7 Best Alternatives to Spotify for Music Streaming in 2024

Music is an art which helps people in relaxation and entertains them by offering various kind of genres. Nowadays, Spotify takes first place in the music industry. However, before Spotify, there was Apple Music that was ruling the music industry. Possibly, Spotify has all the songs in the world and is adding new music every day. The best thing about Spotify is the discoverability feature, which lets you listen to new music by various artists across the world.

Spotify Alternatives to Stream Music

7 Best Alternatives to Spotify for Streaming Music

Here, in this article, we have mentioned seven best alternatives to Spotify that are similar to Spotify and offer an enormous assortment of music.

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1. Apple Music

As I mentioned, Apple Music has ruled in the music industry before Spotify. It is just for iOS users and accompanies a comparative cost as Spotify. In any case, you can’t prevent the broad assortment from claiming 50 million melodies that Apple Music brings to the table.

Apple’s Apple music offers an exclusive feature in its premium account. You can purchase its premium account just at $9.99 per month for individual use, whereas $14.99 per month for the whole family plan. Apple Music has features that help you to sort your favorite music library, and it also recommends music on your history.

2. YouTube Music

YouTube music is the second application that provides an enormous music library free of cost. We know that YouTube is the video platform, but it also launched the music app after realizing market demand.

Apart from streaming music on the app, you also get suggested versions of the same song that distinguish from any other music app available out there.

This application is accessible on both Android and iOS free of cost. Similar to Spotify, the user can also buy a premium account only at $12.99 per month to enjoy its exclusive features.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon has entered the music spilling business as of late in the wake of propelling its video gushing stage Amazon Prime. Its music application is as refined as the video application. You can custom playlists as per your listening design.

Much the same as Spotify, it additionally shows top chares over the globe, and you can spare and download your main tune for disconnected tuning in. On the off chance that you are previously utilizing Amazon Prime, at that point, the Amazon Music comes free or, more than likely, you need to pay a premium for the equivalent.

4. Pandora

Pandora is a fantastic alternative to Spotify and YouTube music. Similar to Spotify, you can explore various artists. This music app has AI-driven technology; therefore, you can choose songs as per your choice and mood.

Apart from these features, Pandora also offers a podcast, so if you want to listen to your beloved podcast, you should download this music app.

Similar to the YouTube music app, this application is also compatible with Android and iOS. Moreover, it has the same account option and monthly subscription price similar to YouTube music.

5. Tidal

Tidal is the best application for streaming music. It has exclusive features with an excellent interface. Tidal is not only a music application, but it also has a video section dedicated to consuming content.

Denotes it distinct from others; it also differs in price. It is slightly expensive compare to others and the usual $10 mark, however, this amount is worth it because it has an enormous music library.

In this application, there is one impressive feature that helps you, and that feature is playlist sharing. Now, you can easily share your favorite playlist with your friend and vice-versa.

6. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is the next name on this list. It has an excellent interface that can quickly help the user stuck on its platform. They started with a straightforward upload and share model but became successful soon. You can search for your favorite singer by using the search option.

This music app is compatible with Android and iOS free of cost, or you can buy its prime account only at $5.99 per month, which cheapest compare to other music apps.

7. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the last alternative of Spotify but not least. We know that Google is famous all across the globe for its creativity, and it showed its creativity in this music application. The great thing about Google is that it has two music streaming apps in the market.

YouTube Music and Google Play so With a $9.99 subscription for an individual plan or $14.99 for a family plan, after a 30-day free trial. You will enjoy playlist creation, offline listening, and ad-free YouTube Music with YouTube Music Premium. If you’re already paying for YouTube Premium, then Google Play Music is free.

You can create your playlist according to your mood. You can also add music on that list after sort out by genres option. Google Music and YouTube Music both have a vast music library, and they are continuously updating this assortment.

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Summing Up

Here we stated the top 7 best alternatives to Spotify, so you do not have to stick on one music platform, and you can enjoy your music with different exclusive features.

All the mentioned music applications are trustworthy and secure. Therefore you do not need to worry about privacy or virus damage. Spotify is fantastic, but you can look at these seven Spotify alternative apps that also has some excellent features.