Confused And Bewildered Arkansas Offense Shut Down By Georgia

Stifled by Georgia’s defence, Arkansas’ offence struggled to get anything going on Saturday.

The end consequence was a 37-0 defeat for the Hogs, who gave up more yardage through penalties than they gained through the air or on the ground combined.

Confused And Bewildered Arkansas Offense Shut Down By Georgia

That’s how Horrible it was. I Don’t Know if it’s Any Better.

There were just 62 more yards in the offense’s overall yardage than the penalty yardage they handed a Georgia team that probably didn’t need anything Arkansas wanted to just give it.

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Afterward, Sam Pittman stated, “Our big deal the whole week was we need to start quickly and punch a bully in the mouth and try to take the crowd out of it,” and “we did absolutely the opposite.”

The Bulldogs had a 21-0 lead by the time the Hogs had gained more than a yard in total offence, and the rest of the game was basically a scrimmage in front of a crowd and a band.

The Razorbacks’ rushing total was a meagre 75 yards. After knocking off then-No. 7 Texas A&M last week, they went to 4-0 (seventh nationally) thanks largely to the crucial aspect of their season.

Burks was likewise not going to be allowed to make a major play by the Bulldogs. In the previous two games, Warren’s junior wide receiver broke spectacular catch-and-runs for 90 and 80 yards.

Against the Bulldogs, his longest reception went for a yard and a half. He only had three receptions for ten yards in the air.

In 2012, when the John L. Smith clown show was running things after Bobby Petrino had flown through the handlebars, the Hogs recorded their lowest offensive output since then.

The Hogs couldn’t get a first down against the Bulldogs. Seven of their ten belongings were three and out.

An Understatement, to Say the Least.

KJ Jefferson’s knee may have played a role in this. In Pittman’s words, he had “bruise” last week, but it appears to have had an impact on his practise time since then.

You’ll have to ask him,” Pittman added. As of Wednesday, he hadn’t been all that well till Thursday. So, he wasn’t as heavily utilised today. I had no idea how well he was doing.

At times, we discussed putting Malik (Hornsby) in early. When it appeared that KJ was not wounded, we went with him.

However, it probably wouldn’t have made any difference. The lauded Hogs offensive line was thrown all over the place in this game.

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It was as if Pittman had been “Physically Whipped,” According to him.

Ole Miss is on the rise, and it’s happening quickly. The Rebels were thrashed 42-21 by Alabama on Saturday, so this is a game that both teams will be playing for pride.

It will be fascinating to see who has the best response.