Best ‘GarageBand For Windows’ 10, 8 and 7 PCs Alternatives

Garageband for Windows PC is the digital audio warehouse and music string that provide the feature to create music podcasts. It is a whole new music creation studio with a keyboard, orchestral and blowing instruments.

Note: GarageBand for Windows version is not officially announced. Its official version is for iOS as it is Apple Company’s product. But there is always techie who found out the approach to install the software in Windows, Samsung and other Android devices conveniently.

GarageBand has become synonymous with amateur and professional music production alike, especially among Apple device users. As a digital audio workstation (DAW), it has transformed the music scene. If you’re curious about what GarageBand is, its history, benefits, and more, you’re in the right place.

What is GarageBand?

GarageBand is Apple’s proprietary DAW, providing users with a platform to create, edit, and produce music. It comes preloaded with a range of software instruments, presets, and loops, allowing users to create diverse music pieces, podcasts, and even ringtones.

Why Should You Use GarageBand?

GarageBand for Windows app initially has primary pack with 500 sounds and loops, 1 drummer and some primitive lessons for guitar and piano.

Garageband also include symphony orchestra and boldt packages; and any user wants further increase in lessons and sound system, they can add Garageband Library by purchasing from Garageband Sound Library and lessons from Garageband Lessons Store.

Besides, having a good tablet for musicians, you will run GarageBand without lags and enjoy creating podcasts in any place. If the user is still unsatisfied with the Garageband library then the user can enumerate by downloading Audio Unit plugin.

Some audio units are preinstalled with Mac; and the users can also download some audio plugin units from thirdparty vendors. Audio Unit plugin like applications grant Mac to cast sound effects to Garageband.

The user can use this application without any prior experience of the application. These apps can also be exploit musical instruments. The effects added directly to music genre creating musical rhythms. The musical loop in this app is easy to arrange and create within the timers.

GarageBand can mix every music genre and require a little bit touch of handling for uniqueness. The app performs as home studio or professional studio for artists who are unable to go to studios for work which indeed save time.

About GarageBand App

Music global community is able to enhance the amazing music and share their music right away without any delay. These all are done in music composing apps. High quality sound tracks have been created and use them as audio, ringtone, and theme and can even add it to YouTube introduction.

Initially, it is difficult to use but after a while and few tutorials, artist can use these apps with an ease. Nowadays, every other designer, musician, creator has their first approach towards these apps.

Why is Apple Keeping GarageBand Exclusive?

Apple has never prompted for Garageband application, it has never been an exclusive from Apple store. This app gained a huge fame and favoured among iOS users. Windows users’ was never being able to download this Apple Store app until emulators like VMware came into picture.

As Garargeband application work with iOS only, so other operating system user has to switch their operating system just to use this app.

How to Download Garageband for Windows PCs

Intel Based Processor

If an individual is using Intel processor stationed PC, then that user can use VMware application to use GarageBand for Windows. The application can be downloaded effortlessly with the help of VMware application.

VMware is a free workstation supports the controller with review the audit, analysis and give the stamp approval to the clientserver. It creates a virtual portrayal of the server and network instead of establishing the actual physical space for the software version.

It yields the wide range of actions and system; with pronounced quickness. The controller or administrator can furthermore changeover between numerous virtual machines at a same time.


If an individual use AMDV, then that user must aware the AMD supports AMDV (V stands for visualization). This allows Paravisualization technique to the guest user to operate any Operating System or applications on the desktop or laptop without maltreating the ongoing OS.

If user is using Windows then the user can run Mac OS without a hitch over that and this is effortless work is done by AMDV. AMD-V works on the PCs or Laptops with AMD Radeon Processor only and the user need to check whether the system supports AMDV by downloading AMDV compatibility checker from AMD official site.

Once downloading will be completed, open the compressed folder and extract that folder with Win Rar. Run that folder as AMD HyperV administrator; firstly the user need to enable it to BIOS, if Bios option will not be enabled then visualization will not work.

Mac Sierra OSX

Now Mac OS Sierra OSX needs to be installed. VMware Workstation can be downloaded and installed easily as it is freeware. Now extract the Mac OS folder using Winrar or any extracting application. Open Mac extracted folder and run as administrator.

The command prompt window will popup as Mac OS need some specific and necessary permission to run. VMware is ready to launch, click on Open a Virtual Machine option on Home page of VMware launch window. A window will popup, the user have to sail it to Mac OS folder and select the Operating System.

After this head out of the course, VMware Workstation Player window will be pop –up, click on Edit Virtual Machine settings option, then further options will addon, select the number of core processors (if the system is Quadcore, select two as core processor), select number of RAMs (if the system is 8Gb, the VMware can operate in 4Gb).

Boot Mac OS Sierra

It is walk over work to boot Mac OS Sierra. The user just need to relaunch the VMware workstation and apple logo will be shown on the system’s screen. It will take a while start wholly.

After the completion of reboot of the application, some questions will be asked like select the country, language, time zone, and location for the application productivity and finally, the window will ask to Signin or Login; the user need an active Apple ID to start the Mac OS sierra and to download any app from Apple Play store.

Installation of Garageband Application

Go to Apple Play store to download the GarageBand app. The installation takes only 15 minutes. The user should note that the navigation menu may vary according to the Mac’s operating system and the application version.

The user require Apple account ID and password when prompted. Once the application is installed, the user can view it on their Mac’s Launch pad application folder.

Install GarageBand for Windows with Rare Software

Installing the app with Rare Software is highly not recommended, only reason is that it contains the high virus and high risk. Rare software also has low reliability. The installation with this method leads to end up harming the computer system.

No authentic software is available by this name. Instead, use the simple method to download from download option or button and install the file and run as .exe file on computer to use the application.

F.A.Q Regarding GarageBand for Windows

Is There a GarageBand for PC?

Garageband is available for Mac and Apple does not make available its app for the other operating systems but some techies get the way out to download Garageband for Windows and Android devices.

Is Garageband A DAW?

Yes, Garageband is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which is provided by Apple Company. This application is considered as the most advanced application for music composition.

Is Garageband for Free?

Yes, it is free of cost and even the user will use for any other operating system via VMware or any other emulator then it also does not require any cost for downloading and installation.

What is iPadian?

iPadian is a software emulator, when once installed in PC, creates an another desktop screen in users’ PC or laptop which transform into an iPad screen and makes Apple App Store available, so that the user can get access to the Apple’s app which are not accessible by Windows, Android and other operating systems.

What is the Best iOS Emulator for Garageband?

iPadian, Blue stacks, VMware are the best emulators for iOS.

6 Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows

There is a list of apps alternatives to GarageBand Windows includes Audiotool, Ableton Live, Music Maker JAM and many. It just depends on the artists and musicians that what features they want in the tool.


LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is digital open source; audiostation application executed on PCs with apportion hardware. It is multiple operating system powerful application which is available at no cost. It synthesize are played through rhythmic arrangement, outlining the keyboard to the notes and tones on instruments.

LMMS has a wide collection of software instruments. The basic sound effects are equipped which grant the straightforward running way to sound system interface clearer. A beat editor is added to shape beats.

Piano, drums and other musical instruments are easily accessible to handle. FM mixer is handy to use and it is assembled with FX channels and wilful number of effects.

It is materialized with extraordinary remarkable sound notes and tones patterns and even external patterns are prompted; so the user can create modification to phone recordings: the user can import the recordings into LMMS.

It is fully user defined controlled based application. LMMS is appropriate with many standard support systems such as MIDI, GUS Patches, LADSPA and VST. It is able to import and export MIDI files and merges the tracks and sequencers. It has an online form with an active progressive association that organize a yearly competition for LMMS application users.

2. Mixcraft 8 Home

Mixcraft 8 Home is the coarse power to record and mixup tracks and sounds to superiority with intuitive interface, time developing technology, and with third party plugins and hardware controllers.

It can record the unlimited audio and virtual musical instruments tracks and effects; can delete, compile sounds and tracks offhand. Mixcraft 8 Home can convert the work to MP3 and other required formats.

It has massive library featured with reliable classic symphonize, electric piano; professional music tracks and sound effects sample. The performance panel offers the live performance feature with loop based composition and allows to edit the music in midperformance.

It composes piano roll editor, step editor and notation editor. Mixcraft 8 Home has tone boosters, channel features, compressors, spectral analyzers, parametric equalizers and other effects. It has additional audio plugin counting Pianissimo Piano, Melodyne Essentials, Voltage Modular Ignite and other incredible effects and instruments.

Clear, responsive and powerful grand piano sounding makes this application different from others as no sound can beat exotic piano music. Mixcraft 8 Home also offers wide range of hardware control surfaces.

Live recording is also accessible and changes can be done in the performance using Novation Launch pad, MIDI Launch pad and even with the computer keyboard. New version also supports this feature. It is equipped with routing and control features; including output tracks, track grouping, advanced MIDI routing and much more.

Mixcraft 8 Home is not just a merger of sounds applicationit is also a video editing application. The user can edit, delete, add, cross fade the videos; can create video changeover, enumerate titles.

Every beat has its autonomous volume, pitch, and automation. User can create music for games as well. It is preferred for those musicians who are just starting careers.

This application requires Quadcore or higher processor and minimum requirement is 1.8 GHz Dualcore CPU with 2Gb RAM and 1310 MB storage. The downloading cost is $70 for recording studio and $140 for pro studio.

3. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is music application with professionally produced loops and real time effects. The user can create the merger by arranging up to eight tracks at a time. It has intuitive control system perfectly functioned to synchronize every beat of track.

The application has four free styles; the one is Dubstepthe fixed free style and the other three are of choice and is updated every month. The creation begins with genre loops. The user can expand this application to the premium styles that includes Hip Hop, Techno, Metal and many.

Volume levels and FX can be applied and tweaked as per the requirement. The musician can record as much tracks as required and can even share them as audio files. It is available for free in Play Store. It offers a competition for the users and the winner get a chance to show the talent on the official Music Maker YouTube channel.

4. Stagelight

Stagelight is a slightly different alternative to GarageBand for Windows. It is the easiest way to shape the music in Windows and Android devices as it is developed with comfort for the primary focus. It mainly focuses on live mode.

It test out which loops and audios are insync which are handled by artist in live performance. The loop builder makes artist to feel like a pro DJ. The loop production feature enables the artist to create music like a shot by adding, organizing audios, drums or other instruments tones with automatic beat syncing.

It has feature to edit the tracks, audio with MIDI; as Stagelight has wide loop library with preconfigured layouts and templates, and perceptive ways and the user can even import and export the songs and tones.

The artists can learn new musical instruments: Drums programming interface lessons are available in free version of application; the application also includes Demo lessons, Fresh Start Project lessons.

The collection of lesson is created with Michael Bernard’s Vintage Acoustic Guitar Gibson 1960 B25 guitar; which makes that no other application will be able to provide this massive vintage bundle. The free version has limited features and library; but the registered user can download as much sounds and videos the user wants.

It can enhance the audio block size and change the bugs. It has a potential to fix dozens of crash at a time. It can transform, import or export the song. It supports the prepie Android devices. It also has a feature of Timbaland Artist Sound pack, Linkin Park Artist Sound Pack.

Stagelight has Dubstar track that can be start and stop by just one click. Bass track, Drum track with note editor are easy to operate. Its’ interface is effortless and royal jazzy and work gets easier with touch screen editor but the fullscreen display made the application is troublesome and stiff to control.

It can be the guide for the young upcoming artists, as the application has simple sequencer steps to build music with beats and tracks. An individual can try this application for free for 30 days and cost $9.99 only, which is economical comparable to the other applications.

5. FL Studio

FL Studio is mostly used Digital Audio Workstation easily available free for Windows devices and for Mac OS devices with free trial, it costs $89. It has bit high sees features than Garageband.

One can get the full package of editing, adding, compressing, mixing and other professional music features. It is pleasant to use; analysing and rehearsalling with beats and patterns is quick and compassionate.

The user gets the final sound track without worthless difficulty. It is used by most of the visionary artists. It supports unlimited change in Time Signature, autonomously in tracks, tones and patterns to every music instruments especially Piano Roll.

The library supports multiple arrangements; each with different layouts and templates of audio, sound tracks, designs and pattern. Artist can work with multiple versions at a time. It has in-suite rendering feature; can compile audios, reduce CPU load by transforming in real time effects and processing the effects in audio to transform MIDI to audio for further processing.

It also has the feature of plugin delay compensation (PDC) and Automatic PDC, rebuilding from the ground level to complex workflows. It includes mixing compensation, Mixer FX compensation, Audio Input Compensation, Plugin Wrapper compensation, improving control over the Mixers.

It also includes high quality synthesizers, samplers and loop beats and tones, able to configure virtual piano keyboard and virtual drum pads with simple step sequencer for fat programming interface.

It supports MIDI controller with MIDI file import and export single and multi–tracks. The app is able to mute pretrack and volume adjustments; can edit and record performances of notes and chords of piano roll editor.

It can save and load the songs, import and export to WAV, MP3 and FLAC. The user can share projects through wifi. The application is 64-bit including Mac OS VST support and Audio Unit Plugins. Creation created on Mac and Windows are interconvertible.

The user does not need any registration or account for free trial version and can even save its creation in trial version but reopening and editing the saved creation is not achievable.

Some functions that require save and loading options like Clone Channel does not work in free trial version; the best feature of trial version is that the user can import and export files to WAV and MP3 file formats. The premium version user can update for free for lifetime with no extra cost.

The application whether trial version or premium version require minimum 4GB disk space, 4GB or more RAM space. Internet Explorer 11 or higher on Windows devices is recommended for appin purchase. The more influential and powerful the CPU would be, the more instruments and FX would work with better quality.

6. Reaper

Reaper is the application to sample, compose, edit, add, mix and merge audios and sound tracks. The user can add hardware audio interface to make professional quality sound track; including band, soloist and an orchestra.

It has an impressive massive library including VST effects; which is importantly required for the high skill artist. To use this app, a basic level of idea and knowledge is required and the developer also assumed that user should have primitive conceptual idea.

Hardware puts the barrier to the number of simultaneous recordings and sound tracks. The sound tracks can record audio or MIDI import and export, and record that sound tracks and audio that is mechanised by sound track and audio or MIDI output.

The app is mostly suitable for the experts and professionals. The user can record, overdue, split, fade and crossfade, resize, trim, punch shift, in and out, and transcript multiple tracks at once. Reaper can evidence arm and disarm beats, notes and tones without pausing playback track and concluding the breathtaking music creation.

It record and monitor input sound tracks with or without software FX; and even can setup numerous monitor for multiple projects simultaneously with independent tabs. Every monitor’s track supports up to 64 routable channels individually.

Reaper adds JSFX audio and MIDI plugin scripting engine, and user can insert third party audios such as VST, DX/DXi and many more. The one version of Reaper is available which is used by beginners which cost $60 and high professional studio.

The full version of Reaper is accessible without any barrier and valid up to 60 days. The user guide is also provided within the app for free; which is quite worthy for users.

How Do I Use GarageBand on My Laptop?

Using GarageBand on a MacBook or iMac is a breeze:

  1. Launch the App: Find GarageBand in the Applications folder and open it.
  2. Select a Project Type: Choose from options like ‘New Project,’ ‘Keyboard Collection,’ or ‘Amp Collection,’ depending on your need.
  3. Navigate the Interface: Familiarize yourself with the top menu, including ‘Track,’ ‘Edit,’ and ‘Share.’ The main workspace will show tracks, loops, and the timeline.
  4. Add Tracks: Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new track. Choose between a software instrument, audio for vocal recordings, or guitarist track.
  5. Use Loops: Drag and drop loops into your project from the loop library.
  6. Edit & Mix: Use the edit features to cut, trim, or adjust tracks. The mixer helps adjust volume, pan, and effects.
  7. Export & Share: Once satisfied, you can share your creation directly to platforms like SoundCloud or export it as an audio file.

Is GarageBand Still Working?

Yes, GarageBand is still very much active and consistently updated by Apple. It’s available on macOS and iOS devices, with newer versions boasting enhanced features and tools.

Who is the Founder of GarageBand?

While Apple Inc. owns and developed GarageBand, its inception is linked to a collaboration with Dr. Gerhard Lengeling’s company, Emagic. Apple acquired Emagic in 2002, and their technology and expertise paved the way for GarageBand’s debut in 2004.

Benefits of GarageBand:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with beginners in mind, its drag-and-drop functionality is easy for newcomers to grasp.
  2. Rich Instrument Library: GarageBand boasts an array of virtual instruments, enabling varied musical creation.
  3. Integrated Lesson Suite: For budding musicians, the in-built lessons for guitar and piano are invaluable.
  4. High-Quality Audio Effects: Comes with a suite of professional-quality audio effects.
  5. Seamless Integration: Being an Apple product, it integrates well with other Apple software and hardware.

Is GarageBand Safe?

GarageBand is an Apple product, which means it adheres to the company’s strict privacy and security standards. Users can be assured of:

  • No Malware: Being on Apple’s ecosystem, GarageBand is protected against malicious threats.
  • Data Privacy: Apple’s privacy policies ensure that user data remains confidential.

However, when downloading third-party plugins or loops, exercise caution and ensure they come from reputable sources.

Is GarageBand Free?

For Apple device users, GarageBand is free. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can download and use GarageBand without any additional charges. Some extra sound packs or loops might be available as in-app purchases, but the base application is free.

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Digital Music apps are created by the artists, and used by artists; that’s why including every other feature that is required by musician for music composition. Installing Mac OS on Windows PC with the help of VMware is not a tough task then downloading the app from Apple Play Store is same as downloading from any Android play store.

Garageband works same for Windows, PC as it work for Mac OS, anyone can innovate sound tracks and make their tapping into the world of musicians, can make their music a revolution and spark.

GarageBand, with its intuitive interface and vast capabilities, has democratized music production. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a casual enthusiast, GarageBand’s suite of tools and features offers everything you need to get started on your musical journey. Always remember to use the app’s latest version to benefit from the most recent updates and features.