Seiya Suzuki Makes Strong First Impression In Cubs Opening Day

Before the MLB lockout began, Cubs head of baseball operations Jed Hoyer called Seiya Suzuki’s agent, Joel Wolfe, on the night the team finalised Marcus Stroman’s three-year, $71 million contract to urge him not to forget about the team. On the other side, we shall be waiting for you.

Seiya Suzuki Makes Strong First Impression In Cubs Opening Day

Seiya Suzuki is a name that’s resonated within the world of baseball for quite some time. Whether you’re a fervent follower of the sport or just casually aware, questions around Suzuki’s speed, career choices, and personal life might have piqued your interest.

Here, we’ll explore the most frequently asked questions about Seiya Suzuki, giving you a comprehensive understanding of this baseball sensation.

The Cubs Took Advantage of the Unstructured Time to Reevaluate Their Scouting and R&D Evaluations

The Cubs took advantage of the unstructured time to reevaluate their scouting and R&D evaluations of Suzuki and to put more personal touches into the following stages of their recruitment efforts, whereas Stroman’s decision-making process appeared to be rushed.

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Like Suzuki, Stroman had anticipated signing once the lockout ended; however, when the Cubs saw they were running out of rotation choices, they knew they couldn’t afford to be so patient and inactive.

If he wanted to consummate the sale before the Dec. 2 transactions freeze, Stroman had to take a red-eye aircraft from Los Angeles International Airport to Chicago. The Cubs’ front office and Major League Baseball as a whole lost all forward momentum as a result of the staggered signings and the subsequent 99-day industry shutdown.

The Cubs announced an opening day attendance of 35,112, and the two-day total plummeted to 30,369 and 32,858 at Wrigley Field. I can only imagine the confusion among casual fans who haven’t heard of them.

On Opening Day, nine players for the Cubs were making their first appearance on a team roster, and eleven of the 28 players were not on the team in 2016. The most important lessons to be learned from Sunday’s 5-4 loss to the Brewers are related to the performances of Marcus Stroman and Ichiro Suzuki, who together represent the team’s best chance to speed up the timeline of the rebuild and develop a new identity.

The sign read, “THE STRO SHOW IS SET TO GO CUBS AT 1:20″ outside Murphy’s Bleachers, a prominent pub at the intersection of Sheffield and Waveland avenues. At 1:13, Stroman walked out of the bullpen gate at Wrigley Field and turned around to psych up the crowd in the bleachers by clapping and raising his arms above his head.

I’m not going to be a robot out there like most baseball players,” Stroman said. I want the people to know how much I value them. My character flaws have always been present. That kind of energy from the crowd is amazing.

The minute you step foot outside, you are immersed in that hum of activity. I’m a pitcher who thrives on that kind of energy, so joining the Cubs has me looking forward to having that every time I take the mound.

The adrenaline was pumping, and Stroman threw at 94.6 mph in the opening inning, per Statcast. When the Cubs are having a rough season, it will be interesting to see how Stroman, a 5-foot-7 right-hander with a degree from Duke, handles the situation on Twitter.

The way Stroman parades around the mound, pitches with conviction and movement rather than pure speed, and keeps batters off-balance is entertaining to watch.

David Ross Claimed

Cubs manager David Ross claimed he didn’t want to compare Marcus Stroman to Jon Lester before linking the two in terms of preparation and diligence during Sunday’s pregame media session.

Even though several of his teammates had nagging injuries or concerns about their conditioning, Stroman came to spring training ready to go. Although Stroman thought his mechanics were a little off (he issued three walks), he still only gave up two hits in five innings against the Brewers.

In the third inning, Christian Yelich hit a ball that ricocheted off Stroman’s glove and went for a single to right centre, then Willy Adames blasted a home run on a 3-2 pitch that went over the wall in left centre.

On the whole, Stroman accomplished what he needed to do under the circumstances, leaving with a 3-1 lead after 79 pitches before the Cubs bullpen collapsed.

According To Ross, Marcus “Pitched his Butt off.” We’re Still Investing in These Guys; Don’t Worry.

Cubs rookie starters Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff helped lead the team to a series victory over the Brewers in the season opener. Baseball is a long season, strange things happen, and things tend to even out over the course of 162 games, and you don’t need to be a lifer or an expert in team history to know this.

Last year on June 24th, after Zach Davies and three relievers combined to throw a no-hitter at Dodger Stadium, the Cubs and Brewers were tied for first place. A 15-7 loss in Milwaukee, Game 6 of an eventual 11-game losing run, solidified Hoyer’s resolve to sell at the trade deadline within a week.

Suzuki, who signed a five-year, $85 million guaranteed contract before ever making his major league debut, will suddenly be held up as a paragon of the “Cubs Way” in a batting order that no longer includes Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Báez, or Kyle Schwarber.

Suzuki has seen 57 pitches in his first 13 at-bats, scoring seven times. According to Jordan Bastian of, Suzuki has shown an incredible level of discipline at the plate by swinging and missing at only one pitch through three games.

Is Seiya Suzuki Fast?

Seiya Suzuki is known for his impressive skills on the baseball field. While he isn’t typically classified among the fastest in the game, his speed is commendable.

It’s essential to understand that Suzuki’s primary value doesn’t necessarily lie in his speed but in his prowess as a right fielder and his exceptional batting skills.

Did Seiya Suzuki Have His Baby?

As of my last update in January 2022, Seiya Suzuki and his wife have been private about their personal life. Therefore, details about their family or the birth of a child are not widely known. It’s always respectful to allow public figures their privacy, especially regarding personal milestones.

Who Does Seiya Suzuki Play For?

Seiya Suzuki made a significant mark playing for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). However, the buzz around Suzuki in recent years has been centered on his transition to Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States.

Why is Seiya Suzuki Out?

Player availability can be affected by numerous factors, including injuries, personal reasons, or strategic decisions by team management. To ascertain the exact reason for any recent absences, one would need to consult recent news sources or official team announcements.

Why Did Seiya Suzuki Choose the Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs, a storied MLB franchise, offers players an incredible platform both in terms of sporting legacy and fan following.

While the precise reasons for Suzuki’s choice would be best described in his own words or those of his management, joining the Cubs provides an incredible opportunity for visibility, growth, and playing alongside some top talents in baseball.

What is Seiya Suzuki’s Salary?

Salaries of MLB players can vary based on contracts, negotiations, and other factors. Exact figures regarding Seiya Suzuki’s salary post his transition from NPB to MLB would be available through reputable sports financial databases or official team announcements.

Why is Suzuki on the Restricted List?

The restricted list in MLB is a designation for players who are out for personal reasons, contractual disputes, or other non-injury related factors. If Suzuki was ever placed on this list, the reasons would be specific to the situation at the time and best clarified through official channels or team statements.

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Last Words

In the first inning, Suzuki hit a 3-1 slider from Freddy Peralta over the left-center field fence and halfway up the bleachers in front of the scoreboard.

As Suzuki approached third base and sprinted toward home plate, he and third base coach Willie Harris bowed to one other to celebrate the first of what would be many home runs for Suzuki. Seiya Suzuki’s journey from the NPB to the MLB has been a testament to his talent, dedication, and love for the game.

While fans and followers will always have questions about their favorite players, it’s crucial to approach such queries with respect for the individual’s privacy and choices. Suzuki’s future in baseball looks bright, and he is sure to continue making headlines with his performances.