Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application on Windows 11/10

This article is meant to help you find the best methods to fix the error message Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application when you try to run an application that was created using Visual Studio or when you boot your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC and arrive at the desktop.

How To Fix The Error “Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application”

Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application

Method 1. Enabling.NET Framework

Fixing the “Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application” problem might be as simple as enabling.NET Framework on your Windows 11/10 machine, as the error message suggests. In that case, move on to the next option.

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Method 2. Update to the Most Recent Version of the.NET Framework

Assuming you already have.NET Framework enabled on your system but the error keeps reappearing, you can download and install the latest version of.NET Framework with admin privilege on your Windows 11/10 device; if you’re having trouble installing.

NET Framework on your device, see the post about fixing.NET Framework installation problems.

Method 3. Launch the.NET Framework Automatic Repair Utility

In the event that activating and installing the most recent version of.NET Framework on your Windows 11/10 PC wasn’t able to fix the problem at hand, the next step is to run the.NET Framework Repair Tool.

Method 4. Scanning with SFC and DISM

The error in view may appear if there are problems with the system files. It is possible to repair corrupted Windows system files with the SFC/DISM, a built-in Windows application.

You’ll need to conduct an SFC scan to implement this fix; if that doesn’t work, you can try a DISM scan or look into other options.

Method 5. Clean Boot Troubleshooting

This issue could arise if the.NET Framework on your Windows 11/10 PC is being hindered in any way by a third-party application or process. If this is the case, you can try fixing the problem by switching to Clean Boot mode and seeing if it helps. If not, move on to the next option.

Method 6. Turn off or Remove Any Additional Security Programmes

There is widespread agreement that the majority of third-party security programmes are to blame for this issue. To resolve this issue, uninstall any additional security software from your computer and then use the antivirus removal tool provided to delete any and all associated files.

If uninstalling the antivirus product solves the problem, you can reinstall the same programme, try a different programme, or continue using Windows Defender, Microsoft’s built-in anti-malware solution for Windows 11 and 10.

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With any luck, you were able to learn something from this post and apply it to Windows 10 to resolve the “Unhandled Exception Has Occurred In Your Application on Windows 11/10” error. Give us the lowdown on what strategy you found most effective.

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