Epic Games Refer a Friend

Once “referrers” sign up for and log into the Refer a Friend website, they can invite their friends (“referees”) to play Fortnite together and earn rewards. A referee must have played fewer than two hours of Fortnite in the 30 days before to their invite, and they must have played in either the Battle Royale or Zero Build playlist (i.e., Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads).

The signup page for the program describes how both referrers and referees can accumulate points. Fortnite matches, eliminations in Battle Royale and/or Zero Build, and account levels are all good ways to rack up those points. You can only take part in the program as a referral or a referee, but not both at the same time.

Epic Games Refer a Friend


Epic Games Refer a Friend

To take part in this program, both the referrer and the referee must be in-game friends with one another. Registration for the program’s website is required only of referrers; however, referees may also join in order to track their own progress.

Check the Refer a Friend website regularly to see how far along we are in achieving the challenge goals. When a target is reached, both the referrer and the referee will receive a bonus.

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The Xander Outfit, for instance, may be earned upon completion of the final task, which calls for both referrers and referees to advance their Fortnite profiles by 60 career levels. Please note that while a referrer can participate with up to five different referees, they will only be eligible for a reward once.

How to Refer a Friend in Fortnite & Unlock Free Xander Skin

New tasks have been added to the Fortnite Refer A Friend program, allowing players a chance to earn a free Xander skin and matching cosmetics. Epic Games’ popular battle royale Fortnite seldom gives away skins for free, but gamers can occasionally get them by completing tasks or signing up for special schemes.

The Refer A buddy program is back for 2022, and if you invite a buddy to the game you both have a chance to get the Xander skin and a set of matching cosmetics. Here are the steps you need to do to join the Fortnite Refer A Friend program, as well as the objectives you must achieve to get your free rewards.

How to Sign up for Fortnite Refer A Friend

The Fortnite Refer-A-Friend program can be joined in this way:

Step 1: Check out the brand new Refer a Friend webpage now!

Step 2: Join using the same account you use for Fortnite on Epic Games.

Step 3: You may add up to five friends who qualify to play Fortnite with you.

Step 4: Hold on until you hear back from one of them.

Step 5: Collaborate with your friends to complete in-game activities and get bonus rewards.

Step 6: The Invite a Friend program only applies to new players or those who have played less than two hours of Battle Royale in the past 30 days.

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In 2022, the Fortnite Refer-A-Friend Program will return with a plethora of new and exciting benefits for participants. In this scheme, participants are rewarded for inviting their pals to join them in Fortnite. For those unfamiliar with the game, this is a fantastic chance to come up to speed quickly.

In addition, gamers who invite their friends to Fortnite will be rewarded with exclusive cosmetic items, like as skins. Data miners have discovered that the Fortnite Refer-A-Friend program, which rewarded players with costly cosmetic goods in the past, will return with the v21.20 update. Hope now you know epic games refer a friend.