10 Best ‘Games Like Dark Souls’ For PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Games Like Dark Souls: First of all, the Dark Souls is one of the most popular games. Also, the game has kept itself trending in the gaming industry for the past decade. Most importantly, it has become popular among the Gamers because it comprises of a very rich, well designed and optimised gaming overlay.

Furthermore, it provides the user with a lag-free gaming experience. Several other games have tried to give competition to Dark soul series, but no one could make it through! It receives updates regularly and thereby helping Gamers to follow the latest trends, technologies during gaming.

It is a masterpiece in the gaming industry. If someone has become bored out of those games which include the ringing of bells, linking the fire, etc. then, probably Dark soul and it’s a series of Dark Souls 2 and Dark souls 3 can be preferable by them.

By the passage of time and in association with technological advancements, several other developers have finally found a way to develop substitute games of the masterpiece offered by Miyazaki, i.e., Dark souls and its series.

The gaming world, with its diverse genres and countless titles, occasionally witnesses the birth of a game that leaves an indelible mark on the industry. Dark Souls, developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is one such game.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Dark Souls, exploring its difficulty level, benefits, safety concerns, and cost.

What is Dark Souls?

Dark Souls is an action role-playing game set in a richly detailed gothic world filled with daunting enemies, intricate lore, and challenging mechanics. Released in 2011, it quickly gained a reputation for its punishing difficulty and rewarding gameplay.

Players navigate the open-world environment of Lordran, facing a myriad of threats and challenges, all the while uncovering a deep and intertwined story.

10 Best Games Like Dark Souls For PC, PS4 and Xbox One

We have mentioned some of the games similar or even stand at some competitive edge with Dark souls. Below are the 10 best games like Dark Souls:-

1. Ashen

First of all, Ashen is one of the most difficult games in the substitute list of Dark souls. It is due to the fact that the gaming AI sensor and developers’ layout is intelligent enough to walk two steps forward than the user.

It keeps on giving obstacles and hurdles to its user, making him experience much more difficulty in cracking the obstacles to clear the varied levels. It is available on various platforms. Users can download and access this game on multiple platforms.

It gives a very wider reach and access to its users. These platforms mainly include PC and Xbox One versions. Ashen is the arthouse creation of Annapurna and A44. These both are one of the best developers. Ashen has got its inspiration from eclectic art.

If the gamer is looking for something different. Furthermore, users want to feel more difficult gaming experience with intense graphics, and theme-based story outlines in the gameplay just like Dark souls then, this game can be best suited to his requirements.

2. Nioh

Nioh is called a predecessor of Shinobi Souls. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice made this amazingly cool. Miyazaki’s prefecture inspired the overlay of this game, just like Ashen. It has been continuously gaining popularity among the users due to its rich gaming experience. It does not suffer from lags and hangs.

The intense high definition graphics make the game more preferable to the users. Just like Ashen and another substitute, Nioh is also available on various platforms giving a wider reach and access to the users.

These platforms mainly include PC and PS4. Koei Tecmo developed this game and also given the game a powerful layout. The users will play the role of an Irish samurai. He is widely known as William in the game.

William has rocked up in Japan and now is searching for Phantom and adventure. Additionally, the user will be backed with a lot of weapons, tools, and equipment, including authentic Japanese swords.

3. Demon’s Souls

Demon’s souls were initially considered to be an experimental game. Due to the fact, the developers had tried to launch this game with a lot of features and well-equipped abilities which were never before tried by any other developer. This game is mainly played on PlayStation Now.

However, to have wide access and reach to its users, the game of demon’s souls is also compatible with PS3 and can be played very smoothly in the PS3 as well. It does come with tempting graphics and jaw-dropping missions.

The theme which has been decided as an overlay of the game is very refreshing and revolutionary. It provides unique crushing challenges in the atmospheric world to its users. It consists of different levels. The gamers can unlock these levels through their points earned, rewards money and achievements records.

4. Dead Cells

Furthermore, the developers named Motion Twins created and launched Dead cells. The game was initially set-up and launched in the year of late 2018. It became a huge hit and had gained a lot of popularity among gamers and people in the gaming industry.

It is available on various gaming platforms, thereby giving it’s users a very wide reach to access the game of Dead cells. These platforms mainly include PC, PS4, Xbox One including the Nintendo switch release version.

This game is a mixed breed of two highly appreciated games. Those breeds are Roguelike and Metroidvania. Here the user has to ensure the moves of their enemies to sustain and crack the levels, missions, tasks, goals, and objectives of the game.

The game of Dead cells runs on highly micronised lits leading the user to experience very high-end graphics and visuals from different dimensions with some genius iterations with a set of vibrant illustrations.

Here the user plays the role of the parasite. They are tasked with different activities. For example, inhabiting a cadaver, exploring labyrinthine dangers, foes including cheeky secrets, quests, and mysteries.

5. Titan Souls

Following, Titan souls are considered to be a deeply invented game. Users can play the game on various platforms. This multiplicity of varied platforms helps the users to have wide access and reach the gaming overlay of Titan souls.

Some of the main platforms for Titan Souls include PC, PS4 and PS Vita version. This game was initially set-up and launched by the developers called Acid nerves from Manchester. Also, the game puts its major emphasis on the beauty of souls which are more alike boss battlefields.

Additionally, the user will be provided with a sole arrow. They can also use it on the battlefield. The fact that the user will be equipped and backed up with a single defence of the sole arrow makes the users tensed.

Thereby it makes the game more interesting and challenging to play and earn rewards, achievements while accomplishments of targets, missions, goals, and objectives. At last, all this helps the users for level ups which never lets them feel boredom while playing it.

6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This game is mainly available on three platforms, namely PC, PS4 and Xbox One respectively. The wide availability and reach access make the game more popular among the users and in the gaming industry as well.

Instead of following the traditional trends of using axes in the game, here the user will be backed with samurai swords. The developers had tried to create the best gaming overlay for maintaining the finest postures in sekiro – shadows die twice.

This game also follows almost the same gaming mechanism as seen in its predecessors like Dark souls. It receives regular updates from the developers and thereby reducing the risk of obsolescence. It remains trending in the hearts of gamers.

It comes with high-end graphics and visual settings providing a very rich, lag-free gaming experience to its users. The rules followed in this game are quite similar to Dark Souls.

Being a Marmite game, a conceptual framework follows in the mindset of its users about the traditional trends. However, this game also allows the user to exercise the feature of character, weapons and tools customisation too!

7. Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary is one of the first games with success. After taking up and following the Soul’s formula and build mechanisms with some alterations and modifications in it. This game is continuously gaining popularity among its users and the gaming industry due to its jaw-dropping features.

All this has made Salt and Sanctuary possible to become a cult indie super hit. Ska Studios developed this game. Ska Studio was the team that contributed their expertise and skills towards the making of the Xbox live arcade series including the Dishwasher game.

It also provides its users with the option of enabling a multiplayer system where teammates can play together.

This game has been backed up with some unique features like its brooding world, which is full of evil enemies, cartoon art directions, morbid, etc. It is an inspired homage which brings brimming passion and challenging levels for masters as well as the newcomers in this field.

8. Hollow Knight

Moreover, Hollow knights are known as a strong contender for its substitute games. It does consist of a very well versed and dynamic gaming overlay after its second launch. This game was launched in 2017. Initially launched on the PC platform.

However, it could not make it a success at that time and became a drop. Then again the developers had made certain alterations and modifications in the gaming overlay dialogue of Hollow knight and again launched it.

Due to this fact, it is one of those games that receive dual launches in the practical world. It is available on various gaming platforms today, thereby giving its users a very wider reach to have access over the game.

These platforms mainly include PC, PS4, Xbox One including the Nintendo switch release version. The game throws the user into a world full of malicious creatures. Insects inspired this. He has to survive in those conditions and have to accomplish the targets assigned to varying levels as per their difficulty and requirements.

This game has also witnessed regular and continuous updates leading the game to follow the latest trend and keeps its users and gamers indulged in it. Due to its unique features and theme-based story outline, it does not let its users feel boredom while playing it.

9. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is exclusively available on a single gaming platform, i.e., PS4. We can download and access it easily. The set of rules users follow in the gameplay of bloodborne is quite similar to that of Dark Souls.

It is one of the most recommended games as a substitute for Dark souls due to its gaming overlay, theme and features. Just like Dark souls, it also runs on high-end graphics and visuals. There exists a lot of twists and turns in the adventure.

The upcoming unforeseen difficulties and obstacles in the way of gamers make it more interesting and challenging to play. Furthermore, gamers need to clear the levels. After that unlock the achievements through their earned points and rewards. Exploring unbelievable locations has always been a key highlight feature of bloodborne.

10. The Surge

Last but not least, the gaming overlay of The surge is quite similar to that of Dark Souls. Here, it allows the user to experience a playful experience of Dark souls in space. This game alike of another game present in the substitute list of Dark souls is also available on various gaming platforms.

You can access it and play easily. These gaming platforms mainly include PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The gaming mechanism used in this game is the finest supplements to the overlay performance.

Furthermore, it enables its user to play the game on high-end graphics and visuals, thereby giving them a real like feeling of gaming experience. Here, the user plays the role of Mr Warren, who is a wheelchair-bound person.

He had taken part in a botched experiment with an exoskeleton. He could not make the experiment a success giving rise to evil robots and drones. The user is required to escape from such hurdles to gain rewards and points. It helps him to level up.

Why is Dark Souls So Hard?

Dark Souls’ reputation for difficulty isn’t mere hearsay. Here’s why it’s often regarded as one of the toughest games:

  1. Unforgiving Combat: The game doesn’t allow for many mistakes. One wrong move, and players can find themselves quickly defeated.
  2. Minimal Guidance: Unlike many modern games, Dark Souls offers very little in the way of hand-holding. Players are left to explore and figure things out on their own.
  3. Tough Enemies: From regular foes to intimidating bosses, every encounter can be lethal.
  4. Lack of Save Points: Bonfires, the game’s save points, are few and far between, meaning players often have to retread difficult areas multiple times after dying.

Benefits of Games Like Dark Souls

Despite its difficulty—or perhaps because of it—games like Dark Souls offer several benefits:

  1. Cognitive Skills: The challenging gameplay can help improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking.
  2. Patience and Perseverance: Dark Souls teaches players persistence. Overcoming difficult sections imparts a sense of achievement.
  3. Improved Reflexes: The game’s combat system requires quick reflexes, potentially aiding in faster reaction times.
  4. Deep Engagement: The rich lore and interconnected world can provide an immersive experience, enhancing focus and concentration.

Are Games Like Dark Souls Safe?

In terms of content, Dark Souls is designed for mature audiences, given its dark themes and graphic combat. However, it’s essential to differentiate between in-game content and external threats:

  1. Content Concerns: The game contains violent and mature content, making it suitable for older players.
  2. External Threats: As with any online game, there’s always a risk of encountering toxic players or potential data breaches. Players should be cautious about sharing personal information.

Is Dark Souls Free?

No, Dark Souls is a commercial game, which means players need to purchase it to enjoy the experience. Prices vary depending on the platform and region, but it’s always recommended to buy from reputable sources to ensure a safe and genuine copy.

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Dark Souls has carved a niche for itself in the gaming world, offering a unique blend of challenging gameplay and deep storytelling. While it isn’t for everyone, those who persevere through its trials are often richly rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and a memorable gaming experience.

As with any game, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re playing safely and responsibly, appreciating the virtual challenges while maintaining real-world awareness.

Lastly, we have mentioned the 10 best games similar to Dark Soul. Read this article and go through it. Chose the game as per your preferences. Thanks for reading!