How To Find A Guild in World of Warcraft

Countless adventures await for adventurers in World of Warcraft. The sprawling virtual realm of Azeroth has a vibrant community where you can play with other players. As you meet folks like yourself along the way, the best way to meet new people and stay in touch with old friends is through a guild.

Farming WoW gold solo is certainly doable, but isn’t it more fun when you have friends with you? Joining a guild is one of the best ways to have organized raids and parties for endgame content. Guilds are the way to go if you’re considering doing Mythic+ raids or PvP-oriented activities.

How To Find A Guild in World of Warcraft

Finding A Guild in WoW

There are many ways to find the right guild for you in World of Warcraft. Here are some approaches you can use:

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Use the In-Game Guild Finder Tool

The most basic way to search for a guild is through the Guilds and Communities tab, which can be opened by clicking “J.” Using the guild finder tool, you can filter the guilds by their “focus” activity. For example, you can limit the guilds you can see to ones that only prioritize raids. You can also search by language, size, and roles needed in the guild.

If you already have a guild in mind you want to join, simply type the name of it in the search box. Once you click “Search,” the interface should show the guilds that fit your criteria. They’ll be shown three at a time. Finally, click “Request to Join” on the one you want to join and wait for their reply.

The only caveat with this method is that most guilds won’t appear in the tool, nor will they accept blind join requests from randoms.

Trade Chat is More Than Just for Trading

The Trade Chat is a channel where you can sell or find items unavailable in in-game shops, but it’s more than that. It’s the perfect place to find the info you want and a guild. The Trade Chat can be accessed in the game’s major cities.

While the chat isn’t as filled with guild advertisements today as in the past, you’ll still see a couple of stragglers here and there who promote their guild here and there. If you see a player posting on the Trade Chat about a guild you’d like to participate in, send a whisper to the person for an invite.

If you’re tired of waiting for the guild ads to show up, you might as well do the searching yourself. You can type in the chat that you’re looking for a guild. It’s best to describe the type of guild you want to join accurately.

That way, you can filter out the groups that just want more members. Just make sure not to send the same messages too much on that chat, though, as other players using the Trade Chat to do trades might report you for spamming.

Forums & Subreddits Are Excellent Alternatives

In-game approaches are fine, but it doesn’t hurt to look for a guild outside of the Game. Blizzard’s forums, WoWProgress, and the r/wowguilds subreddit work similarly in that they have a forum-like structure.

How To Find A Guild in World of Warcraft

Guilds on those websites create posts where they list all their information, such as the activities they tend to do, achievements, the type of players they’re looking to join their cause, and How To contact them.

If you pride yourself as a “serious” WoW player, this is a great way to find the best guilds that like to take on the game’s most challenging content. You can also choose to post information about yourself, what sort of guild you’d like to join, what roles/classes you like to play, and more.

The only problem with these forums is that some guilds won’t be on the same server as you. You’ll have to transfer your character, which requires time and money. The WoW gold price for a character transfer is $25 / 20€ / £15 / ₩24,000.

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Can’t Find the Right Guild for You? Make it Yourself

Sometimes, it’s best to take things by the helm. Should all the other approaches on this list prove unsuccessful, why not create a guild yourself? Creating a guild is as simple as visiting any major city and going to a guild vendor.

From there, you can purchase a guild charter for 10 silver. You’ll need four people to sign the charter. Once they do, return it to the guild vendor, and voila—you now have a guild!

Having a guild of your own isn’t all sunshine and roses, though. It involves a lot of maintaining and recruiting. Still, this is the way to go if you want to create the environment you can’t find in other guilds.