Surprising Easter Eggs You Can Find In Modern Games

Aside from the thrill and excitement that video games offer, one of the most fun parts of playing is hunting for easter eggs, many of which you might have already spotted in your favorite classic games. The gaming experience is just never complete without the little surprises that developers have snuck along the way. 

Surprising Easter Eggs You Can Find In Modern Games

Aside from the little twist they add, easter eggs have become an important part of the gaming community, as they bring players together and encourage them to be more interactive. They offer an opportunity for gamers to collaborate, communicate, and unravel the little secrets that game devs have intricately placed. Curious to know more about the easter eggs you can find in the latest games? Then, check out our post below. 

Surprising Easter Eggs You Can Find In Modern Games

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

There is no denying that Animal Crossing is one of the most talked-about games this year on Nintendo Switch. With over 11 million players, Animal Crossing has been recognized as one of Nintendo’s record-breaking games. Some people are even purchasing the Switch just to play Animal Crossing alone! But aside from its adorable characters and carefully curated worlds, Animal Crossing has a couple of easter eggs for fans in store.

One of the most notable easter eggs you can find is the eerie alien tv broadcast. To view this, you need to have a television inside your Animal Crossing: New Horizon house. Next, you need to tune in exactly at 3:33. If you are able to do this, you will get to watch the secret broadcast straight from outer space!

2. Fortnite

With a total of 250 million players, Fortnite is one of the most popular online games these days. Its popularity is mostly due to the fact that it is free and can be played on various devices, including Xbox and PC. Because of its viral popularity, it has become a significant part of today’s pop culture; global artists have even collaborated to create a mini-concert series where the entire Fortnite community gathered to jam to their coolest dance emotes.

Speaking of which, the gaming experts from have even prepared an extensive list of rare Fortnite dance emotes that you might want to check out. These range from the infamous Floss dance to the classic Hula. These Fortnite dance emotes are notable for starting an actual dance craze in real life! Unfortunately, all of these dance emotes are no longer obtainable in the game.  

3. The Sims 4

Playing God has never been better than in The Sims 4. This well-loved simulation game has captured the hearts of all players of different ages and backgrounds. With so many plots and secrets to uncover, The Sims 4 has been a household name when it comes to simulation games. One of the most interesting secrets that The Sims 4 world holds is the hidden world of Sixam.  

Surprising Easter Eggs in The Sims 4

Funny enough, Sixam is a wordplay on the game’s developer, Maxis. Sixam is an alien world that you can explore if you have The Sims 4 Get To Work expansion. To access this world, you need to pursue the Scientist Career or Rocket Science path and use a wormhole generator.

This will allow you to explore the unearthly world of Sixam, meet aliens, and collect rare flowers, geodes, crystals, metals, and other plants. If your character is a rocket scientist, there is even a chance that you will find aliens in the world of Sixam throwing a party to welcome you. 

4. Grand Theft Auto V

The dark world of Grand Theft Auto is a classic in any gamer’s book. It has been long recognized as one of the most successful game franchises out there. Its quality visuals,  unique gameplay, and rich storyline make it a home to many easter eggs that are even yet to be discovered up to this day.

Surprising Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V

However, one of the most shocking and creepiest easter eggs you can uncover in GTA 5 is the ghost woman of Mount Gordo. The ghost is Jolene Cranley-Evans, the wife of the politician, Jock Cranley. If you feel a bit brave enough, you can find the ghost by going to the northern part of Los Santos, at the top of Mount Gordo. Make sure to come anytime between 23:00 to 00:00 if you want to be spooked out yourself!

There are many more games out there with hidden easter eggs for you to discover. With so many secrets to unravel, this just proves that the existence of easter eggs in modern games enriches the experience of the players. So, next time you play a game, make sure to watch out for those hidden surprises!