What Can I Add to My Hand Sanitizer to Make it Smell Better

Have you noticed a foul stench from your ethanol-based hand sanitizer? Our expert perfumers have created a variety of additives to help with this problem.

Alpha Aromatics chief operating officer Bryan Zlotnik said, “We addressed the problem of bad odours and found several workable solutions.

What Can I Add to My Hand Sanitizer to Make it Smell Better

After recently being approached by many manufacturers who sought our help in creating new and effective hand-sanitizer fragrances using ethanol due to the shortage of Isopropyl alcohol.”

Our lab created these chemicals to lessen the ethanol smell while still giving the hand sanitizer a fresh, clean aroma after being used.

We took it a step further and developed a variety of fragrances to incorporate into the solutions.

Thinking about both individual preferences and the fact that the smell of ethanol varies depending on its origin.

How Do You Make Bad Smelling Sanitizers Smell Better?

Hand sanitizers containing ethanol present a unique challenge for odour control, but our master perfumers and odour control experts have developed a number of solutions

These solutions effectively combat nasty odours present in ethanol-based hand sanitizers, leaving behind a pleasant clean smell instead of a rotten one.

We offer a wide variety of aromatic additive solutions that will give your disinfecting brand a positive connotation, regardless of the natural source of the ethanol it contains.

Learn more about how to transform your ethanol-based sanitizer into a profitable branded product or product line below, or give us a call at (412) 252-1012 right now.

Odor Control Solutions For Stinky Ethanol Smells

Alpha Aromatics is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company whose mission is to design, create, and supply the world’s finest, highest-quality scents one fragrance at a time.

While adhering to all of the environmental and quality standards established by RIFM, IFRA, Oregon Tilth, ISSA, the NPA, and most recently the International Organization for Standardization.

Our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over the course of seven decades.

This stinky situation was a welcome challenge that required persistence, analysis, and a fair amount of trial and error to solve.


The use of essential oils to our Hand Sanitizer is not recommended because it is not formulated to have extra ingredients added.

Instead, we formulated our Sanitizer in accordance with FDA standards so that we could get it to market as soon as possible to assist ease the global shortage.

This also prevented us from incorporating Essential Oils into the formulation, though we do plan to sell Sanitizers infused with our 100% pure essential oils in the near future.