2022’s Hottest New Hotel Room Designs

While traveling, choosing the perfect hotel room may greatly enhance your experience. The right accommodations give you lots of the necessary peace of mind.

Some of the most well-known designs are heritage Victorian and royal. However, some of the hottest new ideas in hotel room design have emerged this year. If you haven’t stayed at any of these places yet, you will be after reading our list!

Hotel Room Designs

1. Minimalistic

The minimalist trend kicked off last year in the middle of COVID-19. Since then, it’s spread like fire onto our aesthetics. Everyone is gunning for a minimalistic look, whether it’s clothes or home decor.

If you’re a raving fan of minimalistic designs, check out Airbnb. They have some of the best minimalistic stays available worldwide. Give your travel plans a tinge of peace with a perfectly minimalistic room.

Furthermore, minimalistic hotels follow the best practices of hotel housekeeping room cleaning because of the desire to live in an organized and neat space.

2. Wooden Dark Academia

May god bless your soul with the opportunity to stay in a hotel room with a dark academic vibe. Mostly, these rooms are available in colder regions of the globe. Some of the best designs we have seen include:

  • Suave dark grey walls
  • Deep yellow and warm lighting balance the color tones
  • Beautiful wooden floor paneling

Such hotel rooms are designed to reflect an essence of nostalgia and will make you feel like an erudite. You must experience such a room if you’re traveling for deep thinking and solitude!

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3. Glassy Transparency

The glassy transparent designed rooms of 2022 are perfectly defined by the word — chic. These modern decor rooms are generally based on a white palette backed by black and yellow accents.

But there are more exciting parts than that. Floor-to-ceiling windows are included in rooms with a transparent design.

It allows plenty of light in, making them a wonderful location. In addition, some suites offer a transparent bath area with jacuzzis! These rooms are intended to keep you calm as you enjoy life’s luxuries.

New Hotel Room Designs

4. Quaintly Comfortable

The quaint and comfortable rooms are the ones that are the most affordable as well. These rooms are designed like nooks. There’s a high chance you’ll find books stashed away in a corner and even plants! Quaint rooms are trendy in cities.

They offer the perfect view of the lively city skyline like in NYC while retaining the charm of everyday life. We recommend this room type to people who prefer being on the move. It can help you cut costs while experiencing the culture of every city you move to!

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We’re confident you’ve been to a few rooms that resemble one of the designs on our list. However, if you have travel plans for the end of the year, select the theme you wish to enjoy.