11 ‘Games Like Stardew Valley’ on PC, PS4 and XBox

It’s not easy to find Games Like Stardew Valley as it is one of the most preferred games whenever it comes to farming-related games. It is the best among the rest due to its unique features and the attitude layout, which never lets gamers get bored out of it.

If somebody talks about the substitutes of Stardew Valley, then they automatically get a mindset that it will be just a clone of this game and nothing else.

The rapid change in technology and the continuous increasing pool of talented and skilled developers across the globe have changed this mindset.

Games Like Stardew Valley on PC, PS4 and XBox

In the panorama of modern gaming, few titles manage to resonate as deeply as Stardew Valley. A harmonious blend of farming simulation, role-playing, and life simulation, this indie gem has enthralled millions with its charm.

If you’re curious about diving into the tranquil world of Stardew Valley or seeking more knowledge about the game, this comprehensive guide will enlighten you.

What is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation game that immerses players in the day-to-day life of a farmer. The storyline is simple yet captivating: players inherit a dilapidated farm and embark on a journey to transform it into a thriving agricultural hub.

However, Stardew Valley is more than just farming. From mining and fishing to engaging with town residents and even marrying them, the game offers a multifaceted experience.

11 Games Like Stardew Valley on PC, PS4 and XBox

The gaming industry has come up with millions of games that might be having the same or likely to be the same layout, but will the gamers a different experience while playing it.

The same is with the Games Like Stardew Valley. Some of the games which are likely to be similar to it having a different user experience are as follows:-

1. Staxel

Staxel is exclusively available on PC. You can only access this on PC after making some nominal charges in the form of subscription fees. Staxel accepts the payments for its subscription in two different currencies, i.e. US dollars, and Euro.

If the user is making payment in the US dollar, then he’ll pay $19.99, whereas the user will pay £14.99 if he is willing to make the payment in Euro. Staxel is also a theme-based game which has a quite similar overall gaming layout to Stardew Valley. It blends unique features of Minecraft is it inclusive of the Farming valley.

Also, the user will be tasked with his creative skills and crafting. He will also feed a pet regularly. There come several hurdles in levels from which the gamer has to escape and overcome by preparing strategies out of their abilities to plan, thereby making it one of the most preferred games like Stardew Valley.

2. Moonlighter

Moonlighter is one of the substitutes of Stardew Valley. It was launched recently on May 29. You can play it on several platforms. Thus it gives the users a very wider reach and access towards it. These platforms include PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It is also trending about this game that it will also be witnessing a compatibility mode with Nintendo Version release soon. Developers are continuously working towards making this better every day than yesterday. This game is all about the management skills of gamers. Here, they are asked to play the role of the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper is required to barter the customers, including restocking the shelves in the best possible manner. He is also a watchdog of his shop at night. He has to keep his shop secured from thieves in the night. The game is full of family drama & brain soothing approaches, making itself an addiction for the Gamers.

3. My Time At Portia

This game is available on PC only. The developers have tried to make the game of “My time at Portia” an exclusive game. The users have to pay a nominal amount of US dollars $19.99 or a euro of £15.99 to get access to this game and play it. This game is also quite similar to Stardew Valley.

It consists of very high end “Studio Ghibli-Esque” graphics taking it a step ahead from its substitutes like The Sims and Stardew. The game is all about creating a relationship with Portia community. Gamers are required to play several roles. These roles include farming and crafting.

It requires the ability of multi-tasking intellect from the gamers. It has different difficulty levels in which the individuals are asked to climb up. The more the difficulty level, the more hurdles will be witnessing the gamer in their way to achieve the tasks and required goals to get achievements and rewards.

4. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Just like the game of “My time at Portia” this game has also been tried by the developers to keep exclusively available for the gamers. The quality has not been compromised in any aspect. Be it the gaming experience or the quality graphics or characters, including the theme-based story outline plotting.

This game is also available to have access exclusively on PC. The users are required to pay a nominal charge as their subscription fees to install the game. The nominal charges are different as per different currencies, i.e., if the user is making payment in US dollars, then he will have to pay $9.99.

In contrast, the payment can also be made in a Euro currency of £6.99. It is relatively cheaper than Stardew Valley. This game is not all about the traditional concepts of farming and crafting.

It does have a different layout making itself a uniquely preferred game. It follows a theme plot of a sentient trash incinerator at the spaceport. There exists robots are bullied in the spaceport. They can barely afford to eat. The gamers have a role to play about feeding such robots from varied given way outs.

5. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder – The cloud catcher chronicles is one of the most premium games. It gives a vibrant experience to its users. It is available on various platforms to have access. These platforms include PS4 and PC. It is trending in the news that sooner the Nintendo release version also becomes compatible with it.

It follows a unique price payment details as to its subscription fees. The user is required to pay different amounts of money in different currencies according to the platform on which he wants the game to have access to it. The subscription fees is as follows $19.99 / £18.99 on PS4, $24.99 / £18.99 on PC , $26.99 / £22.99 on Switch mode.

This game is considered to be an extension of other farming games. It is not only concentrated on up to farming activities. The user will be having diverse experiences of multiple activities like crafting, cooking, fishing, including brewing as well. It increases the ability of gamers to become multi-tasker to earn rewards and achievements for level-ups.

6. Voodoo Garden

Voodoo Garden is also exclusively available on PC. It is quite having the same layout of its substitutes and RPG game series. The user is required to make some nominal amount of payment as its subscription fees.

If the user us making payment in the US dollar, then he will be required to pay $2.99, whereas the payment can also be made in the Euro of £1.99. This game is relatively cheaper than other paid gaming applications. It is considered to be a simplified version of Stardew Valley.

Here, the user will be tasked with various farming activities. These activities include building homes in gardens, growing and harvesting crops, and other ingredients that are going to be used in Voodoo Garden.

There will also be chickens and rabbits, which are required to be fed up by the users to gain rewards and earn achievement scores, thereby helping them to level up.

7. Farming Valley

Farming Valley: Minecraft Modpack is considered to be one of the most popular games whenever it comes to farming games like Stardew Valley. This game is available on several platforms from where the users can download and install this game.

These platforms include PC and Desktops. One of the reasons which make this game a bit unique is its high-end graphics and the fact that it is available at free of cost. The users are not required to make any payment in the form if its subscription fees.

However, this free version can only be accessed under a condition that the user must be having a pre-downloaded, installed set up of Minecraft. This game is having one of the most creative story plot themes where the users are tasked with multiple activities.

They have to perform all the activities simultaneously to earn rewards and gain achievements. It makes them multi-taskers. Some of the gaming activities include planting seasonal crops, watering them, harvesting them, selling them through a shipment box.

It does also requires the users to recruit NPCs for building towns. This game has a different layout from its base set up of Minecraft, thereby making it unique.

8. World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is quite similar to Stardew Valley. It does have the same gaming layout making it a perfect substitute for Stardew Valley. The developers have tried the game to keep somewhat rougher than there concerned Ape’s creation. The users will be witnessing similar difficulty levels, tools, tasks, missions, and goals.

They have to perform such concerned tasks to get rewards and earn achievements. All this helps them in leveling up, thereby making them masters in the gaming overlay of it as well as its substitutes like Stardew Valley.

One may find ease in assessing Stardew Valley after playing this game. Here the gamers are required to create friends and marrying them. They have to grow, harvest, and sell crops, fishes, and frolics during festive seasons.

9. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

The story of seasons – a trio of towns is exclusively available to be downloaded and accessed in a single gaming platform, i.e., Nintendo 3DS. It is also relatively expensive than other games like Stardew Valley. The user is required to pay a good amount of money in different currencies accordingly for getting its subscription to the gameplay.

The users are required to make payment either in US dollars of $29.99 or Euro amounting to £25.99. The game begins with a theme plot of a gaming outline with an inexperienced farmer. The gamer is required to play the role of that inexperienced farmer who has been tasked with multiple activities like building of the town and cultivating crops.

A dedicated team of skilled developers continuously works towards making the game more unique than yesterday. Continuous updates are given to this game for its mechanism. It keeps the users engaged in playing the game without getting any boredom out of it.

10. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

“Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale” is one of the oldest games listed here. For the time being, it was initially introduced, it is gaining continuous popularity among its users. It receives continuous and regular updates making it a top-grossing game like Stardew Valley. It is available exclusively on PC from where the user can have access to it.

They have to make a payment either in US dollars of $ 19.99 or in Euro of £12.99 as its subscription fees. This game has an amazing theme story-based plot outline. There are two business partners here. These business partners have been thrown together.

They have to do multiple activities like farming, managing a retail store, etc. It requires proper time management strategies; otherwise, the user will not be able to complete the tasks. This is not concentrated only on these activities. It does also have an amazing mechanism where the user is required to check the loots in their store wares as well.

11. Slime Rancher

Firstly, Slime Rancher is available on different platforms for downloading. The game is installed and set up with some nominal charges as its subscription fees. It does have compatibility access on PC as well as Xbox One.

The user makes subscription payments in different ways accordingly. Payment details are as follows:- $19.99 / £14.99 on PC, $19.99 / £15.99 on Xbox One. This game is one of the games like Stardew Valley, which is having one of the most refined gaming overlay.

Here the user is tasked with harvesting plorts instead of crops. He needs to sell these plorts and earn profits out of it by controlling access to the real stock market of plorts. It is also a theme-based game and consists of different levels.

The levels keep on going challenging to crack with successive level-ups keeping the users engaged in playing it without getting bored.

What Type of Game is Stardew Valley?

At its core, Stardew Valley is a blend of multiple genres:

  1. Farming Simulation: Cultivate crops, raise livestock, and expand your farm.
  2. Role-Playing Game (RPG): Upgrade skills, complete quests, and engage in combat within the mines.
  3. Life Simulation: Build relationships, attend town events, and potentially start a family.
  4. Adventure: Explore various environments, uncover secrets, and discover the mysteries of the Stardew Valley world.

Is Stardew Valley Safe?

Absolutely! Stardew Valley is known for its friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Here are some safety features:

  1. Family-Friendly Content: While it deals with mature themes occasionally (such as relationships and marriage), the game handles them with care, making it suitable for a wide age range.
  2. Single-Player Mode: Players can enjoy the game solo, ensuring a controlled environment without the unpredictability of online multiplayer interactions.
  3. Modding Community: Stardew Valley has an active modding community. While mods can enhance gameplay, it’s essential to download from reputable sources to ensure safety.

Is Stardew Valley Free?

Stardew Valley is not free. It’s a premium game available for purchase on various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Its developer, ConcernedApe (Eric Barone), has put in years of effort, and the game’s quality justifies its price.

However, the investment offers countless hours of gameplay, frequent updates, and new content—ensuring value for money.

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Lastly, we need to mention that these were the best games similar to Stardew Valley. Read about each of the games and chose the best suitable.

Stardew Valley is more than just a game; it’s an escape to a simpler, idyllic world where players can immerse themselves in the rhythmic cadence of farm life. Its success lies in its ability to offer relaxation while simultaneously providing a depth of gameplay that keeps players engaged for years.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone seeking a peaceful pastime, Stardew Valley promises a rich and fulfilling experience. Always ensure you purchase the game from official stores or trusted platforms to get the genuine Stardew Valley experience.