How Do You Unpair an Apple Watch

You may want to sell or give away your current Apple Watch if you’re upgrading or no longer use it. You’ll have to first disconnect it from your iPhone. If you’re upgrading to a new iPhone, you may need to unpair your Apple Watch as well.

It’s easy to disconnect your Apple Watch from your iPhone or the watch itself, though you’ll still need to disable the Activation Lock in a different location. Below, you’ll find instructions for detaching your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

How Do You Unpair an Apple Watch

Disengaging Your Apple Watch from Your iPhone

The Watch app on your iPhone is where you’ll want to go to disconnect your Apple Watch from your phone.

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If you want to stop syncing your Apple Watch with your iPhone:

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Watch application.
  2. Select All Watches from the menu at the top of the My Watch screen.
  3. To detach a watch, select it and then tap the i button.
  4. Select the Unpair Apple Watch option at the screen’s bottom.
  5. To finalise your choice, select Unpair Your Apple Watch.
  6. To make sure your Apple Watch is deleted from your account and Find My Watch, enter your Apple ID. This is also required to turn off Activation Lock.
  7. Select “Unpair” on your device.
  8. Your Apple Watch will be backed up so you can easily restore it if necessary.
  9. The Apple Watch will now delete all of its data and settings and disconnect from your phone.

Methods for Detaching Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may be restored to factory settings even if you don’t have your iPhone nearby. This will erase all of your data and settings and cause your Apple Watch and iPhone to become unpaired, but it will not remove Activation Lock.

If you want to sell or give away your watch, you’ll need to do this manually by following the instructions below. Until the Activation Lock is removed, they will be unable to utilise it.

To delete data and disconnect your Apple Watch from your iPhone, you can:

  1. Launch the Apple Watch’s Settings application.
  2. Select the Menu.
  3. Go down and press the Reset button.
  4. Select Clear All Data and Preferences.
  5. The passcode for your watch may be required.
  6. To confirm, tap the Erase All button.
  7. The Apple Watch will be reset to its original configuration. It will stop communicating with your iPhone and delete all of its data and settings.
  8. Following the steps below will disable Activation Lock so that you can sell or give away your Apple Watch with confidence.

Apple Watch Activation Lock: How to Turn It Off

If your Apple Watch ever gets lost or stolen, you can prevent it from being used by anybody else by using the Activation Lock function. When on, Activation Lock prevents anyone from changing your Apple Watch’s settings, including pairing, unpairing, and turning off Find My Apple Watch, without first inputting your Apple ID and password.

If you plan on selling or giving away your Apple Watch, you’ll need to turn off Activation Lock first. You can no longer use Activation Lock on your Apple Watch after you have disconnected it from your iPhone. However, Activation Lock will still be active even if you reset your Apple Watch to factory settings. Disabling it is as simple as visiting

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Disabling Activation Lock on entails the following steps:

  1. Visit in your web browser on your computer and log in with your Apple ID.
  2. Just hit the menu button.
  3. Choose the “Find My” option.
  4. Your Apple ID and password might need to be verified again.
  5. Select All Devices from the menu bar.
  6. Make your Apple Watch selection.
  7. Select the Apple Watch from your wrist and tap the Erase button.
  8. To finalise your decision, use the Erase button.
  9. Select your Apple Watch by clicking All Devices at the top of the page once more.
  10. Remove your Apple Watch by selecting the tiny X in the corner.
  11. After selecting Remove, your Apple Watch will no longer be linked to your Apple ID. It’s something you can trade, sell, or give away.