social proof, as influencers are seen as authorities by social media users.

In particular, when they mention your account or website as the subject of interest, their followers are likely to visit your pages, helping to boost your traffic.

How to do it right? You can target influencers on social media, contacting them via direct messages. Another way is to extract the emails of them or their managers with email tools, as your direct message may get lost amidst requests from followers.

5. Use Contests to Attract Visitors

As the interaction is at the very basis of social media functioning, while online contests, quizzes, and free giveaways offer it to the users, a website owner has two effective options to boost the traffic.

The first contemplates that you will start a contest with a prize for the participants. You would inform of the competition on social media and share it via paid ads or promotion. The post will redirect people to your website for participation. Importantly, it will give you a short but positive effect in terms of traffic from social media.

The second approach is about making a contest solely on social media to get more followers. After it, you would develop a relationship with them and utilize this bond as a starting point of their journey to your blog. Such a tactic is likely to bring long-term benefits and give your control over the customer journey.