How To Clear Storage on Apple Watch

Need more room for that new Apple Watch update? It’s amazing how quickly space may be consumed by various files and applications. Find out how much room is available on your Apple Watch and what you can do to make room for more apps and data.

How to View the Available Space on Your Apple Watch

The amount of free space on your Apple Watch will change as you add and remove apps, sync files, upload music, and store other stuff. To see how much space is available on your iPhone, you can use either your iPhone or Apple Watch.

How To Clear Storage on Apple Watch

Here’s how to check how much room is left on your Apple Watch’s storage:

  1. The Home Screen can be accessed by clicking the Digital Crown.
  2. Navigate to Preferences > General.
  3. Select Usage from the drop-down menu.
  4. The quantity of unused storage is displayed under the heading “Available.” The percentage of your hard drive that is now being used to store data is displayed under Used. To view the storage usage statistics for each app, please scroll down.

To view the amount of space available on your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to General > Usage. The same data that appears on your Apple Watch also appears here.

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Method 1: Get Rid of Unused Apple Watch Apps

Deleting unused apps is one approach to make more room on your Apple Watch. The iPhone’s Watch app allows for this functionality.

Launch the Watch app, then select My Watch from the drop-down menu. Keep going down until you reach the section labelled Apps Already Loaded on Your Apple Watch. If you press and then turn off Show App on Apple Watch, you can remove any app from this list.

The Apple Watch can also be used to uninstall apps. If your Home Screen is set up in grid mode, you can uninstall an app by tapping and holding on any app icon until they begin to jiggle, and then tapping the X next to the unwanted app. Select Delete App when a confirmation window asks whether you are sure.

Swiping left on an app while viewing it in list mode on your Apple Watch Home Screen will reveal a trash can where you can delete it.

Method 2: Limit the Number of Photos Your Apple Watch Can Store

You can limit the number of photographs you want to sync with your Apple Watch if you find that your photo library is eating up too much capacity. Follow these instructions in the Watch app on your iPhone to resync your photos from your phone to your watch:

  1. Select My Watch from the device’s bottom menu.
  2. Photos can be found at the bottom of the app list. Tap it.
  3. If you want to restrict yourself to fewer than 25 images, select Photos Limit and then the appropriate number from the drop-down menu.

Method 3: Eliminate Apple Watch Podcasts and Audiobooks

Audiobooks and podcasts can take up a lot of space, so if you rarely listen to them on your Apple Watch, you may want to delete them. Here’s how to do it via the Watch app on your iPhone:

  1. Launch the Watch app and navigate to the My Watch menu.
  2. To access Audiobooks, one must look further down the app list. Tap it.
  3. Turn off the audiobooks by toggling them off in the Reading Now and Want to Read sections. You may also view the audiobooks that have been transferred to your Apple Watch by scrolling down a little more. To remove a book, select Edit from the menu at the upper right, and then press the minus (-) icon that appears next to it.
  4. To find Podcasts, head return to the My Watch page and scroll through the list of available apps. Tap it.
  5. Select Custom from the Add Episodes From menu, then turn off the podcasts you no longer want to download.

Method 4: Get the Music from Your Apple Watch if You’ve Downloaded it.

If music is taking up too much space on your Apple Watch, you can remove it with your iPhone. The music will still be on your iPhone, so don’t worry about erasing it completely if you delete it from your watch. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Access the My Watch section by launching the Watch application.
  2. Tap the More button, then scroll to and tap Music.
  3. To disable music downloads to your Apple Watch, go to Settings > Music > Playlists and turn off any unnecessary Playlists and albums under Automatically Add.
  4. Select Edit in the upper-right corner to remove songs from your Apple Watch that have already been downloaded. To delete songs, first select the minus sign (-), then hit Delete to confirm.

In addition, you can erase songs from your Apple Watch. To access your downloaded music, go to Library > Music.

Then, tap the portion that needs attention, swipe left on the album or song, and confirm your deletion. When prompted, select the ellipsis ( ) and then “Remove.” To remove the album or song from your watch permanently, press Remove Download to confirm.

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Method 5: Fixing the “Storage Full” Alert on Your Apple Watch

Have you deleted practically everything from your Apple Watch, yet it’s still full? Many customers have reported that this notification persists despite having deleted media files, apps, and other potential space-hogs. The most typical Series 3 Apple Watch storage problem is as described. To remedy the situation, try these steps:

  1. Holding the Side button and swiping to the power off position will restart your Apple Watch. You can restart it by pressing the Side button again.
  2. Remove it from your iPhone’s pairing list and re-add it.
  3. To completely wipe your Apple Watch, navigate to the device’s Settings > General > Reset.

In most cases, restarting your Apple Watch will resolve this problem.