How To Make Tool in Little Alchemy

Need to know the Little Alchemy 2 Toolmaking Process? Online puzzle game Little Alchemy 2 tasks players with fusing together previously unseen materials to create brand-new, previously unimaginable ones. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the game’s tool-making mechanics.

Little Alchemy is a mesmerizing, educational game that allows players to combine elements and materials to create a myriad of items, and among these, the Tool element is one of the most versatile and functional.

If you’re curious about how to create a Tool or a wood tool in Little Alchemy, you’ve come to the right place. This SEO-optimized, detailed article will also delve into the benefits of the Tool element within the game’s ecosystem.

What is Tool in Little Alchemy 2

The second installment of Recloak’s critically acclaimed online puzzle game Little Alchemy. It’s the follow-up to the first Little Alchemy game, and you use alchemy to make new things out of old things.

How To Make Tool in Little Alchemy

The game’s interface is intuitive, with a drag-and-drop system that makes it easy to combine different parts. The goal of the game is to create various combinations of the four fundamental elements (air, water, earth, and fire) in order to reveal all of the hidden ones.

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Little Alchemy 2: How to Create a Tool?

In Little Alchemy 2, the “tool” element may only be created by combining certain components, and the initial element in the combination must be either wood or human. Some examples of permutations are listed below.

  • human + metal
  • human + rock
  • human + steel
  • human + stone
  • human + wood
  • metal + wood
  • rock + wood
  • steel + wood
  • stone + wood

In Little Alchemy 2, how do I use a Tool?

In Little Alchemy 2, users can use the “tool” element as a starting point for generating a wide variety of additional components. New components can be made with the tool in a variety of recipes. Here are some recipes that can’t be made without this tool.

Combine with Create
animal human + meat
Baast Ankh
beehive wax
boat rope
boiler machine
box toolbox
chain machine
chicken meat
clay pottery
coconut coconut milk
container toolbox
cotton thread
cow leather + meat + milk
day sundial
doctor stethoscope
double rainbow! paint
earth field
egg omelette
engineer machine
field plow
fish fishing rod + meat
flying fish meat
forest wood
frog meat
gardener shovel
glass lens
glasses safety glasses
goat milk
grass lawn mower
gunpowder bullet
hacker computer
hay pitchfork
horse saddle
hospital stethoscope
house factory
lamp flashlight
land field
lens microscope
light bulb flashlight
light flashlight + solar cell + sundial
livestock meat
lumberjack axe
Maahes Ankh
Maui Maui’s Fishhook
metal hammer
milk butter + cheese
monkey human
motion wheel
mountain goat cashmere
needle syringe
Oni Kanabō
ore metal
Paladin Durendal
pig leather + meat
piranha fishing rod
pirate ship rope
pressure boiler
quicksilver thermometer
Ra Ankh
rain umbrella
rainbow paint
river wheel
rock hammer
safe toolbox
sailboat rope
scythe lawn mower
shark meat
sheep leather + wool
soil field
sound stethoscope
steam boiler
steel hammer
stone hammer
storm umbrella
stream wheel
sun solar cell + sundial
sundial clock
swordfish fishing rod + meat
Tawaret Ankh
Thor Mjolnir
thread fabric + needle
time clock
tobacco pipe
tool machine
tree wood
wall house
water wheel
wheel machine
wire rope
wizard wand
wood axe
woodpecker hammer
wool sweater
Zeus Aegis

Little Alchemy 2: Guide to the Tools.

Fun and addicting, Little Alchemy 2 has you combining and creating new materials. You can speed up the process of making new elements by using the tools provided in Little Alchemy 2. Little Alchemy 2’s tool usage is as follows:

  • Launch Little Alchemy 2 on your mobile device or computer.
  • To use one of the game’s tools, select it from the “Tools” submenu.
  • The available options include a magnifying glass, a refresh button, and a “hint” option, among others.
  • Select the game item you want to utilise by clicking on it.
  • Combine existing components into something entirely new with the aid of this handy tool.
  • If you want to get access to everything in the game, you need to keep trying new things out.
  • Take advantage of the game’s many features to fully appreciate Little Alchemy 2’s entertaining and engaging gameplay.

The Tool in Little Alchemy 2: Where to Find It?

The “tool” element is difficult to come by in Little Alchemy 2, however combining the “stone” and “human” elements yields the desired result quickly. Nonetheless, accumulating these two components is not a breeze and may take some time.

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The “stone” and “human” elements each have their own unique set of combination requirements before the “tool” may be made. As a result, Little Alchemy 2 requires players to be patient and persistent.

How to get the “tool” ingredient in Little Alchemy 2 is as follows:

  • To make mud, combine dirt and water.
  • Lava can be made by combining fire with earth.
  • You may create the stone by combining air with lava.
  • Clay can be made by mixing stone with mud.
  • Put fire next to fire to make energy.
  • Create a puddle by combining two water sources.
  • Merge the two pools of water into one large pond.
  • You can make a lake by combining two ponds.
  • Create a sea by joining two lakes together.
  • Make the first soup out of seawater and dirt.
  • Life can be created by adding energy to the primordial soup.
  • Create a human by combining clay with life.
  • Finally, the “tool” component can be obtained by combining humans with stone.

How Do You Make a Wood Tool in Little Alchemy?

Creating a wood tool in Little Alchemy involves a two-step process. First, you’ll need to create the Tool element, and then you’ll combine it with Wood to produce a wood tool. Here’s how:

  1. Create Metal and Stick: First, you need to create Metal and Stick. Metal can be made by combining Stone and Fire, while Stick can be made by combining Wood and Blade.
  2. Make the Tool: The Tool is created by combining Metal and Stick.
  3. Create the Wood Tool: Finally, to create a wood tool, you need to combine the Tool element you’ve just created with Wood.

And voila! You’ve created a wood tool in Little Alchemy.

Benefits of Tools in Little Alchemy

The Tool element serves as a catalyst for an array of new creations. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Versatility: Tools can be combined with many other elements to create new items. For example, combining Tool and Wood can give you not only a wood tool but may also lead to other inventions.
  2. Game Progression: Mastering the Tool element is vital for progressing through the game, as it’s necessary for crafting more complex elements.
  3. Enhanced Complexity: The Tool element brings a layer of complexity to the game, challenging you to think more critically about what combinations to try next.
  4. Unlock Achievements: Crafting new items using the Tool element may unlock achievements and additional elements for you to experiment with.
  5. Infinite Possibilities: Because of its many combinations, the Tool element enables virtually endless gameplay, offering a rich and rewarding experience.


The Tool element in Little Alchemy is not just another item; it’s a cornerstone for many advanced creations in the game. Understanding how to make a wood tool and knowing the benefits of tools in the Little Alchemy environment can greatly enrich your gaming experience.

Feel free to share this comprehensive, SEO-optimized guide with anyone seeking to master Little Alchemy. From beginners to advanced players, this article serves as an all-encompassing resource for creating and utilizing the Tool element effectively. Happy crafting!