Let’s Compare Field Management Software for Small Business

Field service software and service are changing and growing rapidly, spanning industries and those employees who do most of the work outside of the office.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the leading to an increase in the number of mobile workers worldwide.

Let's Compare Field Management Software for Small Business

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

Most field management software includes functions that allow you to define and track various indicators:

  • productivity;
  • customer satisfaction with the service, etc.

This information allows managers and service managers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company in terms of employees, geographic location, customers, type’s services provided and other factors.

Managers have dashboards (BI) that provide a critical look at employee performance levels and make it easy to identify areas for improvement. All this ultimately leads to the optimization of the management process.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

For a service company, the application is convenient in that an act of work performed or invoices for accepted orders are issued immediately after their execution by technical specialists. Because technicians use a mobile app, field work progress reports are sent directly to your accounting system.

All relevant data is stored digitally on a central secure server. Administrators can create invoices and send them to customers within one day from the date of receipt of the request, or the system can collect a list of completed applications signed electronically with customers and consolidate them into an account with an act for the period, adding consumed parts and spent materials.

Technicians fill out special forms in the mobile application, which are sent to the client by email or to the office upon completion of the service. Therefore, the application is convenient for the customer in that he receives detailed information about the operations performed with his equipment.

Field Management Software for Small Business

They know what parts were used, get before and after photos that show the work done and help justify costs. In addition, several field service management software, including HubEx, offer a Mobile Client Application. Through it, customers can submit requests directly to the system, without contacting the call center.

Benefits of Field Service

  • Focus on preventing failures in information systems, and not on dealing with their consequences. Regular preventive maintenance, timely software updates due to changes in Russian legislation make it possible to reduce the likelihood of errors and failures.
  • Quality assurance. The service contract guarantees both the provision of quality technical support and consulting.
  • Competence. The company’s specialists have been trained and have certificates from leading manufacturers of computer equipment and software developers.
  • Confidence. The management of the user company can easily determine how much money is spent, for what purposes they go, and what result will be achieved. An automated system for recording the working time of employees allows the customer to control labor costs in the course of work.