How Epic Games Support a Creator

Streamers and social media content makers can participate in an affiliate marketing scheme called “Support-A-Creator.” Creators who make content for Fortnite, Rocket League, and other games sold in the Epic Games Store are eligible to win cash prizes through the Support-A-Creator program.

Epic acknowledges the importance of content creators in fostering vibrant gaming communities. We appreciate the contributions of all content creators and have designed this initiative to reward them for their efforts.

How Epic Games Support a Creator

Epic Games, the behemoth behind successful titles like Fortnite, also boasts a unique program that has piqued interest across the gaming community: The Epic Games Creator program. If you’re keen to understand this initiative, how to get involved, and its implications, this article provides a comprehensive breakdown.

What is the Epic Games Creator?

The Epic Games Creator program is an initiative by Epic Games that allows creators—streamers, video makers, content creators, and developers—to earn money by promoting games available on the Epic Games Store.

How Epic Games Support a Creator

Please note that you are not guaranteed to receive, and should not generate program content with the expectation of obtaining, payment rewards or consideration of any sort in any quantity, and that this disclaimer is presented before we go into the specifics.

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If you don’t spend or redeem $100 USD within a 12-month period, you won’t be eligible for any cash prizes under this program. Any purchases and/or redemptions made by followers during a 12-month period that you did not satisfy the $100 USD payout requirement for will be reset to zero.

Epic may combine qualifying rewards granted to you in connection with any other program to fulfill the payout requirement if you engage in other Epic monetization initiatives. Any in-game purchases made with an approved creator’s Creator Code will count towards that $100 USD requirement.

This includes most real-money deals and all in-game purchases made with either earned or purchased V-Bucks. When a player enters a Fortnite Creator’s code into the game’s “Support-A-Creator” tab, they are publicly declaring their support for that creator.

To earn revenue from sales of their games in the Epic Games Store, creators can encourage their fans to use their unique Creator Code or share their referral links on their channels. There is a minimum compensation rate of 5% across the board, with developers setting payout rates for credited sales for their individual games.

How Do I Get My Own Creator Code?

  1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the requirements set by Epic Games, like having a minimum of 1,000 followers on at least one major platform.
  2. Apply: Head to the Epic Games affiliate program page and submit an application.
  3. Wait: If approved, Epic Games will send you your unique creator code.

Where Can I Change Epic Games Creator Code

Using the Support-A-Creator tools on the Epic Account Management page, you can modify your Creator Code without contacting Player Support. If you go to and click on your profile picture, then on Account, and finally on the Support-A-Creator option, you will be sent directly to the Epic Account Management page.

You’ll be able to enter your preferred new Creator Code and confirm its availability from that page. If it’s free and satisfies the other criteria, you can reserve it then and there; but, if you change your Creator Code, your present Fortnite and Rocket League supporters will be deleted.

Players who have already chosen your previous Creator Code will not be automatically transferred to your new one, so if you decide to switch it, make sure to update your fans as quickly as possible.

How Much Does Creator Code Pay?

For every sale made on the Epic Games Store using your creator code, you’ll earn a share of the profits. Historically, creators earned around 5% for games and 20% for in-game content. However, always check the latest terms as these percentages can change.

What is the Use of the Creator Code?

The creator code is a tool of empowerment:

  1. Monetization: Creators can earn a commission for promoting specific games or content.
  2. Engagement: Allows creators to offer exclusive deals or content to their followers.
  3. Recognition: Helps creators gain more visibility within the gaming community.

What Happens if You Support a Creator?

When you use a creator’s code during your purchase:

  1. Support: A portion of your purchase goes directly to the creator, supporting them financially.
  2. Rewards: Some creators offer special rewards, giveaways, or content for their supporters.
  3. Community Building: Engaging with and supporting creators fosters a robust and interactive gaming community.

Does Epic Pay Developers for Free Games?

Yes, Epic Games does compensate developers when offering their games for free on the platform. The exact amount varies based on negotiations and agreements between Epic Games and the respective developers.

Is Epic Games Support a Creator Safe?

Absolutely! The Support-a-Creator program is an official initiative of Epic Games. However, always ensure:

  1. Code Verification: Only use creator codes from trusted and known creators.
  2. Safe Sharing: If you’re a creator, never share sensitive account details and always promote your code responsibly.
  3. Official Channels: Always use the official Epic Games platform for transactions and interactions.

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The $100 USD minimum reward for Rocket League creators is calculated as 5% of Credits spent in-game while using the creator’s Creator Code. This includes spending Credits in the Item Shop, constructing Blueprints, and upgrading to the Rocket Pass Premium tier.

By using the creator’s code in the game’s Item Shop, players show their appreciation for a creator within Rocket League. Players have the freedom to switch between developers at any time, regardless of the game they’re playing.

Except for titles purchased through the Epic titles Store, the Creator Code you choose will be locked in for 14 days. When a player’s Creator Code has been active for 14 days, they will be prompted to select a new one or keep using the old one for another 14 days.

The Epic Games Creator program showcases the gaming industry’s shifting dynamics, emphasizing community engagement and creator empowerment. Whether you’re a creator looking to expand your horizons or a player wanting to support your favorite personalities, the Creator program offers a win-win for everyone in the Epic Games ecosystem.